1. Abolition of the Legislative Council; failing that, adult suffrage for both Houses.

2. The Initiative and the Referendum.

  ― 620 ―


3. Progressive Land Tax on the lines of New Zealand.

4. The right of the Government to resume land for Closer Settlement and public purposes on the valuation accepted by the owner for taxation purposes, plus 10 per cent.

5. A more equitable system of allotment of Crown Lands.

6. Stopping further alienation of Crown Lands.


7. Compulsory Conciliation and Arbitration Bill.

8. Extension of Wages Boards, to prevent sweating.

9. Steam Boilers' Inspection Bill, to make the user of steam responsible for the inspection of his boiler.

10. Amendment of Workmen's Liens Act.

11. Amendment of Workmen's Compensation Act.

12. Inspection of Scaffolding.

Public Works.

13. Public ownership and control of all railways, Tramways, and wharfs.

14. Conservation of Murray River Waters for irrigation and navigation.

15. Extension of functions of the State Bank.

16. Extension of the State Export Department.

17. Minimum wage of 7s. per day for all adult males employed by the State or on State contracts.

Local Government.

18. Amendment of Land Values Assessment Act.—Part XIX.

19. Abolition of Plural Voting in Municipal Elections.


20. Cessation of borrowing, except for (1) conversion of loans, (2) completion of public works already authorised, and (3) works which will show interest on capital borrowed and provide for a sinking fund.

21. Maintenance and extension of present system of education.

22. Old Age Pensions.

23. Amendment of Food and Drugs Act with a view to better safeguarding the public health.

24. Mortgagors' Limitation Liability Bill.

25. Encouragement and Fuller Development of the agricultural, pastoral, and mining resources of the State.

26. Amendment of Landlord and Tenants Act, to place all creditors on an equal basis.