9. The Constitution50 of the Commonwealth shall be as follows:—


This Constitution is divided as follows:—

Chapter I.—The Parliament:

Part I.—General:

Part II.—The Senate:

Part III.—The House of Representatives:

Part IV.—Both Houses of the Parliament:

Part V.—Powers of the Parliament:

Chapter II.—The Executive Government:

Chapter III.—The Judicature:

Chapter IV.—Finance and Trade:

Chapter V.—The States:

Chapter VI.—New States:

Chapter VII.—Miscellaneous:

Chapter VIII.—Alteration of the Constitution:

The Schedule.

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HISTORICAL NOTE.—The division of the Constitution into Chapters and Parts is precisely the same as in the Commonwealth Bill of 1891. At the Adelaide Session, 1897, the wording of the Bill of 1891 was followed exactly. At the Melbourne Session, after the fourth report, a few verbal changes were made—notably the substitution of “Alteration” for “Amendment;” but the mode of division remained unchanged.

In the Bill as introduced into the Imperial Parliament, the clause was altered to read:—“Subject to the foregoing provisions, the Constitution of the Commonwealth shall be as set forth in the schedule to this Act.” The Constitution was appended as a schedule. In Committee, however, the clause was restored to its original shape. (See Hist. Intro., pp. 242, 248, supra.)