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List of Members of Federal Conventions, Conferences, &c.

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Intercolonial A.N.A. Federation Conference, Melbourne, January, 1890


PRESIDENT. — Sir John C. Bray, K.C.M.G., Speaker of the House of Assembly, South Australia.

VICE-PRESIDENTS. — Messrs. G.H. Wise and B.B. Nicoll, M.P.

SECRETARIES. — Messrs. F.C. Wainwright, W. Burnet, and J.W. Hill.


New South Wales.

Mr. E. Dowling

Mr. W.S. Dowel, M. P.

Mr. J.W. Hill

Mr. B.B. Nicoll, M.P.

Mr. Ninian Melville, M. P.

Mr. H. Slatyer

Mr. H. Thompson

Mr. J.T. Wilshire, M.P.

South Australia.

Sir John C. Bray, M.P.

Mr. H.H. Barrett

Hon. J.C.F. Johnson, M.P.

Mr. W. Burnet

Mr. S.H. Prior

Mr. W.J. Sowden

Mr. C. Tucker

Mr. W.H. Wadey

Western Australia.

Mr. W. Maley

Mr. E.P. Nesbit


Mr. J. Allan

Mr. J.R. Bradshaw

Mr. W.V. Brown


Mr. T.J. Connelly

Mr. J.C. Bottomley

Mr. Field Barrett

Mr. J.W. Larter

Mr. A.J. Peacock, M.P.

Mr. G.H. Wise

Mr. F.C. Wainwright

Australian Natives' Association, Victoria

List of Presidents of the Board of Directors, from its inception to June, 1900:-

Mr. T. O'Callaghan   Melbourne  1877 and 1878 
Mr. S. Cadden  Ballarat  1879 and 1880 
Mr. M. J. Cahill  Bendigo  1881 
Mr. Wm. Anderson  Creswick  1882 
Mr. R. R. Hart   Stawell  1883 
Mr. O. F. Wilson  Ballarat  1884 
Mr. A. J. Peacock, M.L.A.  Creswick  1885, 1886, 1893 
Mr. T, J. Connelly  Bendigo  1887 
Mr. J L. Purves, Q.C.  Melbourne  1888, 1889 
Mr. D. J. Wheal  Ballarat  1890 
Mr. G. H. Wise  Sale  1891 
Mr. J. W. Larter  Ballarat  1892 
Mr. G. Fitwimmons  Prahran  1894 
Mr. J. W. Kirton, M.L.A.  Ballarat  1895 
Mr. J. H. Cook, M.L.A.  Brunswick  1896 
Mr. R. F. Toutcher, M.L.A.  Richmond  1897 
Dr. C. Carty Salmon, M.L.A.  Avoca  1898 
Mrs. E. E. Roberts  Flemington  1899 
Mr. Walter Skelton  Dunolly  1900 

National Australasian Convention, 1891


PRESIDENT — The Honourable Sir Henry Parkes, G.C.M.G., M.L.A.

VICE-PRESIDENT.- The Honourable Sir Samuel Walker Griffith, K.C.M.G., Q.C. M.L.A.


New South Wales.

The Honourable Sir Henry Parkes, G.C.M.G. M.L.A.

The Honourable William McMillan, M.L.A.

The Honourable Joseph Palmer Abbott, M.L.A.

George Richard Dibbs, Esquire, M.L.A.

The Honourable William Henry Suttor, M.L.C.

The Honourable Edmund Barton, Q.C. M.L.C.

The Honourable Sir Patrick Alfred Jennings, K.C.M.G., LL.D., M.L.C.

New Zealand.

Sir George Grey, K.C.B.

Captain William Russell Russell, M.H.R.

The Honourable Sir Harry Albert Atkinson, K.C.M.G., M.L.C.


The Honourable John Murtagh Macrossan, M.L.A. [Decease reported 31st March.]

The Honourable John Donaldson, M.L.A.

The Honourable Sir Samuel Walker Griffith,

The Honourable Sir Thomas McIlwraith, K.C.M.G., LL. D., M.L.A.

The Honourable Arthur Rutledge, M.L.A.

The Honourable Andrew Joseph Thynne, M.L.C.

The Honourable Thomas Macdonald-Paterson, M.L.C.

South Australia.

The Honourable Richard Chaffey Baker, C.M.G., M.L.C.

