51. Commonwealth Labor Platform, 1908.

Name—Australian Labor Party.


(a) The cultivation of an Australian sentiment, based upon the maintenance of racial purity, and the development in Australia of an enlightened and self-reliant community.

(b) The securing of the full results of their industry to all producers by the collective ownership of monopolies, and the extension of the industrial and economic functions of the State and Municipality.

Fighting Platform.

1. Maintenance of White Australia.

2. The New Protection.

3. Nationalisation of monopolies.

4. Graduated Tax on unimproved land values.

5. Citizens Defence Force.

6. Commonwealth Bank.

7. Restriction of public borrowing.

8. Navigation laws.

9. Arbitration Act Amendment.

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General Platform.

1. Maintenance of a White Australia.

2. New Protection—Amendment of Constitution to ensure effective Federal legislation for New Protection and Arbitration.

3. Nationalisation of monopolies—if necessary, amendment of Constitution to provide for same.

4. Graduated Land Tax—Graduated tax on all estates over £5000 in value on an unimproved basis.

5. Citizen Defence Force, with compulsory military training, and Australian-owned and controlled Navy.

6. Commonwealth Bank of Issue, Deposit, Exchange, and Reserve, with non-political management.

7. Restriction of Public Borrowing.

8. Navigation Laws to provide—(a) for the protection of Australian shipping against unfair competition; (b) registration of all vessels engaged in the coastal trade; (c) the efficient manning of vessels; (d) the proper supply of life-saving and other equipments; (e) the registration of hours and conditions of work; (f) proper accommodation for passengers and seamen; (g) proper loading gear and inspection of same; (h) compulsory insurance by ship-owners against accident or death.

9. Arbitration Act Amendment, to provide for Preference to Unionists and exclusion of the legal profession, with provision for the inclusion of all State Government employees.

10. Old age and invalid pensions.

11. General Insurance Department, with non-political management.

12. Civil equality of men and women.

13. Naval and military expenditure to be allotted from proceeds of direct taxation.

14. Initiative and Referendum.


I hereby pledge myself not to oppose the candidate selected by the recognised political Labor organization, and, if elected, to do my utmost to carry out the principles embodied in the Australian Labor Party's platform, and on all questions affecting the Platform to vote as a majority of the Parliamentary Party may decide at a duly constituted caucus meeting.