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IV Statement of Ah Foo, Cook at Rumford Plains. (Translated into ordinary English.)

I remember May 1st. I was looking out of the kitchen window when I saw Mr. Vaughan ride up. Just as he approached the house, Tommy, Miss Lawrence's pet emu, went up and pecked at the buckles on his saddlepouch, and his horse started back and broke the bridle. Mr. Vaughan turned back and caught his horse, and when Tommy came up again, he hit him with the butt-end of his whip on the back of the neck, and knocked him down. After looking at him for a moment, he got on his horse again and rode back to town. I went out to see if Tommy was dead, and as he still moved, I finished him, for he was always in mischief. Just then I saw Mr. Muspius coming, so I put Tommy up against the fence with his head through, to hold him up, and returned to the kitchen. Mr. Muspius looked round when he got off and saw Tommy, so he gave him a

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flick with the double of the stock-whip he was carrying, and Tommy tumbled down. He thought he'd killed him, for he got on his horse again and rode away just the same as Mr. Vaughan. I put poor Tommy up again with his head through the fence, and then Mr. Lawrence came along. “There's that d——emu,” he said, “trying to get into the garden;” and he picked up a stick and threw it at him, and down went Tommy. I came out and looked at him and he looked at me. “My word,” I said, “Missee Lawrence make a fuss.” “Hush,” he said, “you no savee anything”; and he gave me a pound—and he went in and tell Missee some “bomniable wletch” killed Tommy.

That afternoon I went into Wattleville, and Mr. Muspius gave me a pound not to tell, and Mr. Vaughan gave me another. Then, in the evening, Missee Lawrence came into the kitchen and said: “Ah Foo, I'm going to Sydney to-morrow to get married. Here's a pound to bury poor Tommy properly.”

Next morning, young Wilson, the new-chum

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from the next station, came over, and he said, when he saw Tommy: “Ah Foo, I want an emu-skin to send home to England to say I shot him. You skin me this nicely and I'll give you a pound.”

That welly good emu, that makee me flive pounds.