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III. Appendices.

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14. List of Delegates.

The following is the list of Delegates appointed to represent the Colonies at the National Australasian Convention:—

New South Wales.

  • 1. The Hon. Sir HENRY PARKES, G.C.M.G., M.P., Colonial Secretary and Prime Minister.
  • 2. The Hon. WILLIAM MCMILLAN, M.P., Colonial Treasurer.
  • 3. The Hon. JOSEPH PALMER ABBOTT, M.P., Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
  • 4. GEORGE RICHARD DIBBS, Esquire, M.P., formerly Colonial Secretary and Prime Minister.
  • 5. The Hon. WILLIAM HENRY SUTTOR, M.L.C., Vice-President of the Executive Council.
  • 6. The Hon. EDMUND BARTON, Q.C., M.L.C., formerly Speaker.
  • 7. The Hon. Sir PATRICK ALFRED JENNINGS, K.C.M.G., M.L.C., formerly Prime Minister and Colonial Treasurer.

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  • 8. The Hon. JAMES MUNRO, M.P., Prime Minister and Treasurer.
  • 9. The Hon. DUNCAN GILLIES, M.P., formerly Prime Minister and Treasurer.
  • 10. The Hon. ALFRED DEAKIN, M.P., formerly Chief Secretary.
  • 11. The Hon. HENRY JOHN WRIXON, Q.C., M.P., formerly Attorney-General.
  • 12. The Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel WILLIAM COLLARD SMITH, M.P., formerly Minister of Education.
  • 13. The Hon. HENRY CUTHBERT, M.L.C., formerly Minister of Justice.


  • 15. The Hon. Sir SAMUEL WALKER GRIFFITH, K.C.M.G., Q.C., M.P., Chief Secretary and Prime Minister.
  • 16. The Hon. Sir THOMAS MCILWRAITH, K.C.M.G., LL.D., M.P., Colonial Treasurer.
  • 17. The Hon. ARTHUR RUTLEDGE, M.P., formerly Attorney General.
  • 18. The Hon. THOMAS MACDONALD-PATERSON, M.L.C., formerly Postmaster-General.
  • 19. The Hon. ANDREW JOSEPH THYNNE, M.L.C., formerly Minister of Justice.
  • 20. JOHN DONALDSON, Esquire, M P., formerly Postmaster General and Secretary for Public Instruction. [The Hon. J. M. MACROSSAN, M.L.A., died during the sittings of the Convention.]

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South Australia.

  • 21. The Hon. THOMAS PLAYFORD, M.P., Treasurer and Prime Minister.
  • 22. The Hon. Sir JOHN COX BRAY, K.C.M.G., M.P., Chief Secretary.
  • 23. JOHN ALEXANDER COCKBURN, Esquire, M.D., M.P., formerly Prime Minister and Chief Secretary.
  • 24. The Hon. Sir JOHN WILLIAM DOWNER, K.C.M.G., Q.C., M.P., formerly Prime Minister.
  • 25. The Hon. CHARLES CAMERON KINGSTON, Q.C., M.P., formerly Attorney-General.
  • 26. The Hon. JOHN HANNAH GORDON, M.L.C., formerly Minister of Education and of the Northern Territory.
  • 27. The Hon. RICHARD CHAFFEY BAKER, C.M.G., M.L.C., formerly Attorney-General and Minister of Justice.


  • 28. The Hon. PHILIP OAKLEY FYSH, M.L.C., Prime Minister and Chief Secretary.
  • 29. The Hon. BOLTON STAFFORD BIRD, M.H.A., Treasurer.
  • 30. The Hon. ANDREW INGLIS CLARK, M.H.A., Attorney-General.
  • 31. The Hon. WILLIAM MOORE, President of the Legislative Council.
  • 32. The Hon. ADYE DOUGLAS, M.L.C., formerly Chief Secretary and Prime Minister.
  • 33. The Hon. WILLIAM HENRY BURGESS, M.H.A., formerly Treasurer.
  • 34. The Hon. NICHOLAS JOHN BROWN, M.H.A., formerly Minister of Lands and Works.

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New Zealand.

  • 35. Sir GEORGE GREY, K.C.B., formerly Governor, and more recently Prime Minister.
  • 36. Sir HARRY ALBERT ATKINSON, K.C.M.G., Speaker of the Legislative Council, late Prime Minister and Colonial Treasurer.
  • 37. Captain WILLIAM RUSSELL RUSSELL, M.H.R., formerly Colonial Secretary and Minister of Justice and Defence.

Western Australia.

  • 38. The Hon. JOHN FORREST, C.M.G, M.P., Prime Minister and Treasurer.
  • 39. The Hon. WILLIAM EDWARD MARMION, M.P., Commissioner of Crown Lands.
  • 40. The Hon. Sir JAMES GEORGE LEE-STEERE, Kt., M.P., Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
  • 41. The Hon. JOHN ARTHUR WRIGHT, M.L.C.
  • 43. ALEXANDER FORREST, Esquire, M.P.
  • 44. WILLIAM THORLEY LOTON, Esquire, M.P.

15. The Committees.

The Convention Committees were constituted as follows:—

VICTORIA.—Constitutional Functions: Mr. Gillies and Mr. Deakin. Finance, Taxation, etc.: Mr. Munro. Judiciary: Mr. Wrixon.

NEW SOUTH WALES.—Constitutional Functions: Sir Henry Parkes, Mr. Barton. Finance, Taxation, etc.: Mr. McMillan. Judiciary: Mr. Dibbs.

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SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Finance: Sir John Bray. Constitutional Functions: Mr. Playford and Sir John Downer. Judiciary: Mr. Kingston.

QUEENSLAND.—Constitutional Functions: Sir Samuel Griffith and Mr. Thynne. Finance, Taxation, etc.: Sir Thomas McIlwraith. Judiciary: Mr. Rutledge.

TASMANIA.—Finance, Taxation, etc.: Mr. W. H. Burgess. Constitutional Functions: Mr. Clark and Mr. Adye Douglas. Judiciary: Mr. Clark.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA.—Constitutional Functions: Mr. John Forrest and Sir James Lee-Steere. Taxation, Finance, etc.: Mr. Marmion. Judiciary: Mr. Hackett.

NEW ZEALAND.—Constitutional Functions: Sir George Grey and Captain Russell. Finance, Taxation, etc.: Sir Harry Atkinson. Judiciary: Sir Harry Atkinson.

16. Statistics.

The following statistics were laid before the Convention:—


New South Wales  ...  ...  ...  1,170,000 
Victoria ...  ...  ...  ...  1,148,000 
Queensland ...  ...  ...  ...  422,000 
South Australia  ...  ...  ...  327,300 
Western Australia  ...  ...  ...  45,500 
Tasmania ...  ...  ...  ...  156,600 
New Zealandnote   ...  ...  ...  630,600 

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