November 1787

November. 1st. Arrived the Ranger East India Packet from England: Sailed in August, brought an account of our having a Fleet of Observation ready, under the Command of Commodore Leveson Gower & that affairs in Europe were in a very unsettled state occasioned by dissentions in Holland; the 6th this Packet sailed for Bengal.

Saturday. 10th. The Cattle & every thing being on board, Unmoored & dropt farther out into the Bay as did most of the Convoy

13th: At 2 PM weigh'd & made sail, Supply & Convoy in C.o with a fresh Gale from the S.o ward: At 6 spoke the Kent of London 4 months from England had been Whaling in St Helena Bay. As we ran out to the N.o ward of Roban Island, we passed view facsimile

the shoal part of it in 7f.m, the Borrowdale at the same time 1/2 a Cable's length within us; While we lay in Table Bay Fresh Provisions, Loaves & Vegetables were supplied every day to the Seamen, Marines & Convicts.

The quantity of Cattle &c. taken on board the Sirius, was that of the Governors, there only being a Bull, a Bull Calf 3 Cows & 2 Rams on board her of the Publick Stock, the other part of which was on board the Fishburne, Borrowdale & Friendship & was only 40 Sheep, 1 Ram 26 Sows, 2 Boars & 4 Goats. The Lady Penryhne had on board 1 Stallion 3 Mares & their Colts & were all again w. foal. The Golden Grove was appropriated to the use of other Individuals.

The following is an account of a Malay who just before our arrival, had thrown the whole Cape Town into the utmost confusion by running a Muck.

This horrible desperado was a Native of Batavia & a person of some consequence among his Countrymen, but was banished to the Cape of Good Hope for some Crime which he had committed, & because the Governor would not permit him to return to Batavia he became exasperated with revenge & in order to enable himself to put it into execution, He worked himself up into a phrensy by taking smoking Opium; then armed himself with a variety of weapons, rush'd forth in the dusk of the evening, Killed or wounded every Man view facsimile

who was unfortunate enough to fall in his way; He stabbed the Centinel at the Gate of the Company's Gardens & taking his Post waited in expectation of seeing the Governor come out, who narrowly escaped the fate intended for him by its falling on another person who accidentally came that way. On being pursued he fled with incredible swiftness to the Table Mountain where he remained two days, still raging from the effects of Opium & defeated every person who was sent to take him alive; for two days none dare stir from within doors, neither Master nor Slave, for the Governor had given an Order, as the most likely manner of destroying him should he appear in the Town; That whatever Malay was seen was to be killed by the Soldiers. On the evening of the second day he was taken alive on the Table Mountain; doing much injury in resisting those who took him. He was taken immediately to the place of Execution, where he suffer'd a lingering & horrid death. He was broken alive on the Wheel, His Head & Limbs were sever'd from his body & distributed in different parts of the Country. He killed 14 Inhabitants & double that number badly wounded. It was remark'd that his madness fell only on Men; Women passed him unhurt & it was as extraordinary as unfortunate that, amongst those which his rage destroyed, were some of the most deserving & promising young Men in the Town. This madness is called at Batavia running a Muck, & has view facsimile

happened there several times, but was the first Instance ever known at the Cape.

The Government of the Cape is vested in a Governor & Council together with a Court of Justice: The Members of the Council are, the Governor, Lieut Governor, Commanding Officer of the Troops & four Counsellours of the Council, with these all regulations for the management of the Colony Originate; & from them all Orders & Decrees Issue; The Council of Justice is composed of the Fiscal & 12 Members. The Fiscal, who is the first Officer of Justice is Independent, He hears all causes & prescribes all punishments. He has People under his directions, who constantly patrole the streets armed, for the apprehending all disorderly persons; Every 14 days Offences are tried. The Punishments inflicted here, are Breaking upon the Cross, upon the Wheel impalements, flogging to that degree that Death is frequently the effects of its severity; Over the door of a small wooden House, wherein are kept the Instruments of Execution, is the following Inscription, in Latin

("Happy is the Man whom other Mens misfortunes make wary.)"

In this Town are two Churches, One for the Calvinists the other for the followers of Martin Luther; in the former is a neat & handsome Organ; the Women sit in Chairs in the body of the Church, the men in pews round the sides. Marriage Ceremonies are performed on Sunday only & the parties dress'd in Black.

view facsimile

13th At 7 PM. Took our Departure from the Lions Rump bearing S39°E 6 leagues, the wind continuing at S.o and SbE obliged us to stand on to the westward; the rate of the Timekeeper by Observations during our stay in Table Bay was determined at losing 3",17 p.r day.

