― 535 ―

Persons, Organisations and Companies who made Submissions to the Committee

Abbott, Ronald E. G.

Academy of Social Sciences in Australia

Adamson, A. V.

Adelaide University Mountain Club

Aeron Limited

Agris Limited

Aitken, J. N.

Alcoa of Australia Limited

Allen, A.

Allison, Arthur

Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders Association of W.A. (Inc.)

Amdal, J. David

Anderson, Arthur & Co.

Anderson, Donald R. and Doreen

Anderson, L. L.

Anderson, Dr Thomas W.

Andrews, S. V.

Annett, Norman L.

Antalfy, Michael L. A.

Antcliffe. T. M.

Apps, Dr P. F. and P. H.

Armstrong, F. A.

Arthur, E. L. and J.

Arthur, K. and N. L.

Arthur Webster Pty Ltd

Ash, Stanley C.

Associated Chambers of Manufactures of Australia, The

Associated Steamships Pty Ltd

Association for the Study of Women and Society

Association of Independent Life Offices

Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, The

Atroshenko, Paul

Attwood, Elaine J.

Attwood, P.

Aujard, E. M.

Auld, Frederick J.

Australia Party of S.A. Inc.

Australian Associated Brewers, The

Australian Associated Stock Exchanges

Australian Association for the Mentally Retarded Inc.

Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies, The

Australian Bakels (Pty) Ltd

Australian Bank Officials’ Association, The

Australian Bankers Association and the Commonwealth Trading Bank

Australian Chamber of Commerce, The

Australian Chemical Industry Council

Australian Chiropractors’ Association, The

Australian Coal and Shale Employees’ Federation

Australian Council for the Arts

Australian Council of Retailers, The

Australian Council of Social Service

Australian Council of Soft Drink Manufacturers

Australian Council of Trade Unions

Australian Dental Association Incorporated

  ― 536 ―

Australian Dental Plans Limited

Australian Farmers’ Federation

Australian Federation of Air Pilots

Australian Federation of Credit Union Leagues Limited

Australian Forest Development Institute

Australian Gallery Directors Conference

Australian Gas Association (Vic.)

Australian Hotels Association

Australian Institute of Agricultural Science (N.S.W. Branch)

Australian Institute of Launderers and Linen Suppliers

Australian Insurance Association

Australian Labor Party Rural Committee of Tasmania

Australian Medical Association

Australian Mining Industry Council

Australian National Committee for UNICEF, The

Australian Paper Manufacturers Limited

Australian Raw Sugar Manufacturing Industry, The

Australian Retired Persons Association

Australian Shareholders Association (N.S.W. Branch)

Australian Society of Accountants

Australian Society of Authors, The

Australian Timber Producers’ Council

Australian Union of Students, The

Australian Veterinary Association

B.W.N. Industries Pty Ltd (Astyl Group)

Baker, Michael J.

Baligod, Henry S. and Lesley A.

Baltimore Aircoil (Australia) Pty Limited

Barbuto, N.

Bartlett, L. G.

Bartlett, S. D., with Bartlett, B., G., J. and L., Brown, W., Cooper, P., Goodinany, D. R., Hay, K. and M., Holzapfel, M., Leopold, W. M., Miegel, P., Milsom, E. and P., Talland, G. and J. M., Taylor, N.

Bazley, George and Pauline

Beardsmore, S.

Begbie, D. G.

Berryman, Thomas

Bird Protection League of S.A. Incorporated, The

Blackburn South Branch of Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division)

Blake, M.

Blankfield, I.

Bloodworth, F. G.

Blue Metal Quarry Masters’ Association of N.S.W., The

Boland, Edward James

Bor, Rosemary, K. G.

Borrell, D. G.

Botten, E. C.

Boyce, Madeline

Braithwaite, John

Bray, Sydney L.

Brighton Dispensary (Vic.)

Britton, W. D.

Broatch, J. D.

Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited, The

Brown, D. O.

Brown, Harold W.

  ― 537 ―

Browne, R. C.

Buick, R. R.

Bull, Charles A.

Bunbury, A. I.

Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Butcher, Dorothy and Frank

Cairns Chamber of Commerce

Cammilleri, K. C.

Campbell & Cook

Carman, S. H.

Carpenter, Warren B.

Carruthers, H. George

Carter, A.

Carter, M. E.

Catholic Women's League of Tasmania

Cave, Thomas W.

Chappell, J. C.

Chapple, Victor A. R.

Chisholm, Donald

Christian Science Committee on Publications for Australian Capital Territory

Civic Trust of South Australia, The

Clark, Dr Colin

Cochran, Keith F.

Cochrane, Don M.

Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited, The

Commission for Justice & Peace, Western Australia

Committee for Economic Development of Australia

Commonwealth Industrial Gases Limited, The

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Offices’ Association, The

Condon, M. A.

Confectionery Manufacturers of Australia

Conservation Council of South Australia Inc.

Conservation Council of Victoria

Cook, Verco A.

Coombe, J.

Coombs, Dr H. C.

Co-operative Federation of Australia

Co-operative Housing Society Limited

Corner, C. F. S

Corporate Planning and Acquisition Service Pty Ltd

Council of Australian Humanist Societies

Council of Commonwealth Public Service Organisations

Council of Fire and Accident Underwriters of Australia

Council of Professional Associations

Council for the Single Mother and her Child (Vic.)

Country Shire Councils’ Association of W.A., The

Cowell, D. F.

Craig, Len

Crawford Productions Pty Ltd

Cridland, Frank

Crisp, E. J.

Crofts, M.

Crommelin, Michael

Cullen Morton Pty Ltd

  ― 538 ―

Dale, C.

Dalziel, W.

Dash, Janet A.

Davies, Alun G.

Davis, Malcolm J.

Defiance Milling Co. Pty Ltd

Dehle, J.

Department of the Attorney General and of Justice (N.S.W.)

Department of Manufacturing Industries (Research Division)

Department of the Premier and of Development (S.A.)

Diamond Syndicate Advisory Centre

Dillon, C. C.

Dohan, Walter

Doherty, John K.

Donegan, H. A. J.

Donnelly, G. M.

Donnelly, R. P.

Downes, A. W.

Dunkley, A. H.

Eager, Dr Kenneth

Eatts, David L.

Eckert, H. J.

Ecob, A.

Eden Distributors Pty Limited

Edwards, G. P.

Edwards, N. J.

Edwards, T. M.

Electrical Wholesalers Federation—Australia

Elias, Dr Peter

Elizabeth Girls Technical High School

Ellacott, F.

Emerson, Ronald J.

Evans, Guy G.

Everett, A. C. & Sons

Farquhar, B. A.

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, and Australian Retail Chambers of Automotive Industries

Federal Council of Australian Apiarists’ Association, The

Federated Fur Trade Council of Australia, The

Federated Taxpayers’ Associations of Australia, The

Federation of Australian University Staff Associations

Federation of Queensland Chambers of Commerce

Fell & Starkey

Fenner, R. A.

Ferguson, Don

Field Naturalists Society of South Australia Incorporated (Botany Club)

Field Naturalists Society of South Australia Incorporated (Herpetology Group)

Finucane, Kevin J.

Flat & Property Owners’ Association of N.S.W.

Flour Millers’ Council of Australia, The

Fox, Stephenson

Friendly Societies Dispensaries Association of Australia

Gales, J.

Garnaut, H. C.

Gaudry, G. I.

  ― 539 ―

Geelong & District Cultural Institute

Geelong Environment Council

George, K. E.

George Weston Foods Limited

Gerber, P.

Gibby, F. G.

Giddings, Arthur Rendell

Gilchrist, Sydney S.

Goddard, Peter N. L.

Goldring, J. L.

