44. South Australian Labor Platform, 1892.

1. Protection for the purpose of encouraging local industries, and the further development of the resources of the Colony.

2. Progressive tax on land values, or failing this an increase in the present tax, with exemption on small holdings.

3. Liens Bill, for the better protection of workmen's wages.

4. Workshops and Factories Act, for the purpose of securing adequate breathing space, to regulate and limit the hours of labor, limit the age at which young persons may be employed, and provide sanitary arrangements in all buildings used as workrooms and factories.

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5. Steam boiler inspection.

6. Free education.

7. Part 719 (amendment of Land Values Act).

8. Tax on goods and passengers carried intercolonially in foreign vessels.

9. Amendment of the Railways Commissioners Act.

10. Establishment of a Department of Labor.

11. Re-distribution of Seats on the basis of population, and the adoption of adult suffrage.

12. Reform of the Legisatilve Council in the direction of shortening the term of election.

13. Establishment of a State Bank.

14. An Act to secure to tenant farmers just compensation for improvements.

15. Working men's blocks, and loans to blockers.

16. Trades Hall site.

17. Eight Hours Bill.

18. Removal of duties on tea, coffee, cocoa, and kerosene.

19. Opposed to free and assisted immigration.

This platform was revised prior to the elections of 1894, and a plank added urging the establishment of an Export Department.