Copy of Resolution and Prayer.

On the afternoon of the 19th October, notwithstanding the inclement weather, a large number of members of Lodge Tranquility, No. 42 Sydney, waited on Bro. Quong Tart at his residence, Ashfield, and the Wor. Master (Wor. Bro. M. G. Costa), on behalf of his brethren, presented him with an illuminated copy of the resolution and prayer, emphasising the tribute to be from members of the Craft personally, and not as a corporate body of citizens.

Thanksgiving to the Great Architect of The Universe for the recovery of our Brother Quong Tart.


Wor. Bro. MOSS COSTA, W.M.

At the Regular Monthly Meeting, held on 11th September, 1902, the Worshipful Master, Wor. Bro. Moss Costa, said:–

Brethren: It has pleased Almighty God to stay the hand of assault in the recent attack on our Brother, QUONG TART. But for the merciful intervention of the G.A., our Brother might now have been removed from us. However, in His excellent mercy, He, Who is all merciful, has spared our Brother to us, and has restored him again to health and strength. We render Him all gratitude, and I call upon Wor. Bro Chaplain to acknowledge in prayer our hearty thanksgiving.

The Chaplain, Wor. Bro. J. Herman, offered the following prayer:

We render Thee all praise, O Giver of all mercies, for the protection Thou has recently afforded to our Brother, QUONG TART. Thou hast, in Thy goodness, stayed the hand of the violent, and hast brought again to health and strength our Brother whom we love. We pray for Thine unfortunate creature, who, for the sake of a little gain, might, but for Thy

  ― 95 ―
prevention, have been a murderer. Show him, O merciful Lord, the error of his ways, and forgive him his sin. And accept our thanks for Thy mercy to our Brother. May he in Thy goodness be long spared to work with and for us, that we may enjoy his companionship, and that in him our Noble Art may be exemplified, so that the world may be made brighter and better by his presence. Grant him, O merciful Lord, the full grace of all Masonic Virtues, and make him a living pattern of that strong Faith, lively Hope and all abiding Charity, which, we trust, will in due time entitle him to be numbered in the Grand Lodge above.

So mote it be.

Sydney, 11th September, 1902.

Apologies were announced for non-attendance from several members of the Lodge. Wor. Bro. Herman, Wor. Bro. Maerker, Wor. Bro. F. Smith, the Senior Warden (Bro. Hogbin), and the Secretary (V. Wor. Bro. Bretnall) spoke in appreciation of the recipient.

Bro. Noel (Organist) sang a sacred solo. Bro. Quong Tart responded, and spoke of the gratification of his family and self at the mark of esteem the memento represented. He well remembered the impressive ceremony of his initiation by Wor. Bro. Bretnall, and the action that day exemplified the bond of fellowship which existed.

Subsequently the visitors were entertained at refreshment. Wor. Bro. Costa presided. A toast list was gone through, which evinced the personal feelings of regard in which the host and his family were held.