41. Australian Labor Federation.

Platform Adopted in Queensland, 1890.

1. The Nationalisation of all sources of wealth and all means of producing and distributing wealth.

2. The conducting by the State Authority of all production and all exchange.

3. The pensioning by the State authority of all children, aged and invalid citizens.

4. The saving by the State authority of such proportion of the joint wealth production as may be requisite for instituting, maintaining, and increasing national capital.

5. The maintenance by the State authority from the joint wealth production of all education and sanitary institutions.

6. The just division among all the citizens of the State of all wealth production, less only that part retained for public and common requirements.

7. The reorganization of society upon the above lines to be commenced at once and pursued uninterruptedly until social justice is fully secured to each and every citizen.

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The People's Parliamentary Platform.

1. Universal White Adult Suffrage for all Parliamentary and local elections; no plural voting; no nominee or property qualification chamber.

2. State registration of all citizens as electors.

3. Provision for full and complete enfranchisement of the floating population.

4. All Parliamentary elections on one day, and that day to be a close holiday and all public houses closed.

5. Equal electoral districts on adult population basis.

6. Annual Parliaments.

7. Abolition of veto.

Conditions of Labor Candidates.

1. All Labor representatives to occupy seats on opposition cross-benches no matter what party is in power.

2. Previous to election a Labor candidate shall give a written pledge to resign on a requisition signed by a two-thirds majority of his constituents.