1. Agricultural Holdings, 1891 (compensation to tenant farmers for improvements).

2. Closer Settlement (land repurchase), 1897, 1901, 1902.

3. Crown Lands (known as Reduction of Rents Act), 1898.

4. Butter Bonus, 1893.

5. Exchange of Lands and Reduction of Rents, 1894.

6. Fertilisers, 1894, 1898, 1900, 1903.

7. Pastoral Lands, 1898.

8. Seed Wheat Acts (6).

9. State Bank, 1895-6-7, 1901.

10. State Export Department, 1893.

11. Taxation Act Amendment, 1900 (reassessment of taxable values following reduction in rent or purchase-money).

12. Various amendments of Mining Acts, all tending to greater liberality and assisting legitimate mining on private and public lands.

13. Vermin and Vermin-Proof Fencing Acts (7).

14. Working Men's Blocks and Loans to Blockers (under different Homestead, Blockers, Loans to Blockers, Crown Lands, and Closer Settlement Acts).

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Thus, instead of the country being ruined by the Labor Party under a Labor Premier it has prospered, and no Premier has ever been more popular. He was a tiger for work. He passed twenty-nine bills into law in the 1907 session, and twenty-four others were put partly through. Tom Price had also successfully dealt with some big things. The contractors for the outer harbor were in a muddled state with their work, and had not complied with the terms of their contract, hence the Government decided upon taking it over. The lawyers thought they saw a chance of big fees, but Price sent for the contractors, made an offer conditional upon there being no litigation, and in a few minutes fixed matters up in a highly satisfactory manner. He did the same in the purchase of the tramways, where, by promptitude and quick decision, he secured everything wanted for £20,000 less than had been claimed. The question of disputed territory between Victoria and South Australia, which has hung up for years, was quickly settled by him. He proved to be the most energetic Premier the State has had, and the rich Anti-Socialists soon discovered that the Socialist Premier was not only a safe neighbor, but could be trusted with big business affairs.