Gray, D. A.

Greenwood, J. M.

Grenier, J. A. R.

Grey, J. N.

Griffith, Dr Gavan

Grimm, Robert J.

Grist, Leo F.

Grover, D. W.

Guest, J. V. C.

Guppy, N. H. and V. J.

Hall, J. M.

Halley, D. J.

Hampson, Norma

Hanks, J. N.

Hannaford, Robert

Harris, Andrew

Harris, E. J.

Harris, R. O.

Harrison, Dr John

Hawker de Haviland Australia Pty Limited

Hawley, D. A.

Haynes, V. J.

Henderson, M. G.

Henderson, R. J.

Henry, E. R.

Henry George League of Victoria

Henry George League of W. A.

Henschke, C. A.

Hewitt, George

Hewitt, John William

Hieser, Ron O.

Hillier, A.

Hodge, Garth C.

Hodgkinson, J. E.

Hodgkison, A. M.

Holmes & Perks

Hooper, Dr F. Maxwell

Hopgood, Cyril R.

Horn, Dr Robert V.

Hoskin, J.

Hosking, B. G.

Housewives’ Association (Victorian Branch)

Howlett, C.

Hoxley, H. G.

Humanist Society of Victoria

  ― 540 ―

Hungerford, Brian R.

Hutton, C. J.

I.C.I. Australia Limited

Idle, G. C.

Ingram, Ron

Institute of Actuaries of Australia and New Zealand

Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, The

Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, The

Institute of Directors in Australia, The

Institute of Foresters of Australia (Tasmanian Division), The

Institute of Public Affairs (N.S.W.)

International Air Transport Association

International Commission of Jurists (Victorian Branch)

Irvin and Associates

Isolated Childrens’ Parents Association

Issuing Houses Association of Australia

James, E.

James, Keith M.

Jamieson, D. N.

Janka, C. G.

Jenkins, The Hon. Glyn

Johnson, S. E. I.

Johnston, Hilary

Jolly, D. and E. A.

Jones, G. E. and Co.

Joseph, Brian

Kambalda Minerals N.L.

Keast, T. D.

Keep Brothers (N.S.W.) Pty Ltd

Kelly, Elizabeth A.

Kent, John

Kent, Dr Norma

Knight, Dr R. John

Kraemer, R. T.

Kyneton District Association for the Handicapped

Lambert, B. M.

Landfield, C.

Land Values Research Group

Lapsa, Leonids

Law Council of Australia

Law Society of New South Wales

Law Society of South Australia Incorporated

Law Society of Western Australia, The

Lee, Alex. and Company

Lee, Chi Keung John

Lewis, Arthur

Lewis, B.

Lewis, H.

Life Offices’ Association for Australasia

Linton, Robert G.

Little, J. A.

Lloyd's Underwriters

Loane, I. T.

Local Government Association of New South Wales

Local Government Association of Queensland, The

  ― 541 ―

Local Government Association of W.A. (Inc.)

Locksley, M. J.

Lodge, Ann Margaret

Lomas, Keith W.

Longworth, John W.

Lubrano, Helen

Luehman, A. C.

Lyppard Chemical Pty Ltd

M. A. I. Limited

McAlpine, D. R.

McBriar, E. M. and Daily, B.

McCallum, A. I.

McCormick, Ian and Nethercott, L. J.

McGarrity, Sidney

McKaughan, C. W. B.

McLean, William R.

McMahon, Robert A.

McNamarra, Robert

McQuarrie, F. G.

Macintosh, William Alexander

Magellan Petroleum Australia Limited, with Magellan Petroleum Corporation—Brisbane Branch, Magellan Petroleum (N.T.) Pty Ltd, United Canso Oil & Gas Company (N.T.) Pty Ltd, Magellan Petroleum (Qld) Pty Ltd

Mann, John W.

Manners, V. J.

Mason, W. R.

Master Builders Federation of Australia

Mathison, A.