It is generally recommended to Ships sailing from Table Bay, to go out to the N.o ward of Robin Island, as there is frequently a strong set down upon the rocks which lie off the SE. side of it & being very liable to get be-calmed under the high land on the S.o side of Table Bay, it is thought dangerous to attempt that passage unless the wind is well to the N.o ward of East. Going into Table Bay, it is best to keep well to the S.o ward to prevent being driven down on those rocks: You may haul close round Green Point in 7, 6 or 5f.m water: after you pass Green Point, if the wind should be from SE, you must be cautious not to stand very far over on the NE side of the Bay, there being a great deal of foul ground & shoal water on that shore. There is much foul ground in the Bay, which may easily be avoided, unless a great number of Ships are in the Bay, You must pass the outermost Fort before you have clear ground, and view facsimile

when the Sugar Loaf is half way between that & the New Fort, you may anchor in any depth under 12f.m clear ground. The berth I would chuse for a large Ship, is, the Sugar Loaf directly over the New Fort in 8 or 9f.m water. There is good anchorage under Robin Island, should you be going in the N.o passage & baulked by a shift of wind &c:

Thursday. 15. The wind coming to the westward of South at 9 AM Tack'd & stood to the E.t ward, but in a few hours it backing again to SbE & SSE obliged us again to stand to the westward. Went to an allowance of 2 quarts of water p.r day each Man. This day, Captain Phillip made known his intentions of proceeding to Botany Bay in the Supply when we were to the eastward of the Cape of Good Hope & that one of the Lieutenants of the Sirius should go with him, this was proposed to me & immediately accepted, but Cap.t Hunter objecting to the First Lieutenant being taken out of the Ship, Cap.t Phillip order'd the 2nd. Lieu.t to be ready to accompany him.

Monday. 19th. Being Calm all day, the luggage of Captain Phillip &c. was put on board the Supply as were eleven Artificers belonging to the Sirius, that every thing might be ready when the Governor should leave the Sirius: We received 9 Men from the Supply.

20th: Officers & Ships Companies put to an allowance of three view facsimile

pints of water p day; AM. At 8 after being Calm & breeze sprung up at NNE which at last enabled us to steer to the E.t ward, after having been carried into the Longitude of 101/2°E by S.o & SE winds without having it once in our power to stand to the E.t ward more than 2 hours, a great number of whales, several close alongside the Ship.

Sunday. 25th. AM. Made those Ships Signals that were to proceed ahead; at 11, Capt Phillip, L.t King, & L.t Dawes of the marines belonging to the Sirius went on board the Supply, to which Ship the Timekeeper was removed from the Sirius. Major Ross with the Adjutant went on board the Scarborough Transport which Ship with the Friendship was to proceed under the Command of L.t Shortland Agent of Transports in the Alexander

At Noon, They all parted Company leaving the Sirius to follow with the heavy sailing Ships (3 Transports & 3 Store Ships) Latitude 38°:47S.o Long.e [indecipherable word] 25°:53′E.t Timekeeper 22°:36′ E.t Next day at Noon the Supply was in sight from the Mast H.d bearing SEbE & the Agents Division SE 6 mile: Finding that we had been carried considerably to the N.o ward, we alter'd the Course to the S.o ward & in the afternoon the Supply & Agents Division were out of sight.

Saturday. December 8th: Lat: 40°:21's.o Long.e 53°:07′ E.t had 32°:12′W. Variation which was the greatest we had: The 13th Cross'd the Meridian of Kergulans Land in Latitude 40°:58′.S. & the 16th about view facsimile

Noon, that of S.t Pauls in Latitude 41°:08′, between the Cape of Good Hope & these Islands we kept the parallels of 39, 40 & 41 as we approached: from an Idea of preserving clear weather by not running near either of those Islands, in this we were very successful, not having any Fogs & very little thick weather & continued fair wind, shifting frequently from SSW to W, NW & N.o & sometimes blowing strong for a few hours, in general a steady fresh Gale.

Wednesday. 19th. The wine being out, our allowance was order'd a Quart of Grog & a Quart of water p. day.

Sunday. 23rd: Saw a Sea Otter, he followed the ship a considerable time: the haze round the Horizon this afternoon had much the appearance of Land being near. AM a great number of Whales were seen about the Ship.

31st: Expecting to have Strong winds as we approach'd the Land, Bent a new Foresail, Fore & Main Top Sails,, which was not done a day too soon, the New Year came in with a Hard Gale at WNW, which lasted only a few Hours: In the space of half an hour while the Squalls were violent, the Barometer rose & fell 8 times, from 29.36 to 29.63.