47. Tasmanian Labor Platform 1896.

1. One adult one vote.

2. Adequate payment of members.

3. Reform of the Legislative Council.

4. A graduated tax on the unimproved capital value of land.

5. Constitutional and Parliamentary Reform.

6. The Referendum.

7. No further alienation of Crown lands.

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8. Mining on Private Property Bill.

9. Graduated Income and Succession Duties.

10. Legislative enactment of the eight hours system.

11. A Shop Assistants Act, providing for early closing.

12. An amended Factory Act, including clauses for the suppression of sweating.

13. An amended Employers' Liability Act.

14. State old age pensions.

15. Reproductive works for the unemployed.

16. A uniform franchise for the Federal Parliament, such franchise to consist of adult suffrage exercisable upon the principle of one adult one vote.

17. Municipal reform.

18. Fair rents for farmers and other producers.

19. State bank.