The Honourable John Hannah Gordon, M.L.C.

The Honourable Sir John Cox Bray, K.C.M.G., M.H.A.

John Alexander Cockburn, Esquire, M.D., M.H.A.

The Honourable Sir John William Downer, K.C.M.G., Q.C., M.H.A.

The Honourable Charles Cameron Kingston, Q.C., M.H.A.

The Honourable Thomas Playford, M.H.A.


The Honourable William, Moore, M.L.C.

The Honourable Adye Douglas, M.L.C. M.H.A.

The Honourable Andrew Inglis Clark, M.H.A.

The Honourable William Henry Burgess, M.H.A.

The Honourable Nicholas John Brown, M.H.A.

The Honourable Bolton Stafford Bird, M.H.A.

The Honourable Philip Oakley Fysh, M.L.C.


The Honourable Alfred Deakin, M.L.A.

The Honourable James Munro, M.L.A.

The Honourable Lieutenant-Colonel William Collard Smith, M.L.A.

The Honourable Nicholas Fitzgerald, M.L.C.

The Honourable Henry John Wrixon, Q.C., M.L.A.

The Honourable Duncan Gillies, M.L.A.

The Honourable Henry Cuthbert, M.L.C.

The Honourable William Shiels, M.L.A. [Acting from 2nd to 9th March, during absence of Mr. Wrixon.]

Western Australia.

The Honourable John Forrest, C.M.G., M.L.A.

The Honourable William Edward Marmion, M.L.A.

The Honourable Sir James George Lee-Steere, M.L.A.

The Honourable John Arthur Wright, M.L.C.

The Honourable John Winthrop Hackett, M.L.C.

Alexander Forrest, Esquire, M.L.A.

William Thorley Loton, Esquire, M.L.A.

Corowa Federation Conference, August 1893


PRESIDENT — Mr. B.B. Nicoll, M.L.A.

VICE-PRESIDENTS — Messrs. B.J. Wilkinson, M.L.A., E.J. German, A. Jameson, and Dr. Quick.

SECRETARY — Mr. Edward Wilson.


TREASURER — Mr. A.A. Piggin.

FINANCE COMMITTEE. — Messrs. G.H. Willis, G.H. Smith, C.T. Brewer.


