The John Anderson Archive

Welcome to the University of Sydney web site devoted to the work of John Anderson, Challis Professor of Philosophy from 1927 until 1958. The site aims to provide a comprehensive resource for study and research into the life and works of John Anderson. In addition to previously published works by Professor Anderson the site presents electronic editions of significant papers held by the University Archives.

All Anderson resources accessed at this site have been created in accordance with the terms of the Alexander John Anderson bequest and are presented here for private research and study only. They form part of the overall publication project initiated by the bequest and are held in copyright.

Introduction by D. M. Armstrong

Anderson was the most important philosopher who has worked in Australia. A great educator, he was a profound influence on the intellectual formation of those who were his pupils. These included, but were far from being exhausted by, a number of students who went on to become philosophers themselves... More

Sydney University Press Titles

Sydney University Press has published a series of books drawn from the lecture notes and other works relevant to Anderson's life and teaching: List of current titles


The Library would like to thank Dr Creagh McLean Cole for the considerable work he has done in the creation of the John Anderson Archive. These webpages would not exist nor would Anderson’s personal library be housed within the University of Sydney Rare Book and Special Collections without his valuable efforts.