April 1789

April .7th Had moderate breezes from the NNW & NNE with clear weather, the 11th the weather became squally with Fog & rain, 16th Fair weather for a few hours, enabled us to get some good observations of [sun] & [moon] & a Meridian Alt. for the Latitude, 5 minutes after which a thick fog came on again & continued to the 19th with very unsettled weather sometimes Calm, then blow very strong a few hours & fall Calm again. The 19th. a Hard Gale of wind came on suddenly at SW & on the 20th came to the So'ward & blew with such violence that we could not carry either of the reef'd Courses, this day view facsimile

we were so unfortunate as to have three storm staysails give way at nearly the same time, that we had only the balanced Mizen left: the 21st. Knowing that we were settling down upon the land & being doubtful of clearing it as the wind came to SSE, we set the reef'd Foresail before night in case of falling suddenly in the Swilly, we passed this night in the most anxious situation but saw nothing.

22nd. Soon after noon the double reef'd Mainsail was set the wind being dead upon the shore & blew with great violence with thick rain at 3P.M. Saw the land on the lee bow, the weather too thick to make out what part of the Coast it was & not being able to weather it, we wore, in hopes of clearing the land to the W.ward, the Ship was already much pressed with sail yet in our situation it was necessary to make more to beat clear either to the W'ward or E'ward, to effect which One reef was let out of the Mainsail, the balance taken off the Mizen & the close reef'd Fore & Main Topsails set over the single reef'd Courses & all hands stationed ready, whatever might happen; as 1st to fall in with the land to the W'ward could not weather it & had just room the wear clear, it was very dark, violent squalls with heavy rain; the Hand of Providence now interfered, the Ship lay two points higher standing to the Et.ward than she did before on the same tack, which gave us some small degree of hopes that view facsimile

we should clear the land: At 2 AM. We again fell in with the land to the Et.ward about a point before the lee beam, we had no alternative being close under it to push on with our only chance, this proved a most fortunate circumstance for had we seen it on the lee bow so near us we should have wore & then all hands must have perish'd; this land was no sooner abaft the beam than the ship broke off those two points which had enabled her to reach to windward of it at about 2 Miles dis′t. but how near we passed to those rocks lying off it we are ignorant of as breakers could not be distinguish'd from that of the Sea which was all a breach to the Horizon:

This point of land appeared to be Tasmans head for we saw the land on to the N.ward as we passed it; from which it appears that, that point which we could not weather standing to the W.ward was the So.Cape of Van Diemans land, we passed to windward of Maria's Islands, saw them twice; during the whole of the time from our first seeing the land till clear of Maria's Islands, the Ship was so press'd as to keep the pumps constantly going, the Sea washed away the Figure Head & a part of the Cutwater. In the situation the Ship was in all night, it was really pleasing to find the whole Ships Company with Confidence in their Officers & a just sense of their danger particularly attentive & cheerfully alert. Soon after we had passed view facsimile

Maria's Islands it fell little wind for some hours & then blew again with great violence, we found that the knees on which the security of the Bowsprit in part depended, were started & worked considerably, we therefore got all the weight from the Bowsprit & some additional securities to it. To the 25th we had very unsettled weather this & the 26th Mod't. light Breezes which continued to 7 PM of the 27th when it suddenly came on a Gale of Wind with Thunder, Light'ning & heavy rain, At Noon. Mod't Weather.

28: To 6 PM Light Breezes with rain wind variable: At 7 Blow'd strong & came on as suddenly as the last evening, the wind in the night shifted frequently Wt. to No. & a great confused Sea.

29th: The gale continued with frequent & heavy squalls at Wt. & NW, much Light'ning in the night.

30th. AM The weather became Modt. & fair, wind No'erly.