Arnott, D.   Federation League, Yarrawonga. 
Barker, S.   Protection Liberal and Federation League, Melbourne. 
Barrett, Herbert   Vice-President Board of Directors of A.N.A., Victoria. 
Berryman, G. H.   Federation League, Moarna. 
Boyle, A. O.  Federation League, Howlong. 
Brewer, C. T.  Federation League, Corowa. 
Bridigon, H.  Progress Committee, Germanton. 
Bromfield, H.  Federation League, Howlong. 
Brown, A. B.   Progress Committee, Germanton. 
Brown, Andrew R.  Federation League, Tocurnwal. 
Buckley, Allan K.  Federation League, Rutherglen. 
Camplin. A.  Federation League, Mulwala. 
Chanter, J.M. M.L.A.  Federation League, Koondrook and Barmah. 
Church, W. R.  Young Victoria Patriotic League, Melbourne. 
Clifton, W. A.  Federation League, Corowa. 
Cook, James.  Protection Liberal and Federation League, Melbourne. 
Cowderoy, B.  President Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne. 
Crockett, M.C.M.  Federation League, Yarrawonga. 
Dowling. Edward  Hon. Secretary A.N.A., Sydney. 
Drummond, W. D.  Federation League, Berrigan. 
Easterby, W. H.  Federation League, Howlong. 
Edmundson, F. W.  Federation League, Wodonga. 
Garran, R. R., B.A.  Federation League, Sydney. 
Gorman, D.  Federation League, Savernake. 
Gorman, B. J.  Federation League, Berrigan. 
Grondona, C. H.  Chamber of Manufactures, Melbourne. 
Haig, Gee. G.  Federation League, Wahgunyah. 
Hallett, C.  Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne. 
Hampson, A. J.  A.N.A,, Bendigo. 
Harricks, F. M.  Young Victorian Patriotic League, Melbourne. 
Hemmings, R.  A.N.A., Clifton Hill. 
Holland, James  Federation League, Yarrowonga. 
Hose, Rev. W. Clarke  Federation League, Corowa. 
Jameson, A.  Federation League, Deniliquin. 
Kilborn, R.  Federation League, Rutherglen. 
Lapthorne, Ernest  Federation League, Berrigan. 
Lormer, W. J.  Protection Liberal and Federation League, Melbourne. 
McGeoch, R.  Federation League, Mulwala. 
Maloney, W., M.L.A.  Protection Liberal and Federation League, Melbourne. 
Miller, John J.  Municipality, Cootamundra. 
Mitchell, P. S.  Progress Committee, Tooma. 
Morris, W. A.  Vice-President Commercial Travellers' Association, Melbourne. 
Nicoll, B. B., M.L.A.  President A.N.A., Sydney. 
O'Dwyer, R. D.  Federation League, Savernake. 
O'Grady, Charles  Federation League, Rutherglen. 
O'Sullivan, E. W., M.L.A.  Federation League, Sydney. 
Peacock, A. J., M.L.A.  President Board of Directors A.N.A. 
Piggin, Alex. A.  Federation League, Corowa. 
Piggin, F. C.  Federation League, Corowa. 
Pigott, E. F.  Progress Association, Cobram. 
Prendergast, G. M.  President Progressive Political League, Melbourne. 
Quick, John, LL.D.  A.N.A., Bendigo. 
Rain, W.  A.N.A., No. 1 Branch, Melbourne. 
Ross, Alex.  Progress Committee, Germanton, 
Ross, John  Progress Committee, Germanton. 
Russell, Geo.  A.N.A., Numurka. 
Shields, John G.  Federation League, Wodonga. 
Sloane, J. A. S.  Federation League, Mulwala. 
Smith, G. S.  Federation League, Wahgunyah. 
Stretton, D.  Federation League, Echuca. 
Taylor, H., D'E.   Imperial Federation League, Melbourne. 
Thomas, O. C.  Imperial Federation League, Melbourne. 
Thorpe, Jas.  Federation League, Wahgunyah. 
Towel, Dr.  Federation League, Berrigan. 
Warner, Jas.  Municipality, Beechworth. 
Whitaker, T.  Federation League, Albury. 
Whitford, F. P.  Federation League, Wahgunyah. 
Whitty, H. P.  Federation League, Tocurnwal. 
Wilkinson, J, M.L.A.  Federation League, Albury. 
Willis, Geo. H.  Federation League, Corowa. 
Wilson, Edw.  Federation League, Corowa. 
Young, J. B.  A.N.A., Bendigo. 

People's Federal Convention, Bathurst, 1896


PRFSIDENT — Thos. A. Machattie, Esq., M.B.

VICE-PRESIDENTS — Edmund Barton, Esq., Q.C.; The Hon. F. B. Suttor; W. P. Bassett, Esq., M.D., Mayor of Bathurst; B. B Nicoll, Esq., President A.N.A., Sydney; Licut-Col. J. G. Davies, Chairman of Committees, Tasmania; The Hon. R. E. O'Connor, Q C, M.L.C.; The Rev. Professor Gosman, Victoria.

HONORARY SECRETARY. — The Rev. Arthur J. Webb.


HONORARY TREASURER. — H. C. Matthews, Esq.

PROCEDURE COMMITTEE. — The President (Dr. Machattie), the Secretary (the Rev. A. J. Webb), the Right Rev. Dr. Camidge, the Right Rev. Dr. Byrne, the Right Rev. Dean Marriott, the Rev. Father Dowling, Dr. Hurst, Dr. Quick, Mr. G. E. Machattie, Mr. M. Meagher, Mr. A. G. Thompson, Mr. Wright, the Hon. Sydney Smith, M.P.


