Common Men.

Dull, gross, common men, in whom the animal is the predominant partner in the State of Being, without being able to express it half as well, are of the way of thinking of Tennyson's fat-faced curate, Edward Bull—

“I take it, God made the woman for the man,
And for the good and increase of the world.
A pretty face is well, and this is well,
To have a dame indoors, that trims us up
And keeps us snug; but these unreal ways
Seem but the theme of writers, and, indeed,
Worn threadbare. Man is made of solid stuff.
I say, God made the woman for the man,
And for the good and increase of the world.”

Men of this class are usually a good deal married, and are profoundly acquainted with the fathomless meaning there is in the phrase “my better-half,” and know, by a protracted and often-learned experience, how much of truth there is in the homely adage, that the “grey mare is the

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better horse.” They also understand the exact signification of the barn door condition known as “hen-pecked,” and are already obedient subjects under petticoat government. In their secret souls and in their quaking spirits, without knowing it, they are of the same mind as blustering old Dr. Sam Johnson, who said “Men know that women are an overmatch for them, and therefore they choose the weakest and most ignorant. Some cunning men choose fools for their wives, thinking to manage them, but they always fail.” Discussing the question of the equal rights of women with the Quakeress, Mrs. Knowles, who claimed them for her sex, Dr. Johnson exclaimed, “It is plain, madam, one or other must have the superiority. As Shakespeare says, ‘If two men ride on a horse, one must ride behind.’ ” Dilly, who was present, jocularly interposed, “I suppose, Doctor, Mrs. Knowles would have them ride in panniers, one on each side.” “Then, sir,” replied Johnson, with characteristic adroitness and obstinacy, “then, sir, the horse would throw them both.” We may well hope that that restive steed, “The State,” will not fulfil Dr. Johnson's prophecy—in South Australia.