― 51 ―

Peter and Paul.

“Peter Lovell and his partner, Paul, worked together at the Inglewood (Vic.) diggings, through good luck and bad luck, for over twenty-five years. They were familiarly known as ‘Peter and Paul.’ Peter died lately, and Paul was beside him to the last.”—Daily paper.

The soul of the miner, Peter,
Went out in the solemn night
On a pathway of mystic starshine
To the city of Crystal Light.

The gleam of its gates of glory
Shone over the deeps of space,
Beside them, Peter, the sainted,
Sat keeping the keys of grace.

“Thy name?” said Peter the sainted.
“Your own.” He unlocked the gate.
“Enter!” the saint said, smiling,
“Your way through the world was straight.”

But the soul of the miner, Peter,
Still stayed in the outer space,
Nor moved; then Peter, the sainted,
Threw open the gates of grace.

A flood of immortal splendour
Through the open portals passed,
With the sound of a mighty music,
Like the rush of a rising blast.

  ― 52 ―
And the soul of the miner, Peter,
Saw a vision great and fair
Of golden thrones, and amidst them
A high throne vacant there.

“Go up!” said the Great Gatekeeper,
“And take thy appointed place”
And a smile of beautiful meaning
Shone over his blessed face.

But the soul of the miner, Peter,
Moved not from the outer gate;
Then the good old saint said, mildly
“Dear brother, why do you wait;

And the miner's soul made answer:
“I will go in never at all—
Unless you'll promise when he comes
To let in my old mate Paul!”