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43. The Queensland Labor Platform.

As adopted at the Rockhampton Convention, March, 1907.

Fighting Platform.

1. Abolition of Legislative Council.

2. Trade Disputes Bill.

3. Old Age Pensions.

4. Conciliation and Compulsory Arbitration.

5. Public Sugar Refineries and Smelting Works.

6. Pure Food (by legislation and administration).

7. Tax on publicly created land values and absentees.

8. Immediate stoppage of all further sales of Crown Lands (fixity of tenure—leasehold only, with periodic re-appraisement of rents).

9. State Bank (extension of the principle) and Loans to Settlers and Miners.

10. Local Government Reform—One adult one vote, no disfranchisement for arrears of rates, election of mayors and chairmen of local government bodies by electors.

General Programme.

1. Constitutional Reforms.

  • Amendment of Elections Act.
  • Initiative and Referendum.
  • Elective Ministries.
  • Abolition of the position of State Governor.

2. Industrial Reform.

  • Amendment of Shearers and Sugar Workers' Accommodation Act.
  • Amendment of Workers' Compensation Act.
  • Machinery Act, providing for the inspection of all boilers, only certificated persons to attend to them.
  • Statutory Eight-Hour Day where practicable.
  • Amended Mines Regulation Act, with provision for better inspection and ventilation of mines, allaying of dust of mines, and election of inspectors by popular vote of miners.
  • Amendment of Wages Protection and Lien Act.
  • Minimum Wage and Abolition of the Contract System in Government Work.
  • State Settlements at which persons out of employment may obtain work as a right.

3. Taxation Reform.

  • Progressive Tax on publicly-created Land Values, with £300 exemption.
  • Progressive Income Tax, with £200 exemption.

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4. Land Reform.

  • Mining on Private Property.
  • Equalisation of Pastoralists' and Selectors' Rents.
  • No Asiatic, Polynesian, or African aboriginal to hold land in freehold or leasehold from the Crown or private owner.

5. National Work.

  • Extension of State Department of Labor.
  • Public Control of Water Conservation (artesian and otherwise) and Irrigation.
  • Public Ownership, Construction, and Maintenance of all Railways.
  • Public Fire, Life, Marine, Accident, and General Insurance.
  • Public Crushing Batteries, Smelting and Metallurgical Works.
  • Purchase of Mineral Ore and Free Assaying.
  • Public ownership of coal and iron industries.
  • State manufacture, importation, and sale of intoxicants, with the ultimate view of total prohibition.

6. Education (Secular).

  • Elementary, compulsory; higher, optional. Both absolutely free in State schools.
  • Technical Education Reform.
  • University, free, to all qualifying by examination.

7. Miscellaneous.

  • Establishment of Sinking Fund to meet maturing Loans.
  • Nationalisation of all Hospitals.
  • Public Trust Office.
  • Repeal of the Contagious Diseases Act.
  • Law Reform, including the appointment of Public Defenders.