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Foreword to the 1962 Publication

This book is published as part of a commemoration of the work of John Anderson, for more than thirty years Challis Professor of Philosophy in the University of Sydney. Anderson's chief philosophical papers, hitherto printed only in journals, are now brought together and reprinted along with two newly-written papers and an introductory essay by Professor John Passmore, a former student of Anderson's.

The publication of the volume has been made possible by the generosity of a number of contributors to an Anderson Testimonial Fund, and has been considerably assisted by a special grant given by the Australian Humanities Research Council.

Acknowledgments for permission to reprint certain papers, noted in the Bibliography, are made to the Mind Association, the Arostotelian Society, the Australasian Association for Philosophy, and the Australian Humanities Research Council.

A. K. Stout

For the Anderson Testimonial Committee


Many references are made, throughout the text, to the Australasian Journal of Psychology and Philosophy (A.J.P.P.) and to the Australasian Journal of Philosophy (A.J.P.). These are one and the same journal; the name was changed in 1947.

Note to the SUP Print on Demand Edition

To facilitate referencing, throughout the text bold numbers in square brackets refer to the pagination of the 1962 edition (for example [P.3] signifies the start of page 3 in that edition.

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