November 1789

Saturday. Nov.7th: Having repaired the defects of the Sirius compleated her bottom & fixed the necessary Riders; We went over to Sydney Cove where the repairs to the upper works could be more conveniently done.

Sunday 8th: Mr. Hill one of the Mates having been absent since Thursday & finding that he had left Sydney Cove early Friday morning & landed on the No.shore to walk round to the Cove where the Ship was refitting we concluded some accident had happen'd to him, several parties were sent to the No.shore, Boats up & down the Harbour to endeavor to meet with him, Guns were fired onb'd. the Sirius every two hours from daylight till 8 at night, all to no purpose.

Monday.9. Parties & Boats as yesterday without success.

Tuesday.10th. Parties &c. continued: One of the Boats was attack'd by the Natives in the No.Arm, these people had met the boats crew & been some time together quite friendly view facsimile

Soon after the Natives left them, they were surprised with several Spears flying among them & not a Native to be seen at that moment, they soon appear'd & were advancing toward the boat, when a Musquet ball was fired among them they stop'd which gave the people time to get out of their reach with the boat, none of our people were hurt altho' the Spears passed through amongst them.

Wednesday.11th. The Supply sailed for Norfolk Island with Convicts & Provisions for that place.

Thursday.12th. We left off firing Guns, the Parties & boats all returned without meeting with the smallest trace of the unfortunate young man, who, there is scarce a doubt had been kill'd by the Natives, many of them at that time being about the No.shore.

Sunday.15th. A Man belonging to the Supply who had left her before she sailed & ran into the Woods, gave himself up, he had been absent 11 days, he heard all our Guns, but his intentions not being to return just then, he did not avail himself of so favorable an opportunity of directing himself back; but after this he was reduced to the necessity of returning to take the punishment awaiting him or perish in the Woods.

Saturday.21st. The Sirius fishing boat was attack'd by the Natives in one of the lower Coves just as they were leaving view facsimile

the shore, four Musquet balls were fired before the Natives retreated, their spears passed over & in the boat, one struck in her & broke, very luckily they all passed clear of the people in the boat. Another boat was also attacked this day, laying at a Grapnel off a point of the No.Arm, several spears were thrown, on which the people moved farther off; A great number of Natives then appear'd, the Women came close to the rocks & used every wanton lure to entice our people to land, when the Women came forward a party of Men were observed to walk away, no doubt to be ready for an attack if our people had been so improvident as to land, this artifice having been practised by them before, the people were well aware of it.

Wednesday.25th: Governor Phillip judging it necessary that a Native should be taken by force, (no endeavor to persuade them to come among us having succeeded) I was order'd on this service, having the Master, two Petty Officers & a Boats Crew with me in one of the Governors boats: As we went down the Harbour we got some fish from the boats that lay off the No.Arm fishing & proceeded up the Arm in which we saw a great number of Natives on both sides & several landed on the beach at the No.Cove hauling their canoes up after them; As we got near the upper part of the No.Cove, we held two view facsimile

large fish up to them & had the good luck to draw two of them away from a very large party by this bait, these People came around the rocks where they left their spears & met us on the beach near the boat & at a distance from their Companions sufficient to promise success without losing any lives, they eagerly took the fish, four of the boats crew were kept in the boat which was winded & back'd close to the beach where the tow Natives & the rest of our People were, they were dancing together when the Signal was given by me and the two poor devils were seiz'd & handed into the boat in an instant; The Natives who were very numerous all round us, on seeing us seize those two, immediately advanced with their Spears & Clubs, but we were too quick for them, being out of reach before they got to that part of the beach where the boat lay, they were entering on the beach just as every body was in the boat & as she did not take the ground we pulled immediately out without having occasion to fire a Musquet; The noise of the Men, Crying & screaming of the Women & Children together with the situation of the two miserable wretches in our possession was really a most distressing scene; they were much terrified, one of them particularly so, the other frequently called out to those on shore apparently very much enraged with them, they followed the boat on both sides as far as the points of the Cove & then view facsimile

Returned to the beach, we saw them take up the two fish which their two unfortunate friends dropt on being seiz'd; On our landing at Sydney Cove we were met by Nanbarry, the Native boy who was much pleas'd & called them by name Colbey & Bennalon, Colbey we have frequently heard spoken of by the Boy as a great Warrior & a leading Man among them; they were taken to the Governors House where they were soon met by Abooroo, the Native Girl she called them by name the same as the boy had done & was quite frantic with Joy; they were assured by these Children that they would be well treated thereafter allowed to return to their friends, but all that could be said or done was not sufficient to remove the pang which they naturally felt at being torn away from their Friends; or to reconcile them to their situation; It gave me great satisfaction to find by the Children that neither of them had Wife or Family who would feel their loss, or to be distress'd by their being taken away, it was by far the most unpleasant service I ever was order'd to Execute. These People were shaved, wash'd & cloathed; an Iron shackle was put on one leg with a rope made fast to it & a Convict charged with each of them, they were very sullen & sulky, continued so several days, yet it did not by any means affect their appetite if we may judge from the quantity they now eat, which is beyond every thing incredible (12 lb of fish does but little towards satisfying view facsimile

them for one meal). They made several attempts to get away by gnawing the Rope in the night, but being unacquainted with the securities on doors & windows; they might have as well remained fast, when their keepers awaked they found them groping about the room to find an opening by which they might escape.