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24. APPENDIX I: Further Notes by Deakin


[These are contained in an envelope marked ‘Inner History of Federal Convention—Further notes’. Deakin's abbreviations have been spelt out.]

  • 1. Barton and O'Connor offered Reid their support to carry Bill and make Reid 1st Federal Prime Minister—Barton retiring from politics— Reid replied grateful but was doubtful if his friends could accept the Bill—At close of Melbourne session offer repeated—Reid would not give a definite reply except that he was favourable and his friends not—
  • 2. The South Australian Ministry so far resolved to oppose the Bill at the 1st Referendum that they had an appeal to the people to reject it sent to the Government Printer and set up—This was only cancelled at the last moment before the campaign began.note
  • 3. While Forrest was at Convention Wittenoom was left Acting Premier in Western Australia having been warned not to take any step of importance without consulting Forrest—Issued official definition of alluvial mining as anything to 10 feet beyond that deep which provoked storm and had to be withdrawn at once. Forrest wrote saying expected to have heard from him before this done—Next appointed James Puisne Judge which was almost a scandal—Forrest wired insisting on having such matters referred to him—Then Wittenoom wired him ‘Case of Small Pox on mail steamer what shall I do’ ! ! !


[The following notes on the reverse of three pages of the MS. of chapter x (originally a sheet of official Melbourne Convention notepaper) seem to be reminders for the purpose of the narrative, and may serve to illustrate Deakin's methods. The use made of some of these can be seen in the text. Deakin's abbreviations of names have been spelt out.]

Downer—Medium height sturdy build between prizefighter and priest—Lights up small eyes bull headed and rather necked—amiable and polished.

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Lyne—Crude sleek suspicious blustering.

Symon—Blonde medium height tall—bald shiny—poise—mellow voice clear deliberate telling.

Glynn—Slight small pale large nose reddish bald jockey—gentleman scholar.

Forrest—Henry VIII big bluff ruddy rude generous slow of mind quick temper.

O'Connor—Spanish Irish small headed and eyed.

Wise—Cupid adolescent moustached but beardless.

Carruthers—Short insignificant good eye and great voice.

Brunker—Figure head with mutton chop whiskers.

Higgins—Large headed large featured middle sized athletic bald angular.

Isaacs—Little hair in front of ear—steep slope crest to brow jutting—French—sunken—small slight—lean—knotty stumpy fingers—no grace.

Hackett—Blue eyed and whiskered university man.

Holder—Skeleton—extremely thin—dark middle height—voice full even preaching cadence.

Cockburn—Very dark almost swarthy moustache well fleshed.

Braddon—Slight stiff thin distinguished—mousquetaire.

Reid—Full blue eye expressionless when open florid—neck fat double chin—abdomen—small legs—leans on chairs—rolls—reedy voice strong rising to shriek.

Glynn—Carruthers—Douglas—3 smallest.

Douglas—Highland seer—Lochiel's Wizard.

Kingston—Big everywhere—fine outline in profile—powerful jaw—compressed lips.