2nd.—Reform of the Labor Laws.

(a) Repeal of the 6 Geo. IV. cap 129, and other Acts relating to conspiracy in Industrial Disputes.

(b) A law enacting a maximum Labor day of eight hours.

(c) The repeal of that portion of the Employers and Employees Act formerly known as the Master and Servants Act.

(d) Amendment of the Factories and Shops Act.

(e) Extension of the provisions of the Employers' Liability Act to seamen.

(f) A Mining Act providing for the proper ventilation and safety in gold, coal, and other mines.

(g) All Inspectors under any Act of Parliament requiring practical knowledge to be appointed from workers in their respective trades and occupations.

(h) Prohibition of the importation of Chinese and Coolie laborers and of laborers under contract.

(i) The establishment of a Department of Labor.

(j) The establishment by law of Courts of Conciliation for the settlement of disputes between Employers and Employees.