Medical & Associate Professions Superannuation Plan

Mendes, J. Y.

Mercantile & General Reinsurance Co. of Australia Limited, with American Re-insurance Co., Australian Reinsurance Co. Ltd, The Copenhagen Reinsurance Co. (Aust) Ltd, Munich Reinsurance Co. of Australia Ltd, New Reinsurance Geneva Pty Ltd, Reinsurance Company of Australasia Ltd, Storebrand International Reinsurance Co. Ltd, Vesta Reinsurance Co., The Victory Reinsurance Co. of Australia Ltd

Middleton, H. E.

Mildura Chamber of Commerce

Millard, E. B. G.

Miller, Joan C.

Miller, Marjory B.

Mitchell, R. S.

Morris, V.

Morrison, R. H.

Mount Lofy Ranges Association Inc., The

Muirden, P. H.

Muirhead, David S.

Murphy, W. E.

Murray Bridge Field Naturalists Society

Muskens, P. E.

National Council of Independent Schools

National Council of Women of Australia, The

National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia, The

National Fitness Council of South Australia

National Library of Australia

National Trust of South Australia, The

Natural History Society of South Australia Incorporated

  ― 542 ―

Nature Conservaton Society of South Australia, The

Negus, The Hon. Senator S.A.

Nelson, R. G.

Neureiter, Hans

New South Wales Ambulance Transport Service Board

New South Wales Bar Association, The

New South Wales Broiler Growers’ Association

New South Wales Council of Professions and the Australian Council of Professions

New South Wales Social Credit Political League

Noble, B. R.

Noel, David G.

Norman Bros Pty Limited

Northern Territory Reserves Board

Norton, Alma

Odlum, A. H.R.

O’Farrell, G. C.

Olarenshaw, G. T.

Oliver, Ray M.

Ovenstone, Thelma

Padgham, Allan R.

Palmer, Trahair, Owen and Whittle

Parents’ and Friends’ Federation of Victoria

Paulusz, C. L. H.

Pawsey, Charles K.

Payne, N.

Peko-Wallsend Ltd.

Pengilley, Warren

Penna, M. J. and R. H.

Penning, H. J.

Perenyi, C.

Petver Group, The

Pharmaceutical Council of W. A., The, and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (W.A. Branch)

Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Federal Branch), The

Phelps, D. E.

Piercy, Richard R.

Pomroy, H. A.

Potter, E. M.

Powell, Gladys A. and Kenney, Ernest L.

Powell, W. B.

Pratt, B. and R. S.

Printing and Allied Trades Employers Federation of Australia, The

Problems of the Independent Aged

Proprietary Dairies Factories Association of Australia, The

Prudential Assurance Company Limited, with Legal and General Assurance Society Limited, Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, Friends’ Provident & Century Insurance Group, Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance Group, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, Yorkshire General Life Assurance Company Limited, Mercantile & General Life Reassurance Company Limited

Public Service Association of N.S.W.

Public Service Board of N.S.W.

Qantas Airways Limited

Queensland Cane Growers’ Council, The

Queensland Conservation Council Inc.

Queensland Law Society Incorporated

Queensland State Service Union

  ― 543 ―

Queensland Tax Agents Association

Queensland Teachers Union

Ransley, R. I.

Rawlings, Dr. J. F.

Reader's Digest Association Pty Ltd, The

Redei, Andor

Reece, B. F.

Regan, D.

Regular Defence Forces Welfare Association (Queensland Branch)

Reid, Bernard

Renton, N. E.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Retired Mineworkers’ Association

Retired State Employees’ Association (Victoria)

Revelman, Gail

Rewmand, C. T.

Reynolds, A. P.

Richards, George S.

River Heights Estate Progress Association

Robinson, Allen R.

Robinson, Athol A.

Robinson, G. F. J.

Robinson, John D. G. & Associates Pty. Ltd.

Robinson, Ross D.

