State Platform.

Fighting Platform.

  • 1. Constitutional Reform.
    • (a) Abolition of the Legislative Council and the office of State Governor.
    • (b) Electoral reform to provide proper machinery for the true representation of the people in Parliament.
  • 2. Land and Financial Reform.
    • (a) Cessation of further sales of Crown Lands.
    • (b) A proper system of Closer Settlement.
    • (c) Water Conservation and Irrigation.
    • (d) Restriction of Public Borrowing.
    • (e) State Bank.
    • (f) Graduated Land Tax.
  • 3. Free Education.
    • (a) Secondary.
    • (b) Technical.
    • (c) University.
    • To be available on the Bursary System to all children passing a qualifying test.
  • 4. Re-enactment of the Industrial Arbitration Act.
  • 5. The Zone System of Railway Fares and Freights.
  • 6. Regulation of Hours of Labor.
  • 7. Workers' Compensation.

Details of Fighting Platform.

  • 1. Constitutional Reform.
    • (a) Abolition of the Legislative Council and the substitution therefore of the Initiative and Referendum.
    • (b) Abolition of the office of State Governor and other unnecessary offices.
    • (c) All citizens, other than criminals or lunatics, to be entitled to the franchise, after six months' residence in the State, irrespective of electoral boundaries.
    • (d) Full civil and political rights to all State and Municipal employees.
    • (e) Provision to enable electors when travelling to record their votes for their electorates in any part of the State, and facilities for seamen and others to record their votes by post.
    • (f) State elections to be held early in the year, from February to April inclusive; polling day to be a Saturday, and be proclaimed a public holiday; hours of polling, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    •   ― 600 ―
    • (g) All polling returns for the small centres in country electorates shall be sealed in the ballot-boxes at close of the poll and forwarded to the Returning-officer for the electorate, who, with his Scrutineers and Poll Clerk, shall be the only persons authorised to count them.
  • 2. Land and Financial Reform.

Land Reform.

  • (1) Immediate cessation of Crown Lands Sales.
  • (2) Land Acts to be consolidated and simplified, and to provide for—
    • (a) Compulsory resumption of private lands for Closer Settlement, value to be determined by a competent tribunal; such value not to exceed that fixed by the owner for taxation purposes plus 10 per cent., together with the value of the improvements at the time of the resumption.
    • (b) Where areas of country lands are subdivided by private owners for sale, purchasers to be subject to such conditions as to residence, area, etc., as may be approved of by the Government for Closer Settlement purposes.
    • (c) Rents payable by settlers on private lands to be determined by a competent tribunal on application by the tenant or landlord. Security of tenure and tenant right in improvements effected by tenant.
    • (d) No land suitable for bona-fide settlement to be set apart for improvement or scrub leases. Land proposed to be offered under these tenures to be made available for settlement for a period of not less than twelve months.
    • (e) Existing improvement and scrub leases to be viewed with a view to the withdrawal of those suitable for settlement, and the forfeiture of any improperly or illegally granted.
    • (f) Every Australian citizen not already holding land to the value of £500 to have a preferential right to acquire an area of land up to that value. Preference to be given, first, to persons holding no land, and, second, to small holders requiring additional holdings, such areas not necessarily to be deemed living areas.

    •   ― 601 ―
    • (g) Any person acquiring ordinary Crown lands for permanent settlement to be entitled to remission of rent for the first five years, conditional upon permanent improvements of not less than the value of the remitted rent being effected.
    • (h) The reappraisement of homestead selections and settlement leases at the instance of the Crown shall not take place oftener than once during each 20-year period, the first reappraisement to take place 25 years after the date of application.
    • (i) Rentals of homestead selections in no instance to exceed a sum equal to the difference between the shire or municipal taxation on such holdings and freeholds in the same shire or municipality, together with interest at 2½ per cent. on the capital value placed on lands alienated from the Crown of similar quality in the same locality.
    • (j) Provision for workingmen's blocks in centres of population.
    • (k) Provision to be made to prevent speculators from monopolising business and residential allotments in towns and villages.
    • (l) Election of local members of Land Boards.
    • (m) Crown land agents to be compelled to fill in forms for applicants for land free of charge.
    • (n) Lands Agents to be made officers of the Court.
    • (o) Members of Parliament to be debarred from acting as paid agents in Crown lands matters.
  • (3) Water Conservation and Irrigation with resumption of all frontages to water so conserved, together with such lands as are benefited thereby which are suitable for Closer Settlement.
  • (4) Existing legislation providing for the distribution of wire-netting to be amended to provide for the direct supply of wire-netting to landholders by the Government.
  • (5) The duties of the Pastures and Protection Boards to be taken over by the Shire Councils.
  • (6) That immigration be not encouraged until sufficient land is made available for eager and desirable settlers at present in this State.