§ 451. “Governor of a State.”

The provisions of this Constitution relating to the Governors of States are:—

  • Sec. 7, which provides that the names of the senators chosen for each State shall be certified by the Governor to the Governor-General.
  • Sec. 12, which empowers the Governor of any State to cause writs to be issued for elections of senators for the State.
  • Sec. 15, which empowers the Governor of a State, with the advice of his Executive Council, to temporarily fill a vacancy in the representation of the State in the Senate, if the Parliament of the State is not in session.
  • Sec. 21, which requires the President of the Senate, or the Governor-General, to notify to the Governor of a State any vacancy in the representation of the State in the Senate.
  • Sec. 84, which defines the rights of any officer in the public service of a State who is, by consent of the Governor of the State with the advice of the Executive Council thereof, transferred to the public service of the Commonwealth.

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States may surrender territory.

111. The Parliament of a State may surrender452 any part of the State to the Commonwealth; and upon such surrender, and the acceptance thereof by the Commonwealth, such part of the State shall become subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commonwealth.

HISTORICAL NOTE.—Clause 12, Chap. V. of the Commonwealth Bill of 1891 was in almost identical terms, and was adopted at the Adelaide session in 1897. At the Melbourne session, a suggestion by the Parliament of Tasmania to substitute “its territory” for “the State” was negatived. (Conv. Deb., Melb., p. 646.) Drafting amendments were made after the fourth report.