Alcorn, S.A., B.A., M.B.  East Maitland  
Archer, Wm.  Burwood 
Armstrong, J.F.  Forbes 
Balls, G. C.  Sydney 
Barclay, J. B.  Wickham 
Barrett, A. C.  Goulburn 
Barry. G. J.  North Sydney 
Barton, E, M.A., Q.C  Sydney 
Bassett, E. P.  Carcoar 
Bassett, W. P., M.D.  Bathurst 
Batey, Geo. W.  Greta. 
Bavister, Thos., M.P.  Sydney  
Beavis, Horace Colin  Bathurst 
Becher, Rev. R. F., B.A.  Bathurst. 
Bell, Alexander  Ballarat, Vic.  
Bell, Colonel, United States Consul  Sydney 
Beveridge, John  Lithgow 
Blythe, Chas.  Sebastopol Vic. 
Bond, Robert J.  Wickham 
Bourke, J.  Murrumburrah 
Boyd, John  Bathurst 
Braye, T. A., B.A.  Waratah 
Brennan, M.  Sydney 
Brewer, C. T.  Corowa 
Brown, E. C.  Eaglehawk 
Brown, D. R.  Sydney 
Buckland, Thos.  Croydon 
Burns, Wm.  Sydney 
Byrne, Right Rev. Dr.  Bathurst 
Byrne, S. A.  Sydney 
Callander, Wm.  Cobram, Vic.  
Campbell, Colin H.  Echuca-Moama  
Canaway, A. P., B.A.  Sydney 
Cary, William  Glebe  
Chanter, J. AL, M.P.  Deniliquin 
Chippendall, W.  Gympie, Q. 
Christie, George  Strathfield  
Clapin, A. H.  Merewether  
Clark, W.  Carcoar 
Clarke, George T.  Sydney  
Cockburn, Hon. J.A. M.D.  Adelaide, S.A. 
Cohen, Solomon  Cootamundra 
Conroy, J. M.  Sydney 
Cook, Hon. Joseph, M.P.  Sydney 
Cormack, Donald  Rookwood 
Cowper, Chas.  Sydney 
Creer, N. Z.  Waratah 
Cullen, W. P., M.A., LL.D., M.L.C.  Sydney 
Curnow, J. H.  Bendigo 
Curry, A.  Merewether 
Davies, Lieutenant-Col., M.H.A.  Hobart, Tas. 
Dickson, S. H.  Cootamundra  
Dowell, Wm. S.  Sydney 
Dowling, R.  Sydney 
Duffy, Hon. J. G.  Melbourne 
Epps, W.  Sydney 
Fielding, Rev. S. G.  Windsor  
Finckernagel, Wm.  Bingara  
Flanagan, P. J.  Orange 
Flannery, G. E. B.A., LL.B.  Sydney 
Flood, Captain John  Gympie 
Foster, Frank J.  Wattle Flat 
Fox, Frank   Sydney 
Freehill, F. B., M.A.  Sydney 
Gannon, S.H.  Lithgow  
Garran, R. R., B.A.  Sydney  
Garrard, Hon. J., M.P.  Sydney  
Gillies, John, M.P.  West Maitland 
Glover, George  Aberdeen 
German, E. J.  Berrigan 
Gosman, Professor  Melbourne 
Halliday, C.W.B.  Warren 
Hammond, A.C.  Warringah  
Hawthorne, J.S., M.P.  Sydney 
Hay, Henry  Corowa 
Hayes, J. W.  Millthorpe 
HefFernail, Rev. T. J.  Mt. Victoria 
Higgins, R. M.  Braidwood 
Hills, Samuel  Sydney 
Hodge, W. F.  Hill End 
Hogg H. R., M.A.  Melbourne 
Hood, J. T.  Fitzroy, Vic. 
Howe, George  Seymour, Vic. 
Hurley, W. F. M.P.  Wattle Flat 
Hurst, Geo., M.B.  Bathurst 
Ingle, James  Sebastopol,Vic. 
Inglis, James  Sydney 
James, Wm.  Eaglehawk,Vic.  
Jennings, Sir Patrick  Sydney  
Jessep, Thos., M.P.  Sydney 
Jones, G. E. Russell  Petersham 
Jones, L. C. Russell  Burwood 
Kearney, Simon  Orange  
Kellett, W. F.  Mudgee  
Kennard, F. H.  Wellington Vic. 
Kidd, John  Sydney 
Kite, Wm.  Kelso 
Kitt, Wm.  Warburton 
Lane, Henry  Sydney  
Langwell, H.C.  Waratah  
Lee, John, junr.  Bathurst 
Luland, T.J.  Wellington 
Lyne, W.J., M.P.  Sydney 
Macdonnell, H.H.  Cooma 
