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The Bulletin.

Australia's National Illustrated Weekly.

(Published at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.)


“In my travels through Australia, I found THE BULLETIN everywhere, and everywhere found it powerful.”—DAVID CHRISTIE MURRAY, in CONTEMPORARY REVIEW.

“That journalistic sledge-hammer. THE BULLETIN. In my travels throughout the Australian continent, I see it everywhere.”—JOHN DILLON, M.P.

“THE BULLETIN, the most widely circulated colonial newspaper.”—TRUTH (London).

“The only Australian paper with a circulation throughout New Zealand.”—SIR ROBERT STOUT.

“The clever, wicked BULLETIN.”—REVIEW OF REVIEWS (London).

“THE BULLETIN, the most cynical and the most poetical of all Australasian journals.”—REVIEW OF REVIEWS (Australasian edition).

“The most forcible and witty of all our contemporaries.”—REYNOLDS' NEWSPAPER (London).

“THE BULLETIN, the smartest and most sincere of colonial papers.”—MODERN SOCIETY (London).

“THE SYDNEY BULLETIN, without doubt the most popular and powerful of all the Australian weekly papers.”—STANDARD (New York, U.S.A.).

“THE BULLETIN, a paper with a forcible style of its own.”—SIR CHARLES DILKE.

“THE BULLETIN, a very outspoken Sydney journal.”—INVESTORS' REVIEW (London).

“Our bright and breezy Antipodean contemporary, THE SYDNEY BULLETIN, which Mr. Harold Finch-Hatton, in his graphic and entertaining book, ‘Advance Australia,’ declares to have more wit than all the English Society papers put together.”—JOURNALIST (London).

Extracts from a Review of a Book of Poems reprinted from the columns of THE BULLETIN:—“Much originality—an immense pity for human suffering, a profound knowledge of character, a deep sympathy with the heart of man, softness and power of description … many poems of rare and touching beauty … racy of the soil. … A book which contains much that is beautiful and local, and that will be read both at home and elsewhere with a genuine interest and pleasure.”—SYDNEY MORNING HERALD.