December 1788

14th. The wind settled in the SW quarter, in Latd. 49(:49( Sd. & the Sun very near the So.ern tropic, water froze at the scuttle Butt on the QuarterDeck.

15 th. In 48(:30(.So. had many squalls of hail & snow, Ice Islands all around the compass, some of which had large patches of black on them , as if they had been accumulated along the shore & froze snow & earth together.

16th. Among the Ice Islands we passed this day many had black patches as beforementioned & one of them a large remarkable projecting part of a beautiful dark blue, Ice Islands still surround us & some Whales were seen.

17th. It blew strong from the NW, several Ice Islands continually in sight, a great number of Whales, Gulls & Pintadoe Birds.

18th. The wind frequently shifted in squalls from NSW to NW to NSE.

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the weather very unsettled: at Noon, the wind fix'd at WSW & blowed a Hard Gale of wind, which continued to the 19th in the evening when it became moderate & the wind veering to the SW clear'd up the weather, this evening the variation of the Compass was observed   00:04Et. Latd. 45:34 So.Longe. 340:32Et. We passed a great quantity of Seaweed & many Ice Islands.

21st . One Ice Island only was seen which was the last we met with, when we passed it, our Latd. 44:16.So. Longe.343:32.Et.; this the longest day in the So.ern Hemisphere was excessive cold. We first met with Ice Islands November 23rd. in Lat:37:17.S.& 280:10Et., so that we were 28 days floating with these lumps of misery in sight & run 836 leagues through between them, which was frequently rendered very dangerous from the thick fogs which we had much of after passing Cape Horn, we have been 12 hours sometimes without being able to see 1 mile round the ship. No particular occurrence happen'd till the ever memorable 25th on which day at noon we arrived at the Meridian of Greenwich having since last passing it, sailed East round the So.Pole: we therefore drop 360 degrees of Longitude & begin East Longitude again, repeating Thursday 25th December to make our time correspond with that at Greenwich: In this Voyage we have had two Christmas days & it being leap year 367 in the year, what few if any Navigators can boast of view facsimile

29th: At 11 P.M. A large Meteor with an apparent Ball of fire of a Conic Shape was seen to the NW. It rose 5 degrees above the Horizon & continued to a minute in sight falling or setting 4 points to the No'ward of its bearing first noticed. The whole space in that Qr. Of a deep reddish yellow for two minutes before the glare disappear'd.

As we drew near the Cape of Good Hope we found a very strong NW current & the wind hauled round, SSW, So. to SE.