48. Tasmanian Labor Platform, 1909.


1. Cultivation of an Australian sentiment based upon the maintenance of racial purity, and the development in Australia of an enlightened and self-reliant community.

2. The securing of the full results of their industry to all producers by the collective ownership of monopolies, and the extension of the industrial and economic functions of the State and municipality.


Electoral and Constitutional.

One adult one vote.

Adequate payment of Members, with provision for penalties for non-attendance.

Abolition of Upper House; provision for initiative and referendum.

Abolition of State Governorship as at present constituted.

Abolition of nominee boards.

Extension of hours of polling; a compulsory two hours leave to all employees during polling hours.


Progressive Tax on Land Values, town and country, exclusive of improvements.

Self assessment; right of resumption by the State on the basis of such assessment.

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Repurchase of estates for Closer Settlement.

Government advances to settlers on easy terms.

No further alienation of Crown lands.


Free primary, secondary, technical, and University education, with all requisites supplied by the State. Attendance at primary schools to be compulsory.


Restriction of State borrowing; loan moneys to be used solely for reproductive works.

Exemption from direct taxation of incomes under £125 per annum in the case of unmarried persons, and £150 in the case of married persons, with £10 further exemption for every child dependent on the taxpayer.

Establishment of a Public Trust Office.

Old age pensions.

Provisions for all permanently disabled persons and widows and orphans.


Establishment of a Department of Labor.

Legalised eight hour day, and 5½-day week of 44 hours, where practicable.

A Workmen and Contractors' Lien Act.

Minimum wage in all Government and municipal contracts.

Compulsory Arbitration.

Wages Boards.

Equal pay for equal work for both sexes.

Shops and Factories Act; compulsory early closing and weekly half-holiday.

Workman's Compensation.

Abolition of the Truck system.

State pulping works.


State ownership and control of the liquor traffic, with provision for local option.


Referendum as to whether Tattersalls should continue as at present, be abolished, or conducted by the State.

State Pledge.

Candidates for selection must sign, prior to nomination, the following Pledge:—I hereby pledge myself not to oppose the selected candidate of this or any other Branch of the

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Tasmanian Workers' Political League. I also pledge myself, if returned to Parliament, on all occasions to do my utmost to ensure the carrying out of the principles embodied in the Labor Platform, and on all such questions affecting the fate of a Government, to vote as a majority of the Labor Party may decide at a duly constituted caucus meeting.