Roden, Edward

Roennfeldt, A. J.

Rosser, John

Royal Australian Institute of Architects

Royal Australian Institute of Architects, with Royal Australian Planning Institute, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Russell, I.

Ryan, Michael R.

Ryan and Williams

Sabine, Dr T. M.

Sandwith, P. G.

Sarina, R. G.

Scott, E.

Second Division Officers Association (Federal Council), The

Selby, J.

Selden, E. L.

Shadforth, P. S. & Son

Shallue, M.

Sharpe, Ian G.

Sharpe, J. P.

Sheehan, W. J. and Johns, B. L.

Shiels, K. F.

Simons, A. N.

Sims, R. E.

Smith, Helen M. and Wedemeyer, M. L.

Smith, I. J.

Smith, Sydney F.

Smyth, John

Social Welfare Department (Vic.)

Society for Growing Australian Plants, S. A. Region Inc.

South Australian Apiarists’ Association

  ― 544 ―

South Australian Institute of Teachers

South Australian Mountain Activities Federation Conservation Panel

South British Insurance Co. Limited, with National Insurance Co. of New Zealand Ltd, New Zealand Insurance Co. Ltd.

Southern Districts Environment Group

Spatt, Nathan

Spence, Edith

Spry, Dr I. C. F.

State School Teachers’ Union of W. A. (Inc.)

Stennett, W. E.

Stepanek, Francis L.

Stirna, G.

Stokes, John L.

Stone Cartage Pty. Ltd.

Strathalbyn Naturalists Club

Stretton, John E.

Stringer, R. K.

Stump, Eric L.

Sutton, D. T.

Sutton, P. R. N.

Sweeney, C. A.

Symons, D. M.

Symons, E. F.

T. & G. Fire and General Insurance Company Limited

Tasmanian Environment Centre

Tattersall, Edith M.

Taveira, J.

Tavender, G. K.

Taxation Institute of Australia, The

Taxpayers Association of Queensland

Telfer, G.

Thiele, Reg H.

Thomasz, A. E. and H. J. L.

Thompson, P. G.

Tippett, L. S.

Trans Australia Airlines

Trump, B.

Trustee Companies Association

Tucker, B. J.

Unicomb, Ivan

University of Newcastle Department of Commerce

University of Western Australia Academic Staff Association

Valder, G. E. and I. W. H.

Valder, P. G.

Vary Brothers Pty. Ltd.

Victoria Racing Club

Victorian Apiarists’ Association

Victorian Employers’ Federation

Victorian National Parks Association

Vine, K. H. J.

W. A. Chiropractic Patients Association Inc.

W. A. Council for Equal Pay and Opportunity

Wales Unit Investment Limited and the Wales Superannuation Funds Limited

Walker, Peter D. & Co.

Wallace, H. A.

  ― 545 ―

Walley, S.

Walsh, E. P.

Walsh, F. M.

Walton, J. J.

Walton, Donovan & Co.

Weaver, Geoff

Weissmann, G.

Westwood, Betty R.

Wildana Forests (Aust.) Pty Limited

Wildlife Preservaton Society of Queensland Inc.

Wilkin, W. J.

Williams, L.

Williams, L. E.

Williams, Sheila Mary

Winnips, J.

Wise, J. C.

Women Active Politically

Women Lawyers Association of New South Wales, The

Women's Electoral Lobby (Australia)

Women's Electoral Lobby (N.S. W. Branch)

Women's Electoral Lobby (Peninsula Branch)

Women's Electoral Lobby (Victorian Branch)

Wood, Brian R. A.

Wood, R. G. W.

Woodrow, T. W.

Worsley, Michael D.

Worthley, S. R.

Wright, V. S.

Wyeth, C. A.

Wylie, A. K.

Young, Arthur & Co., and Edwin V. Nixon & Partners

Zaetta, A.

Zero Population Growth Australia

Zuidersma, S.