Part Two Norfolk Island Journal (Volume I): 8th March 1788–12th January 1789.

March 1788

Week days  Mo day  Winds  State of ye Surf  Fish or Turtle caught.  Seeds sown  Seeds come up  Transactions on Norfolk Isle & state of the Weather 
Saturday 2d day of landing  E.b.S.  The surf ran very high till 9 in ye Morning at which time ye Supply's boat landed  A few large blue fish which eat very tough & hard  This day had Strong gales & Cloudy Wr at 9 in ye Morng hoisted ye Colours with a weft as a signal [to] ye Supply that her boat might land, at 11 received ye last of our baggage, provisions, & stores from ye Supply & hauled our boat up, at 4 in ye Afternoon Lieut Ball came onshore to know if I had any further occasion for the Supply, & not having any, he took leave, & soon after returned onboard, at ½ past 5 sailed hence for Port Jackson, His Majesties armed Tender Supply. by Lieutt Ball I sent my publick letter & Journal of my proceedings since we made ye Isle with my private Letters. The people (viz. 10 working men,) were this day set to work clearing away & grubbing up trees for a garden 
Sunday  9th  E.S.E  Very good landing all day  Two Green Turtle of about 100 lb each  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Wr at 11 in ye Morning assembled all ye people in my tent & performed Divine Service after which my Commission from his Excelly ye Governor was read. I this afternoon discovered that there were Turtle on ye Isle, by seeing four basking themselves on a sandy beach which lies at ye Eastern side of this bay, close under point Hunter, I immediately went away with some people & turned 2 of them which I brought to the Tents for publick use, all round this beach we saw a great number of Turtle swimming about 
Monday  10th  EbS  Good landing all day —  Nothing caught. Killed one Turtle for ye use of the Settlement  Fresh breezes & Cloudy Wr the heat very moderate The people were this day employed clearing away the ground for a garden, but ye roots of ye trees being very large & running a great way under ground renders it an arduous task. I this day began serving ye Commissarys provisions of which I have 6 months 
Tuesday  11th  ESE  Do very little surf  Killed one Turtle. No fish caught  Fresh breezes & pleasant Weather, In ye afternoon had a few showers of rain, the people were employed cutting, carrying away & piling up ye Timber off ye Garden ground. Died one of ye Ewes. 
Wednesday  12th  Do  Do  No Fish caught.  Opned 1 Cask of Bread 1 Do of Pease 1 Do of Flour & 1 Tierce of beef Contents 40 double pieces.  Moderate breezes & Cloudy Wr people enclosing ye garden ground, delving & clearing it of rubbish 
Thursday  13th  EbS  Do  Do  Do Wr ye people were employed as yesterday. 
Friday  14th  East ENE  Do  Turned 3 Turtle of about 100lb each  Potatoes Yams Turnips onions Lettuce Spinnage parsley Cabbage  Do Wr in ye Afternoon cloudy & an appearce of rain. at noon finished delving & inclosing ye garden, its size is 87 feet square the soil very rich & deep, began Squaring it out & sowing ye Seeds as marked in ye Column, at 4 in ye Afternoon I went with the people to ye Turtle bay & turned 3 which we brought here very day at low water we see three or four lying on ye beach asleep in ye Sun, but when it is cloudy they never land 
Saturday  15th  SE SSE South SW  good landing but more Surf than Yesterday  no fish Killed 1 Turtle  In ye Morning had fresh breezes with heavy rain In ye Afternoon very fresh Gales & heavy rain which came in strong Squalls, at 9 ye wind veered round to SW with heavy Squalls of. Wind & rain at 11 more Moderate & calm Weather. No work done to day — 
