Municipal Platform.

1. Adult Suffrage: (a) all electors resident for six months to be qualified representatives; (b) election of mayors and presidents by the people.

2. All municipal taxes to be assessed on the unimproved value of land.

3. (a) All community enterprises, such as tramways, lighting, water supply, and markets, to be conducted and controlled by the municipality; (b) no extension of leases to tramway, electric lighting, or other companies.

4. Direct employment of all labor where possible.

5. An eight hours day. The wage payable to municipal employees shall not be less than the minimum trade union rate.

6. Erection by the municipality of healthy homes for the people.

7. All officers administering the Health Act to be appointed by, and under the control of, the Board of Health.

8. Municipal insurance of ratepayers' property.

9. Representatives to all trusts and boards to be elected by the people.

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10. Creation of recreation reserves in populous neighborhoods for the free use of the people, and as playgrounds for children.

11. Provisions for the regular entertainment of the people by concerts, lectures, and theatrical performances, and any other means of elevating the popular tastes.

12. No alienation of land the property of the municipalities.

13. Strict enforcement of the Weights and Measures Act.

14. Initiative: By which 5 per cent. of qualified voters in any municipality may, on petition, demand that a referendum on any and every proposition submitted by such proportion of qualified voters shall take place at the next municipal elections.

15. All meetings of municipal councils to be held at night in cities and boroughs, and at the hour most convenient for the attendance of the public in country municipalities, and to be open to the public.

16. The establishment of municipal Montes de Piete.

17. Municipal ownership and control of milk, bread and meat supply.