May 1787

May. 7th. Captain Phillip arrived at Portsmouth, He brought with him a Timekeeper made by Mr Kendal & a Sextant; both furnish'd by the Board of Longitude for the use of the Voyage. The Timekeeper was sent by an Officer to the Royal Academy at Portsmouth & left in charge of Mr Bayley the Head Master. The 10th We were paid 2 months advance & the signal made to prepare for sailing. The 11th. Waiting only for a wind to carry the ships to sea, an Officer was sent to bring on board the Timekeeper the rate of its going determined by Mr Bayley the 3 days which He had it, lost 1",38 pr day.

The precautions necessary to prevent the Timekeeper from being let down were order'd by Capt Phillip who with Cap.n Hunter or Mr Dawes were always to be present at the winding it at Noon & it was order'd to be the duty of the Lieutenant who brought 12 O'clock to see it done & the Officer who releived him was not to take charge of the deck 'till he was informed that it was done, the Centinel at the Cabin door was also order'd to plant himself inside the Cabin on hearing the Bell ring at Noon & not to go out to be releived until he was told or saw that the Timekeeper was wound up by one of the Officers: The management of the Timekeeper for keeping the Longitude by it was given to view facsimile

Lieu.t Dawes of the Marines.

Saturday. 12th. His Majesty's Ship Hyaena, Capn DeCourcy joined us at the Motherbank being order'd under our Command & to accompany us a certain distance. AM. Unmoored & weigh'd with a breeze at SE, working to the E.t ward to get round St. Helens before night but the wind failing us toward the evening & the eastern tide done we were obliged to Anchor at Spithead: The Convoy anchor'd as they could between the Motherbank & Spithead.

Sunday. 13th. At 4 AM wind at SE, Weigh'd & made Sail to the W.t ward within the Isle of Wight, In C.o His Maj Ship Hyaena, Armed Tender Supply w.h 6 Transports & 3 Store Ships under Convoy : At 9 were through the Needles, St Catharines open & bearing S1/2E. At Noon S.t Albans Head N25° W.t dis.t 6 Miles.

Botany Bay Establishment

Governor. His Ex.y Arthur Phillip Esq.r
Surveyor of Lands: Augustus Alt
Lieu.t Governor. Rob.t Ross Esq.r
Chaplain. Rev.d Johnson
Judge Advocate. David Collins
Commissary. Andrew Miller
Surgeon General. John White
Provost Martial
D.o Assistants{Wm. Balmain
Parson's Clerk
D.o Assistants{D. Considen
Judge Advocates Clerk
D.o Assistants{Ths. Arundale

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H:M:S: Sirius, Establishment, Officers & Men

Captain. Arthur Phillip Esq.  1   Pursers Steward 1  
2nd Captain. John Hunter Esq.  Sailmaker   1  
{Wm. Bradley    D.o Mate 
Lieutenants Phillip G. King Coxswain   1  
{George W. Maxwell    Boatswains Mates  
Master Micah Morton  Gunners Mates.  
L.t Marines. W.m Dawes  1  Q.r Gunners  4  
Surgeon. George B. Worgan  1  Carpenters Mates  3  
Purser. John Palmer  1  . . . . . Crew  6  
Boatswain. Thomas Brooks  Quarter Masters  6  
Gunner . Peter Ross  1    61 
Carpenter. Charles Parker 1  Seamen  75  
Masters Mates  3   Widows Men 
Midshipmen  9  Marines, Non-comiss.d}     
Surgeons Mates  & Private . . . }  28  
Captains Clerk  1  Complement =  160  
Master at Arms  1   —    
Corporal  Women   
Armourer Boatswains Wife 
D.o Mate Seamans Wife 
D.o Mate     

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His Maj. Armed Tender, Supply, Establishment

Contracted Transports, Lieu.t Shortland Agent

[Table not reproduced : see original journal]

Proportion of Men for these Ships were, 6 men & a Boy to the 100 Tons.

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Establishment Marines Botany Bay

[Table not reproduced : see original journal]


Lieu.t Watts of the Navy : To take Command of the Lady Penryhne when discharged.
Zac.y Clark: Clerk & agent to the Contractor in England for the Voyage.
Altree & Smith Volunteers on Speculation.
Mrs. Johnson Parsons wife. Broughton Surgeon [indecipherable symbol] servant.


Men 561.     Women 192.       Children 13.       = 766

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Distribution of the Marines & Convicts

[Table not reproduced : see original journal]

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The 14th. At Noon Lat:d Obs. 49°:581/2′ N & Longitude by the Timekeeper 3°:42′W.t Start p.t bore NEbN 5 Leag.s: Spoke the Convoy to enquire if they had left any one behind, found that the 3rd Mate of the Charlotte the Provost Martial & 5 of the Crew of the Fishburne were left behind. The 15th at Noon, were off Plymouth Sound, in the evening saw a Frigate standing towards us but being little wind she did not get near enough to speak to us; Nothing material happen'd till the on which day the Hyaena partd. Company for England; during the time she was with us she performed every service that a Ship could do, to admiration & had the heaviest sailing ship of the Convoy in tow a great part of the time.

This same day the Irons were order'd to be taken off the Convicts, except any whose ill behaviour made it necessary by way of punishment to have them kept on: This lenient step towards making those unhappy wretches comfortable was very ill receiv'd on board the Scarborouogh, two of the Convicts belonging to her being brought on board the Sirius the same evening for Mutinous behaviour, they were severely punished & sent on board the P.r of Wales Transport heavily iron'd. Since leaving Spithead we had only a day or two unpleasant pleasure & thought ourselves very fortunate in getting so soon & well clear of the Land; Lat:e 47°:50′N Long.e 12°:14′W when the Hyaena parted Company. Friday. 26th. Lat.d 42°:24′N Long.e by [sun] [indecipherable word] 11°:30′W Var.n 20°:30′W had the wind view facsimile

from the NE quarter which run us the length of Madeira.

Tuesday. 29th. The Supply ahead made the Signal for seeing Land which was at first supposed to be Porto Sancto, but as we came in with it, found it to be the Deserters & the weather so thick that the Island of Madeira could not be seen as we passed.

The Deserters are generally spoken of as the third, after the Island of Madeira & Porto Sancto & as a barren rock; there are 3 Island Deserters, two of considerable height & 3 Miles extent, the other a small one, lies nearer Madeira, there is a passage between these Islands, as also between them & Madeira which is 6 or 7 leagues to the N.o & W.t of them; the N.o most Deserter we observ'd in Latitude 32°:27′N.o Longitude by Timekeeper 16°:35′W Variation 18°.W.t The 31st. Made the Salvages bearing SWbS. we found the situation of this Island very different from what is laid down in the Chart: By a good mer.n Observation we made the Latitude of this Island 30°:12′N.o & Longitude by Timekeeper 15°:56′W, this Island has some high land on it & when it bore W.t a high round hill was over the middle of the Island: By calculation from angles taken & a Base by the Ships run I make the length of this Island 1,8 Mile in a N70°W direction true bearing. We saw 4 rocks to the NW of it which can only be spoken of as rocks above water tho' they are some height; I have seen them in passing to the W.t ward when the large Island could not be seen through the Haze, we passed to the E.t ward at about 4 leagues.