Sunday  16th  S.W. West Do  Landing not so good as some days past.  a few fish. Killed one Turtle.  Fresh gales & heavy squalls of wind & rain at 11 performed Divine service. In ye evening more moderate Weather. Two Convicts who I permitted to make an excursion into ye Country returned at sun-sett — Their account of it does not differ materially from what we saw of it in our excursion on ye No side of ye Isle. they did not see any flax but met with a quantity of water & a very good soil everywhere, but the Woods inpenetrable. they brought 4 parrots of a very large kind 
Monday  17th  W.N.W. West Do  The surf along ye reefs break with great violence but yet a boat might land at ½ tide or low water  Do  Potatoes Beets Early Cabbage o cauliflower + Mustard o Sib. Brocoli o Fennel o Thyme o Marjoram Shalott o Sorrel + parsnips parsley + Carrots Corn-sallad + Lettuce onion Indian Corn + French beans garden beans rhubarb 5 Coconuts  Turnips radishes Cabbages & Lettuces are out of ye ground  Moderate & Cloudy Wr. I this day employed 6 of ye People to clear away a piece of ground to ye right of ye Garden & above it, for to move ye tents to or erect houses on it as ye present situation of ye people is very uncomfortable & much exposed to ye weather. 3 Men were employed digging a saw pit. felled a pine near it, to saw into planks & scantling its length is 115 feet & 2F 3I diameter about breast high. Finished sowing seeds in ye Garden. leaving a square piece to transplant on. This day, I discovered that ye Flax-plant which Capt. Cook takes notice, of is no other than that plant which I have hither to called ye larger kind of Iris. with which ye Isle abounds. but it in no manner resembles ye Flax of Europe its appearance being more like Flags — a bundle of it was tied up & put into a pool of Water to soak intending to try it after ye European method of preparing ye Flax 
Tuesday  18th  SSW, South, SE  a great Surf breaks on ye Reef.  No fish  sowed 3 Cotten seeds on ye top of ye hill —  Lettuce  Fresh breezes & Cloudy Wr 6 men employed clearing away ye ground round ye Garden. 3 about ye saw-pit & one making a pen for ye Ewes & hogs - in ye Even'g thick hazey Wr 
Wednesday  19th  ESE, SE, SSE  very good Landing  Several Fish  Spinnach  Moderate breezes & Cloudy Wr in the Afternoon finished ye Saw-pit & began sawing a 12 foot length of ye pine into Scantlings for to erect a Store house ye other people employed as Yesterday — 
Thursday  20  EbS, ESE  Do  A few Fish  The cape cress which was sown ye 17th is come up the English cress sown ye same day is not yet come up  Moderate breezes & cloudy with a few showers of rain. at times. People all employed as yesterday, in the Afternoon very pleasant weather 
Friday  21st  ENE, NE  Do with little or no Surf  A few fish  Cress & Mustard from ye English Seed  Light breezes & Cloudy Wr people employed falling & clearing away ye timber, began framing ye Storehouse. Sawyer & another man sawing up ye pine into Scantlings & uprights &c for ye Store house — 
Saturday  22  NE, N.E.bN  Do  Do  onions. French beans & garden beans  Fresh gales & Cloudy Wr ye people employed as before P.M. Strong gales with heavy rain — 
Sunday  23rd  ENE East EbS  Do  Do  Indian Corn  Fresh breezes & Cloudy with drizling rain at 11 A.M. performed divine Service. P.M. Strong Gales with heavy rain I do not observe that there is any great sea running in the bay on ye contrary I think it is smooth water. I observed that it is high water here at full moon at 9 o'clock & ye tide flowes 7 feet per. 
Monday  24th  WSW West WSW  The surf rises landing good  Do  put some sugar Cane into ye Ground as I think it does not do well in the Tub left 2 Stalks in ye Tub  Potatoes just appearing —  Fresh gales & Cloudy. heavy rain all night. In ye Morning it cleared up with a few flying showers 2 Men employed sawing Scantlings 1 Man framing a Store house, 2 Men building a hutt & 4 Clearing away ye ground. 1 Cooking & 1 Sick the Women dragging away ye boughs. 
Tuesday  25th  SW South  Landing very good  very few Fish. no Turtle has been seen on ye beach since ye 14 when we turned 9  Opned a Cask of Bread.  Shalots Carrots — Cut some Cress  Very fine pleasant weather with Moderate breezes The people disposed of & employed ye same as Yesterday except breaking off one Man from Clearing away the wood to assist in framing ye Store house, at 4 P.M. ye Store house was framed & ready for boarding it, began boarding it up — 2 Men sick — 
Wednesday  26  SW Do WNW  Do & very little surf  Cauli-flower  Do Wr The People employed as Yesterday. As ye Man who assists ye Sawyer is not very expert, our progress in boarding ye Store house up is much retarded the Wr has been much warmer to day than it has been since our arrival here — 2 Men sick — 
Thursday  27th  West.  Do  Do Wr Employed as before. 1 Man Sick — 
Friday  28  WNW  good land but a great surf on ye reef  No fish caught  Fresh Breezes & Cloudy, in ye Night had some heavy rain; but little wind toward ye evening. The people empd as Yesterday 1 Man sick 
Saturday  29th  West.  good landing but little surf  Do  Raddish B.S. Raddish  Modt & Cloudy Wr had a few showers of rain in the Morning. The people all employed as before 1 Man sick — 
Sunday  30  West  Landing possible at Low water  Cut some cress & Mustard for ye People left some for seed —  Fresh gales & Cloudy Wr at 11 A.M. performed divine Service. The Surf breaks with more violence & farther out, than I have observed it to do since our Landing here. A Westerly wind always makes a great Surf on ye reef 1 Man Sick 
Monday  31st  West, S.W.  Landing possible at low water A very great Surf on the Reef  Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr with Squalls of Wind & rain, the people distributed & employed as follows — 2 Men Sawing 1 boarding up ye Store house & 6 Clearing away ground, Women burning ye Rubbish. In ye evening very heavy Gales of wind & thick Cloudy Wr with Squalls of rain — 

April 1788

Tuesday  1st  SW  No landg all day A very high Surf all along ye Reef & breaks with great Violence  Do Wr at times very heavy gusts of Wind & a great Sea running without — Employed clearing away the Wood off ye ground where ye Tents are to be removed to — Began clearing away ye ground, on ye N.E. side of ye hill, to sow Corn & Barley in. The Plants & Vegetables has received much damage from ye heavy Wind which blowing directly from ye Sea, has hurt them particularly the French beans & Young onions. At Sunsett ye Storehouse was finished — in ye evening very heavy Gales & thick cloudy Wr Strong Gales & Rain during ye night — 
WednesY  2nd  S.W., South, SE —  Do  Strong Gales of Wind & Cloudy Wr with a few showers of rain People employed for ye most part of this day, as Yesterday — at 9 A.M. shifted the Provisions & Stores from the Commandants & Store-tents into ye Store-house at 8 P.M. ye Wind shifted in a gust to ye SE — In ye Evening still fresh Gales & Cloudy Wr In the night Strong Gales — Every thing which was coming up quite flourishing in ye Garden is quite blighted & dead with the Wind. I was this day so unfortunate as to discover that the Rats had eaten a number of ye Indian Corn Shoots, close to ye ground — 
Thursday  3rd  SE, ESE  Much less Surf & decreasing fast landing good at low water  In ye Morning, Fresh Gales, but much more moderate than it has been since the 29th of last month, the Gale having blown with great violence during four days & nights, & has destroyed almost every thing that was growing in the Garden. the people employed clearing away ye Timber off ye ground destined to erect their tents on. Sawyers cutting Timber to erect the houses with & 2 Men clearing ye ground on ye N.E. side ye hill 
Friday  4th  Do, ENE  very little Surf, the Landing very good —  Three Quarts of wheat to try how it will thrive in the Garden ground —  Moderate & Cloudy Wr ye people all employed as before. As ye vegatables which were sowed in ye Garden has been quite destroyed (except a few Cabbage plants, Raddishes, Yams, & potatoes) by the late S.W. wind & not knowing how frequently they may occur during the winter months; I do not intend sowing any more garden seed in it, but have this day sown 3 Quarts of Wheat in a patch of it for a trial — 1 Man sick — 
Saturday  5th  Do  Do  several Turtle has been seen in the Bay but none came on shore  Moderate breezes & Cloudy The people employed as Yesterday In ye Afternoon shifted the Tents to the place which has been cleared for them In ye Evening very pleasant serene weather 1 Man sick 
Sunday  6th  ENE  very good landing the Surf moderate  4 Turtle has been seen in the bay but none on shore  Moderate & Cloudy Wr at 11 A.M. performed Divine service after which caused some orders & regulations to be read for ye preserving good order, regularity & cleanliness in the Settlement — 1 Man Sick — 
Monday  ESE  Do  Opened a Cask of beef & 1 of Pork  Do Wr The people distributed as follows, 5 Men clearing away the NE side of ye Hill 2 Men clearing away from the Ground where ye Tents are pitched on, to the fresh water stream — Sawyers at work as before — 
Tuesday  Do  Do  Do Wr The people all employed as Yesterday 
Wednesy  Do  Do  saw 1 Turtle onshore in the bay but did not disturb it —  Do & pleasant Weather — Employed as Yesterday. The Sawyers finished sawing ye plates &c for My house Carpenter & one Man employed in framing it 
Thursday  10  ENE, NNE  Do Wr people employed as before. in ye night Rain 
Friday  11th  Do, WNW  Transplanted some young bannana Trees & Lime trees into larger tubs which are kept under a Tent in ye garden which is opned in ye day time for them to receive the Sun —  In the Morning strong Gales & thick cloudy weather, with very heavy rain till ½ past 4 in ye Eveng when ye Wind came suddenly round to West & it cleared up people employed as before — in ye Night pleasant Weather. 
