October 1787

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Monday. 1st: At 8 AM pass'd the Meridian of Greenwich in Latitude 34°:40's.o.

6th. AM. The Alexander making the signal to speak us, Brot too for her Boat; the Master of her & one of the Marine Officers came on board; We found that some part of the Crew of that ship had leagued themselves with the Convicts to furnish them with materials to endeavor to effect an escape at the Cape of Good Hope & that one of them had already furnish'd them with an Iron Crow for the purpose; However impossible it might be for them to execute any Plan of that nature, it was judged proper by Captain Phillip that the ringleader & 3 others of the Crew should be removed on board the Sirius, which was immediately done & 4 Seamen sent in lieu to the Alexander to assist in working her: The Convict who endeavor'd to escape at Teneriffe was the projector of the Plan, he was then very heavily Iron'd & now stapled down to the deck, one of the Convicts whose life was in danger on board the Alexander having given information of their plan, was removed to the Scarborough. Saturday. 13th. PM. The Supply was order'd a head during the night, it being then intended to run in for the Land all night but the wind increasing & coming dead upon the shore, it was thought best to bring too 'til day light, when we again made sail & at sunrise saw the Cape of Good Hope SEbE 10 leag.s... the wind favoring us we anchored & Moored in Table Bay with view facsimile

the Supply & Convoy the same evening: Green point N45°W Lions Rump S.85°W Wharf. S.32°W. Roben Island N81/2°W to N2°W: in 6 f.m water BtBr. to the NE, small Bower to the SW 1 Mile from the Cape Town.

An Officer was sent to the Governor, who assured us that we should be supplied with every thing wanting as far as it could be done; but that the opinion of the Council must be had before he could answer the whole of our demand. The Governor assured the Officer that our salute should be returned Gun for Gun by the Fort, this was required in consequence of its having been customary here for the Governor to order an Indiaman in the Bay to take up salutes. At sunrise saluted the Fort w. 13 guns which was answer'd by the same number from the Fort.

16th: Capn Phillip accompanied by the Officers paid respects to the Governor, who shortly after returned the compliment at the House where Capn Phillip lived & invited all the English Officers to dine with him the next day.

17th: Eight of the Main deck Guns were struck down in the Hold & the deck clear'd for the reception of Cattle, for which purpose stalls, &c. were built fore & aft the deck just leaving room to work the Cables.

In consequence of Cap.n Phillip having written to the Governor to say that if He had not an immediate answer concerning the Supplies for us, that he must take such steps as would enable view facsimile

enable us to proceed without them, an order was given the 23rd to supply all our demands; All the Staves, Hoops &c. were now collected from the different Ships in addition to those of the Sirius, that as much Water, Flour, Spirits & every article for the people & Cattle might be taken as could possibly be stowed.

25th: A Danish Indiaman arrived from China, she left 2 French Kings Ships at Macao that had been on discoveries out round Cape Horn, among the Islands & had then returned from the N.o ward as far as they could penetrate.

28th: The women Convicts on b.d the Friendship were removed on board the Charlotte, of Wales & Lady Penryhne & those cabins which they occupied were fitted for sheep.