June 1788

Sunday. 1st June. The Governor & party return'd by land to Sydney Cove: He had followed the path to the NW arm of Botany Bay, met with a party of Armed Natives of 210; The Governor & one of their principal people, met unarmed, one of the Natives advanced to shew a wound which he had received in the shoulder apparently with an Axe; they were all friendly, the Women shew'd every disposition to be very familiar; a quantity of dried fish was found among these people & bones which from the size were supposed to belong to the Kanguroo. Orders were this day given, that no party under 6 armed Men were to go into the woods on account of the Natives being so numerous.

Wednesday. 4th. Being the first Birth Day of the King to be celebrated in this New Colony the Sirius & Supply saluted the Rising & setting Sun & at the usual Hour 1 in the after[n] w 21 Guns each: When the Sirius & Supply had finished at view facsimile

1 O'clock, the Transports all except the Alexander, which ship wore the Agent's pendant, saluted one after the other with 5 Guns each. At the Governors House, after dinner, the County in which Port Jackson is situated was named Cumberland, boundaries of which is Broken Bay to the N.oward & Botany Bay to the S.oward as far in land as a range of Mountains seen from Port Jackson to the W.tward. The extent of the Territory of New South Wales is from Cape Yorke or N.o p.t of the Coast, to the S.o Cape of Van Diemans Land & as far West as 135 degrees of East Longitude from Greenwich.

Wednesday. 11th: Went to the N.o Head to observe the Latitude, had a very good observation 33°:49′:23".So: Capn Hunter 33°:49′:16". On the pitch of the N.o Head we saw a Man immediately under the overhanging Cliff, on our calling to him, he answer'd & made signs where the road was to come down. The Rocks under the Cliff appear to be a large flat with deep water close to the edge of it; on our return we were joined by 2 Men & 2 boys of about 14 years Old, they laid down their Spears & made signs for us not to fire our Musquets, they had a quantity of shell fish in a net which had been taken out of the shell, these they offer'd to us eating one themselves at the same time, we tasted & return'd them: they walked to the Cove with us & then went along on the rocks up the North Arm. Several parties were sent in quest of the Bull & Cow which view facsimile

belonged to the settlement they having been missing some days; One of the Convicts having absented himself about the same time, it was supposed he had driven them away. These parties were continued for several days without success, in all directions.

Saturday. 14th: The Governor made known his intention of sending the P.ce of Wales Transport to England, this Ship had been fitting for sea several days & said to be going to Norfolk Island until the question was ask'd by Capn Tench. A Convict was poison'd by eating some fruit which he got in the Woods.

Friday. 20th. Seven Canoes passed through the Cove within the Sirius, 20 Men, 12 Women & 1 Child; the Child was carried upon one of the Mens shoulders as he passed. In a Cove down the Harbour an old Man was found nearly dead, with some young Men & Women with him, he was laying on his back appear'd worn out with age, they had a fire on each side of him to keep him warm.

Saturday. 21st: A kind of fruit had been discover'd here a pure ascid & found very good in Scorbutic cases, as we had several people down with the Scurvy, a party was employed to get those berries.

Sunday. 22nd. A shock was felt about 4 in the afternoon, which much astonished all who noticed it, the weather Calm & view facsimile

very clear & of moderate heat, Thermometer at 58, the water perfectly smooth, this shock was distinctly felt on board the Ships in the Cove & by several people on shore, who supposed it to be the shock of an Earthquake, it was not noticed on board the Sirius which ship lay just off the Cove in the Stream.

Monday. 23rd: The Convict who had been supposed to have driven the Cows away was brought in & tried the next day for a robbery he had committed before he absented himself & was sentenced to Death as was another Convict for robbing one of the Officers Tents.

Wednesday. 25th. Several Canoes came down the Harbour & passed within the Ship, some of the Men came alongside we gave them some fish & several other things, they were much pleas'd & gave us some Oysters in return, these people seem'd to suffer much from the Cold.

About 1/2 an hour before Noon those two Men under Sentence of Death were Executed.

Friday. 27th. A Flying Fox was killed that measured 3 feet from wing to wing, this was the first met with.