Saturday  12  West  Fresh breezes & Cloudy Wr at 10 in the Morning came on a very strong Squall of Wind & rain — It being too wet & dirty to employ ye people clearing on the NE. side of the hill. I employed them all clearing away from the Tents to ye fresh Water — 
Sunday  13  Do  Fresh Gales & Cloudy at 9 in the Morning came on a Squall the same as Yesterday, after which had moderate & pleasant Weather at 11 performed Divine Service, after which caused the orders & regulations to be read — opned a Cask of butter & Cask of bread — 
Week days  Mo days  Winds  State of Surf & Landing  Turtle or fish caught  Seeds Sown  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c 
Monday  14th  W.S.W., S.W.  A very great Surf all along the reef no landing  The Rats have destroyed every grain of Wheat & barly which were coming up, & ye Grubs have destroyed all the potatoes & other vegatables which were also coming up, except the Yams which they have damaged. On first discovering the Rats to be so numerous I fitted up ye empty Bread Casks as Traps in which I caught 20 of them which were killed & thrown about the Garden, to deter the living ones, but they soon grew too cunning to be caught in the Cask & too bold to be intimidated by their dead companions. The only means I had left was to pound some glass fine & mix it with oatmeal. they destroy a quantity of this every night but I fear very much it will not remove them. To destroy the Grubs I have try'd Ashes — lie of Ashes, & urine but all without Effect they are so numerous that it is impossible to thin them by picking them off.  Strong Gales & heavy Squalls of wind & rain, & a great Sea running without. The people disposed of as follows. 4 Men Clearing away as before 2 making a Thatched house for 6. 1 Man working under ye Carpenter, who is rendered incapable of working himself, having cut his hand across in a dangerous manner. 1 Man making a fish pot & Sawyers employed sawing boards — 
Tuesday  15th  South  Less Surf Landing good at low Water  More moderate than Yesterday but no rain, The People all employed as before. Died on of ye Ewes three only remains the rest being destroyed by the Scab notwithstanding the greatest care was taken of them — 1 Man lame — 
Wednesday  16th  West, W.N.W.  very little surf landing good  A few fish served ½ allowance of pease.  Moderate breezes & Cloudy. The people all employed as before & ye Women burning away the vine Tendrils which want clearing on the NE side of the hill — 
Thursday  17th  West  Do  Moderate breezes & Cloudy Weather. This Morning detected Jno Batchelor Marine in my Tent stealing Rum out of a Barreca, in which it was kept, As the Allowance of ye Officers & Men belonging to the Sirius, which I kept in my Tent not having a more secure place to put it in. An Attempt of ye same sort was made on the 2nd Instant but at that time I could not fix on the Thief — In the Afternoon I assembled the people together & punished him with 1 Dozen lashes for quitting his work, one dozn lashes for breaking into ye Kings Stores, & 1 Dozen for Theft, on measuring ye remaing Rum in ye barreca I find it 7 pints Short. ordered his allowance to be stopt till ye deficiency is made good. 
