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46. West Australian State Platform.

(Adopted at the Sixth Congress, held at Kalgoorlie, September 19, 1908.)

Fighting Planks.

1. Effective reform of the Legislative Council with a view to its ultimate abolition.

2. Taxation of unimproved land values without exemption or rebates.

3. Establishment of State flour mills and State agricultural development and export departments.

4. Initiative and Referendum.

5. Nationalisation of the Liquor Traffic and Local Option as to continuance, increase, or reduction of licenses.

6. Maximum day of eight hours.

7. State bank of issue.

8. Graduated income tax with exemption up to £250 with special impost on absentees.

9. Old age pensions.

General Platform.

1. Nationalisation of Crown lands with a view to the ultimate nationalisation of all lands.

2. Departmental construction of public works.

3. Limitation of State borrowing except for the purpose of reproductive works.

4. State Fire, Life, and Accident Insurance.

5. Government manufacture of Government clothing and uniforms.

6. Progressive absentee tax.

7. The abolition of the present system of State Governors and Government House, the office to be filled by the Chief Justice.

8. The establishment of mining boards.

9. Free technical, scientific and general education.

10. The day of Parliamentary elections to be a public holiday.