June 1789

June.2nd. Twenty Canoes passed Sydney Cove going down the Harbour, this was the first time any number of them had been seen together since the small pox having been among them.

Saturday.6th. The Supply sailed for Norfolk Island with an Officer & additional number of Marines & Provisions for that Island: The Governor & Capt. Hunter went to the N .ward to trace those parts of Broken Bay which had been left unexamined, the Master of the Sirius & a Mid. was sent round with two boats to meet the party who walked over:

Thursday.11th. A Native Man was met with at Botany Bay who had just recover'd of the small pox, He had as child with him & made signs that the Mother of it had died of that disease.

Wednesday.17th. The Governor & Party returned from Broken view facsimile

Bay; In the branch running to the NW out of the SW arm they discover'd that an opening round an Island, which had not been examined before, led to a fresh water River up which they went about 20 Miles from the Island at the mouth of it, when they were obliged to return for want of Provisions to enable them to proceed, when they gave up their pursuit they had 6 fm. water & made use of it both for drinking & cooking. They met with but few Natives & found some that died of the small pox laying near the path between Port Jackson & Broken Bay. In a Cove of the So. Arm they met with a woman who had just recover'd but was so reduced & weak that she could not accompany her Companion who ran away on the boat coming in near where they were, this poor creature crawled in among the long Grass to hide herself & was by chance found in that situation, after having received every releif that could be given her, she became familiar as her fears subsided, but was not to be found when the Boats came away: By Capt. Hunters Observation taken near the Inner So.Head of Broken Bay it appears to be 15 Miles to the N.ward of Port Jackson.

Friday.19th. The Sirius went over the (th) above on the No. side of the Harbour, to be clear'd & refitted for the purpose of examining the Ground Tier & strength'ning her upper view facsimile

works with Riders: in the night 3 of the Natives appear'd on the shore near the Ship, where they remained a short time & went away, they did not speak & we observed them creeping along to avoid making any noise, this appear'd to be a visit of curiosity to see who they had near them.

Saturday.20th. In Spring Cove 70 of the Natives were seen in one party by our fishing boat.

Thursday.25th. The Governor went to Rose Hill in consequence of receiving information of a large peice of Water being discover'd some distance to the W.ward of Rose Hill, but he being anxious to pursue his discovery of the River in Broken Bay left this for the present.

Monday.29th: The Governor, Capt.Hunter & party went to Broken Bay to trace the River to its source, The Master as before went round to meet this Party in the South Arm with three weeks Provisions.

Tuesday.30th. An Officer return'd from a Visit to those at Rose Hill, during his stay there, they made a party to the W.ward 18 or 20 Miles when they were obstructed by water, which they found to be fresh & apparently a part of a very considerable river; they found Natives there who had traps for catching Ducks great quantities of which were seen; they also had snares for taking Opossums & other Animals: This part of the River view facsimile

which Capt. Tench fell in with bore nearly West, from Rose Hill, estimated distance 18 Miles; It is conjectured to be a part of that River which the Governor is now gone to trace; they did not observe any tide but a constant set to the NEbN in which direction the branch they fell in with lay; Its breadth they reckon about 80 fathoms & to appearances deep water; Capt. Tench attempted crossing it in an Old Canoe which was found there, but was obliged to give it up by her filling, the Banks appear'd very high & as if they were subjected to great Torrents in Rainy Season; In this excursion they met with level open Country for some Miles & the Grass short, so as not to be troublesome in walking. Near the banks on the Et. Side they found a party of Natives sitting round a fire broiling a Kanguroo Rat, they all ran away as soon as they discover'd any Person near them. Amongst other things found there, was a peice, made of the skins of small animals sew'd or laced together, somepart was of the Opossum skin, the rest of some animal the fur much superior; these were curiously carved on the inside, every skin having a different pattern & the whole formed a peice that was supposed they might use to cover a child with: The Needle they use was found; It is a hard view facsimile

peice of wood much in size & shape of a small bodkin, with which they make holes (it not having an eye) to receive the thread which was found & appears to be the sinewy fibres from the tail of some small animal.