Machattie, T.A., M.B.  Bathurst  
Machattie, G.E.  Bathurst 
Mackay, J.A.K., M.P. Murrumburrah  
Mackenzie, A.J.  Sydney  
Mackenzie, D.  Young  
Macnamara, H., junr.  Glebe  
McGeoch, Robert  Mulwala 
McKenzie, Hugh  Echuca-Moama 
McLaren, W.  Blayney 
McLennan, Rev. D.  Berry 
McNamara, W.H.  Sydney 
Magney, Thos.  Woollahra  
Marriott, Very Rev. Dean  Bathurst 
Martin, James  Sydney 
Matthews, H.C.  Bathurst 
Matthews, H.  Cootamundra 
Mawby, H.  Cowra 
Meagher, John  Bathurst 
Meagher, John P.  Wyslong West. 
Melville, Ninian  Ashfield 
Meeks, A.W.  Sydney 
Millen, E.D., M.P.  Bourke 
Miller, John J.  Cootamundra 
Mills, Henry  Balmain 
Milne, Alexander M.  Balmain 
Moore, S.W., M.P.  Bingara 
Moran, His Eminence Cardinal  Sydney 
Morris, Professor E.E.  Melbourne 
Muller, Narcisse  Dubbo 
Nicoll, B.B.  Sydney  
Niven, W.F.  Ballarat, Vic. 
Norton, John  Sydney 
Oakes, Rev. G.S.  Kelso 
O'Connor, Hon. D., M.L.C.  Sydney 
O'Connor, Hon. R.E., M.L.C.  Sydney 
O'Haran, Dr.  Sydney 
O'Mara, John  Stockton 
Parnell, E. A.  Kelso 
Paul, W. H.  Bathurst  
Peacock, R. W.  Perth, N.S.W.  
Pilcher, G. de V.  Orange  
Pinkstone, Fred.  Cootamundra 
Pryor, Benjamin  Greta 
Purves,.J. M., M.A.  Sydney 
Pymont, Alfred  Hill End 
Quick, John, LL.D.  Bendigo 
Rees, Evan  Stockton 
Reid, Hon. G.H. Premier, N.S.W.  Sydney  
Reid, A. C.  Cowra 
Renehan, J.T.  Cootamundra 
Richardson, J.J.  Goulburn 
Robson, Thos.  Merewether 
Rodgers, J. S.  Newcastle 
Rohner, Wm.  Cobram, Vic. 
Rolin, Tom, M.A.  Sydney 
Ross, S.A.  Sydney 
Russart, Jacob  Blayney 
Ryan, James  Wodonga, Vic. 
See, John, M. P.  Sydney  
Shackle, A.  Grenfell  
Sharpe, John  Sebastopol  
Shute, Richard  Burwood  
Simpson, Robert  Merewether  
Skelton, J.O.M.  Sydney 
Small, O.W.  Auburn  
Smith, Hon. Sydney, M.P.  Sydney  
Smith, Thos.  Newcastle  
Smith, W.C.  Auburn 
Spears, J.  Granville 
Stafford, A.  Manilla 
Stephen, Consett  Croydon 
Stephen, Wm.  Sydney 
Stewart, R.W.  Hillston 
Stratton, J.T.  Cootamundra 
Struthers, James  Warren 
Suttor, Hon. F.B.  Sydney. 
Taylor, J. W., M. A.  Forbes  
Taylor, Rev. W. G., President Wesleyan Conference  Bathurst 
Terry, E.  Ryde  
Thiselton, R.G.  Brighton, S.A. 
Thomas, F.J.  Glen Innes 
Thompson, A.G.  Bathurst 
Tovey, Rev. S.S., B.A.  Sydney 
Turner, John  Frahran, Vic. 
Upward, John  Ashfield 
Wade, John  Sydney  
Walker, Arthur  Paddington  
Walker, J.T.  Sydney  
Warren, W.  Sydney  
Webb, Rev. Arthur J.  Bathurst 
Webb, Hon. Edmund, M.L.C.  Bathurst  
Wilson, Charles G.  Armidale 
Webb, N.A., LL.B.   Port Augusta, S.A. 
Windsor, W.H.  Granville 
Weeden. John  Tumut 
West, John  Shepparton, Vic.  
West, John E.  Sydney 
West, T.J.  Paddington 
Whitmee, S.  Millthorpe 
Wilkinson, R.B.  Sydney 
Williams, E.  Bathurst 
Williamson, John  Sydney 
Wilson, Edward  Corowa 
Withers, J. W.  Sydney 
Wittenoom, Hon. E.H.  Perth, W.A. 
Young, Rev. Canon  Perth, N.S.W. 

