May 1789

May.1st: At 5 P.M It again came on to blow very hard at No. & shifted to SW at 2 AM in a violent squall & severe Light'ning; At Noon Moderate.

2. Fresh Gales from SW to WNW with frequent hard squalls

3d. Towards the evening fell little wind & calm at times.

4th Calm till 5P.M then suddenly come on a fresh Gale at ENE. Much Light'ning during the night.

5th: Steady fresh gale from ENE to SE with fair weather. view facsimile

6th: Coming on to blow very strong from the So'ward, we at Noon fell in with the land to leeward of Port Jackson, the No.Head bore S.50(W dist. 10 leagues: Found the Timekeeper [? 1 1/4] degree to the W'ward.

7th: Wind continued to the So'ward. The ship fell to leeward.

8th: At 4 PM fell calm, at 10 a breeze from the land enabled us to stand along shore to the So'ward till 6 AM when the wind again came to the So'ward/ At Noon after Tacking twice, we were reaching in for the No.Head of Port Jackson

9th: Falling to leeward of the No.Head we made a trip with success & at 3 pass'd between the Heads; at 6 Anchored in Sydney Cove where we found the Supply.

We found that a Native Man had been taken by force by Lieut.Ball Commander of the Supply, for the Governor it not be(^ing) possible to persuade any of them to come amongst us; He was for some time kept with an Iron about his leg & when on board the Supply going down the Harbour, he jump'd overboard but was taken up & prevented from joining his Countrymen & Old Companions who were near. He was so well reconciled to his situation when we arrived that he was allowed to walk about by himself; His Irons were taken off, when an Old Man & his child were brought up to Sydney Cove with the small pox out on them soon after this Old Man, another Native Man was found view facsimile

in the same situation, with a child laying by him, both of which were brought up to the Hospital; The Native at the Governors (Arrabanoo) met them without fear of the disorder by which it was then supposed that he was ignorant of that disorder or that he had had it & was recover'd. The two Men died before we arrived, but the children were then on the recovery: From the great number of dead Natives found in every part of the Harbour, it appears that the small pox had made dreadful havock among them, we did not see a Canoe or a Native the whole way coming up the Harbour & were told that scarce any had been seen lately except laying dead in & about their miserable habitations, whence it appears that they are deserted by their Companions as soon as the disorder comes out on them & those who are attack'd wt. this disorder left to shift for themselves: We judge this from their having been found not buried in every part of the Harbour, some has been found with a child laying dead close to them & some who have apparently used their utmost exertions to get at water, having been found laying dead between a Cave & a run of Water. How this disease came among them, or whether they were strangers to it before is doubtful. The two children beforemention'd, recover'd soon after our arrival & were placed; the Boy with the view facsimile

Surgeon at the Hospital he was about 7 year of age, & the girl about 13 was put under the charge of the Parsons Wife.

A party of Marines was discharged from the Sirius to compleat the Battalion, which had been reduced during our absence by 6 having been executed together for robbing the provisions store, 1 killed in a quarrel with other Marines & 3 lost in the woods & perished. Capt. Shea we also found had been dead a considerable time.

The Golden Grove Transport in her passage to Norfolk Island in October 1788 discover'd a shoal of considerable extent & which we suppose from the account of its situation, to be the same that Mr.Shortland discover'd & named Middletons Shoal in July last & gave an account of at the Cape of Good Hope.

18th. Arrabanoo, the Native of the Governor's died of the small pox which it is supposed he caught from the Native Children he was taken ill about the time of their recovery: He was a great loss being quite familiarized & very happy, quite one of the Governor's family & had got some of our language as well as communicated much of theirs; He was remarkably good temper'd & had he lived would no doubt been of infinite use to us.

19th. A party from the Sirius to Rose Hill, to which place a Company of Marines & considerable numbers of Convicts view facsimile

had been detached in October last for the purpose of cultivating that part of the Country, their situation is pleasant, the soil good, the Country open & promises much to the success of the Colony; It is 12 miles above Sydney Cove & 4 from the flatts from which a creek runs up Navigable for Barges or Lighters, observing the tides. We met with 6 Canoes as went up & saw the same number of Fires as we returned in the Cove just below the flatts.