July 1787

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Dimensions Large Sucking Fish [Table not reproduced : see original journal]

Some of the people eat of this Fish but it was not thought good. From the 29th to the 1st of July had the winds cheifly from the sw with frequent squalls, heavy rains &c which obliged us to keep on to the E.t ward. July. 2nd. PM. The wind came to S.o. Tack'd & stood to the Wt. ward, we found by the Timekeeper a very strong Easterly current for some days past; The Portuguese ship which had sailed in Company till now, parted, not being able even to keep up with our heavy sailing Convoy.

July. 5th. The wind again coming to the ssw & sw obliged us to stand to the E.t ward. From this prospect of our making a tedious passage, the Crews, Marines & Convicts on board the Transports were put to an allowance of 3 pints of water pr. day. The 6th. AM. Saw a sloop standing to the W.t ward; the 7th. the wind again coming to the S.o ward we stood to the W.t ward: we had been forced so far to the E.t ward as 18°:22′W. when between the parallel of 91/2° & 51/2°N. by variable winds, before we gotview facsimile

what might any way be called the SE Trade which this day came on at S.o & SbE: In the evening spoke the sloop, from London bound to Falkland Islands, 12 weeks from England & 5 from the Isle of May; they had been 3 weeks between the parallels of 9° & 5°N with S.o & SW winds.

Sunday. 8th. Saw a large ship coming down before the wind she hoisted Portuguese Colours & pass'd to the E.t ward without passing near enough to speak her.

11th. An Albacore was struck, that weigh'd 80 lb. & several smaller We examined this & several others Albacores & Bonetta's & in both found the white appendage to the Heart (which is generally allowed to be the reason for the Albacore having that name) exactly the same & not the Heart as supposed by Seamen in general; it is closely connected to the Heart which is considerably large & of a dull reddish colour.

12th. The Master of the Lady Penryhne Transport brought on board three of his people who had been guilty of Mutiny in refusing to steer the Ship as directed by the Master, by which means she was very far to leeward out of her station: they were kept on board the Sirius & three men sent in lieu to assist in working that Ship.

15th. At 5 PM. Crossed the Equinoctial Line in Longitude 26° West, Variation of the Compass 5°:50′W: Being now much favoured by having the SE trade well to the E.t ward & a prospect of view facsimile

making a quicker passage than could be supposed when the allowance of water was reduced, it was this day increas'd to 2 quarts p day.

27th. Observed the Supply & one of the Transports heave to suddenly & half an hour afterwards make sail, the Supply informed us that the Alexander had lost a man overboard.

28th. PM. Blew strong from the ESE & continued to the 29th AM when we again had the usual moderate weather & the wind from E.t to NE. This day we changed the variation from W.t to E.t Latitude at the time the observation giving E.t variation was taken, 18°:30's. Long.e 32° W. Variation 0°:01′Et.