Statutory Federal Convention, 1897-8


PRESIDENT. — The Right Honourable Charles C. Kingston, P.C., Q.C., M.H.A.

CHAIRMAN OF COMMITTEE. — The Honourable Sir Richard C. Baker, K.C.M.G., M.L.C.

LEADER. — The Honourable Edmund Barton, Q.C., M.L.C.


New South Wales.

Edmund Barton, Esquire, M.L.C., Q.C.

The Right Honourable George Houstoun Reid, P.C., M.L.A. (Premier).

The Honourable Joseph Hector Carruthers, M.L.A. (Secretary for Lands).

William. McMillan, Esquire, M.L.A.

William, John Lyne, Esquire, M.L.A.

The Honourable James Nixon Brunker, M.L.A. (Colonial Secretary).

The Honourable Richard Edward O'Connor, M.L.C., Q.C.

The Honourable Sir Joseph Palmer Abbott. K.C.M.G. (Speaker Legislative Assembly).

James Thomas Walker, Esquire.

Bernhard Ringrose Wise, Esquire.

South Australia.

The Right Honourable Charles Cameron Kingston, P.C., Q.C., M.H.A. (Premier)

The Honourable Frederick William Holder, M.H.A. (Treasurer).

The Honourable John Alexander Cockburn, M.D., M.H.A. (Minister of Education).

The Honourable Sir Richard Chaffey Baker, LL.B. K.C.M.G. (President of the Legislative Council).

The Honourable Sir John William Downer, Q.C., K.C.M.G., M.H.A.

Patrick McMahon Glynn, Esquire, B.A.,

The Honourable John Hannah Gordon, M.L.C.

The Honourable James Henderson Howe.

Vaiben Lewis Solomon, Esquire, M.H.A.

Josiah Henry Symon, Esquire, Q C.


The Honourable Sir Philip Oakley Fysh, K.C.M.G., M.H.A. (Treasurer). The Right Honourable Sir Edward Nicholas Coventry Braddon, P.C., K.C.M.G., M.H.A. (Premier).

The Honourable Henry Dobson, M.H.A.

The Honourable Neil Elliott Lewis, M.H.A.

The Honourable Nicholas John Brown, M.H.A.

The Honourable Charles Henry Grant, M.L.C.

The Honourable Adye Douglas (President Legislative Council).

The Honourable William Moore, M.L.C. (Chief Secretary).

Matthew John Clarke, Esquire, M.H.A.

The Honourable John Henry, M.H.A.


The Right Honourable Sir George Turner, P.C., K.C.M.G., M.L.A. (Premier).

John Quick, Esquire, LL.D.

The Honourable Alfred Deakin, M.L.A.

The Honourable Alexander James Peacock, M.L.A. (Chief Secretary).

The Honourable Isaac Alfred Isaacs, M.L.A. (Attorney-General).

William Arthur Trenwith, Esquire, M.L.A.

The Honourable Sir Graham Berry, K.C.M.G. (Speaker Legislative Assembly).

The Honourable Simon Fraser, M.L.C.

The Honourable Sir William Austin Zeal, K.C.M.G. (President Legislative Council).

Henry Bournes Higgins, Esquire, M.L.A.

Western Australia.

The Right Honourable Sir John Forrest, P.C., K.C.M.G., M.L.A. (Premier, Colonial Secretary, and Colonial Treasurer).

The Honourable Sir James George Lee-Steers, Knight (Speaker Legislative Assembly).

George Leake, Esquire, M.L.A.

The Honourable Frederick Henry Piesse, M.L.A. (Commissioner of Railways). [Resigned 26th April, 1897.]

The Honourable John Winthrop Hackett, M.L.C.

William Thorley Loton, Esquire, M.L.A. [Resigned 26th April, 1897.]

Walter Hartwell James, Esquire, M.L.A.

Albert Young Hassell, Esquire, M.L.A.

Robert Frederick Sholl, Esquire, M.L.A. [Resigned 26th April, 1897.]

The Honourable John Howard Taylor, M.L.C.

The Honourable Henry Briggs, M.L.C. [From 26th August, 1897.]

The Honourable Frederick Thomas Crowder, M.L.C. [From 26th August, 1897.]

The Honourable Andrew Harriot Henning, M.L.C. [From 26th August, 1897.]

The Honourable Harry Whittal Venn, M.L.C. [From 26th August, 1897.]

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