Foreign Enterprises deriving Income from Belgian Sources

In principle, foreign enterprises which derive income from operations in Belgium are taxed on the results of their specifically Belgian operations as shown by the separate accounts they have to keep, even when the general balance-sheet reveals a loss. If the accounts fail to supply the necessary evidence,1 the enterprise is taxed on a minimum profit fixed by the Royal Decree of October 8th, 1930.2

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It is therefore necessary to separate from the results of the balance-sheet, the profits (dividends, increases of capital, reserves, writings-off of foreign losses, etc.) realised by the Belgian establishment, which constitute the taxable basis.

If specific capital is set aside for the establishment in Belgium and the latter has a special account and a separate balance-sheet in the enterprise’s accounts, that special account and separate balance-sheet, duly checked, form the basis for determining the taxable profits.

Profits expressed in foreign currency are converted, if necessary, into Belgian money at the official rate of exchange at the date on which the accounts in question were closed.

Foreign Insurance Companies. — Foreign insurance companies operating in Belgium are not required to apportion their profits according to the class of policy (life insurance, temporary, mixed, etc.), but only according to the branch of insurance (life, fire, etc.).

These companies must include in their accounts:


The accounts of foreign insurance companies must also mention any reinsurance business relating to policies concluded by the Belgian agencies or contracted in Belgium by agents domiciled abroad, if those agencies intervene in any way in the surrender of premiums to reinsurance companies, the payment of that part of losses refunded by the latter, the collection of reinsurance commissions, etc.

In order to ensure the requisite uniformity in the taxation of foreign insurance companies, the Administration has ordered the use of a standard profit-and-loss account containing all the information required.

Foreign Firms selling Imported Goods in Belgium, or re-exporting them abroad. — The profits from these operations are determined in Belgian francs, after deducting from the price of sale or re-consignment: