1. To advocate and support measures to amend the Local Government Act to gain—

  • (a) Full adult suffrage on a one month's residential qualification.
  • (b) That it shall be the duty of Councils to collect the roll annually of all adult residents.
  • (c) That the present power of Council to vote Mayoral allowances be extended to include aldermen.
  • (d) Extending the hour of closing the poll till 8 p.m.

2. Day Labor where practicable, with preference to Unionists in all municipal work.

3. Rating on the unimproved values of land only, with no exemption.

4. The adoption of and wielding of all communal powers and activities possible under the Act, especially of the activities hereunder:—

  • (a) Infants' milk depots.
  • (b) Ferries.
  • (c) Gas and electric light.
  • (d) Hydraulic or other power when desirable.
  • (e) Night shelters.
  • (f) Public shelters.
  • (g) Public markets, abattoirs, and retail meat depots.
  • (h) The arrangement and beautification of the area, and the acquisition of land, streets, buildings, etc., therefor, together with the lease of land or building after such rearrangement.

  •   ― 609 ―
  • (i) The subsidising of public bands or orchestras.
  • (j) The regulation and licensing of public vehicles, and of the drivers and conductors thereof.
  • (k) The regulation and licensing of hawkers of goods.
  • (l) Provision for separate lavatories for men and women.

5. The adoption and enforcement of provisions requiring the payment of Union rates of pay for all municipal work.

6. Readjustment of finances and the establishment of a Loans Redemption Fund.

7. Taking over the control and maintenance of parks and reserves.

  • Objective, Regulations, and Platform.


The Objective shall be the acquisition of the right to exercise any or all of the powers provided for in Section 109 of the Local Government Act, 1906, with amendments as herein suggested.


1. Leagues in any local government area shall have the work of formulating a County Council programme suitable to local requirements.

2. Such programme must be in accord with the general principles of the P.L.L., and shall be forwarded to the Executive for confirmation.

3. The Rules and Regulations of the P.L.L. governing the selection of candidates for Parliament shall as far as practicable apply to candidates seeking selection for County Councils.


1. Election to Shire Councils to be on the basis of adult suffrage.

2. That no land shall be sold by the Shire Council, and that the Local Government Act shall be amended in Part 12, Section 104, and wherever else necessary, to prevent the sale of lands by the Council.

3. That no new licenses be granted to Asiatics. This not to apply to renewals of existing licenses.


In the constitution of the Greater Sydney Municipality and Council, the following things to be observed:—

  • (a) The powers, rights, and liabilities of any one and all of the civic bodies referred to to be the powers, rights, and liabilities of the Greater Sydney Council.

  •   ― 610 ―
  • (b) The Council to have control of all services affecting the communal life of the citizens, such as water and sewerage, tramways, gas supply, electric supply, harbor control, parks and open spaces, housing of the working classes, trans-harbor ferries, hydraulic power, roads and bridges.
  • (c) The municipality to be divided into forty wards, each ward to return two aldermen.
  • (d) Any person (except such as are disqualified by Section 70 of the Local Government Act, 1906) whose name is on the roll to be eligible for election and to act as alderman.
  • (e) The aldermen to be elected for three years; the elections to be held on the same day as other municipal elections in the State, and the poll to remain open till 8 p.m.
  • (f) The election of aldermen to be by adult suffrage.
  • (g) Each elector to have one vote only, to be exercised in ward where resident.
  • (h) The Mayor to be elected annually by the electors.
  • (i) Provision to be made for payment of Mayor and aldermen.
  • (j) One general rate to be struck for all requirements; such rate to be on the unimproved value of the land.
  • (k) The Railway Commissioners, the Australian Gas-light Company, the Telephone Department, and all other public or private bodies interfering with or permanently using any of the public ways to pay rates.
  • (l) The Council not to sell any land acquired by it.