Week days  Mo days  Winds  State of Surf & Landing  Turtle or fish caught  Seeds Sown Observations on Seeds &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c 
Friday  18th  N.W.  Landing good  Fresh gales & Cloudy the people all employed as before In ye night had a few showers of hard rain — 
Saturday  19th  West.  AM good Landing P.M A great Surf  The Yams are now thriving very well & seem to bid fair to be out of ye reach of ye rats or Grubs. but I Still have my fears that the cold Southerly Winds will blight them not-withstanding I have sheltred them very well by a close fence —  Do Wr at times Strong Squalls. In the Morning got the frame of my house &[c] in its place & put it up, its dimensions is 24 feet long. 12 feet broad & 7 feet high people employed as before. The Sawyers has sawed up 898 foot of fir into Sleepers, Weather boarding, & quarter stuff for My house since ye 13th — 
Sunday  20th  WSW  The surf runs very high, Landing not possible  The Southerly Winds are now become cold & raw which induces me to call this about ye commencement of ye Winter —  Fresh Gales & cloudy Weather & a great sea running without. at 11 A.M. performed divine Service. In ye afternoon Charles Mac Lennand a boy of 14 yrs old was discovered stealing Rum out of the Surgeons Tent. punished him with 3 Dozn lashes. I have great reason to suppose some others were concerned with him, but not having sufficient proof against them, I forbear taking any notice of it, being determined & having assured the people that the next person which I detected in any theft whatever would be made a severe & dreadfull example of — 
Monday  21st  SW, South  Do  The Wind still blows hard & a great Surf. people employed as follows 3 Men clearing away on the N.E. side of the hill. 3 Clearing away towards the Fresh water. Carpenter & one Man assisting him in building my house & 2 Men employed Sawing — The women employed burning away the Rubbish 
Tuesday  22nd  SE  Very little Surf  Moderate Breezes & pleasant weather The people all employed as Yesterday 
Wednesday  23  NE  Landing very good Scarce any Surf  On ye 27th I discovered a great quantity of plantane trees, which grow close to the Stream of fresh Water which runs through the Valley which is in this part of it dry & not swampy as it is opposite the hill on which the Settlement is, & below it — The Valley is also very wide & bordered by some Small hills, which are as thickly covered with Wood as any other part of ye Iland but the Valley might easily be cleard, or at least a sufficient part of it for ye purpose of sowing Grain Gardens &c which it will produce abundantly if the Rats do not destroy it The Plantane trees grow close to the Water & are so thick that they choak each other besides the very great quantity of other small aquatic shrubs & the bear-bind with which they are interlaced must necessarily retard their perfection, I therefore as soon as a man can be spared intend clearing a spot round them & transplanting some of ye suckers into dryer ground. I shall send Mr Altree to stay there & build a house — I have no doubt but this Valley would produce an immense quantity of Grain as it can be so easily overflowed —  Little Wind & clear Weather. On digging about 2 feet under my house, I find the bottom is sand & a loose sand stone I therfore dug a cellar under a small part of it but the deeper I went I found the bottom dryer & judged it to be a very proper place to put the provisions in, as it will be both safe & dry & will add much to the security of the provisions in being under my immediate care & inspection & will prevent the building another Store house, for a considerable time I therefore broke two men off from clearing away on ye N.E. side of the Hill & began digging a cellar under the house the whole length & breadth of it viz. 24 feet by 12, & 5 feet deep. 
Thursday  24  North  Do  Little wind & very pleasant weather, the middle of the day rather sultry. The People all employed as Yestery 
Friday  25  NE  Do  Do Wr employed as before 
Saturday  26  N.W.  Do  In ye Morning Fresh Gales & Cloudy with Showers of rain In ye Afternoon moderate with heavy Showers of rain The people all employed as before. In ye Evening pleasant Weather — 
Sunday  27th  Do, SW, SSE  A great Surf landing impossible  At 2 in the Morning the wind shifted round to S.W. in a very heavy Squall & blew with great violence till 7 when it veered round to SSE & continued blowing hard all day with showers of rain. At 11 A.M. performed divine Service — Sawyers have sawn 866 feet of Wood since last Sunday — We have caught 40 Rats this week but they are very numerous still — 
Monday  28  SSE  Towards ye Eveng. little Surf, & Landing good —  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Wr the people distributed as follows — 2 Men digging a Cellar under my house for the reception of Provisions or other Stores 3 men clearing away on the NE side of the hill. 1 Man making a Killock to side ye boat & one Man Assisting ye Carpenter. Sawyers Employed & women burning the rubbish. 
Tuesday  29th  Do  Very little Surf  Moderate breezes & Cloudy the people employed as Yester. In ye Evening ye 2 Men finished digging the Cellar & ye Killock was also finished — 
Wednesday  30th  NE  No surf landing good  Do & pleasant Weather 4 Men clearing away on ye NE side of ye hill & ye rest a before. 1 Man sick — in dysentery 

May 1788

Week days  Mo days  Winds  State of Surf & Landing  Turtle or fish caught  Seeds Sown Observations on Seeds &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c 
Thursday  1st  NNE  Do  Fresh breezes & Cloudy people empd as before — latter part of ye day moderate & Cloudy 1 Man still sick 
Friday  2nd  NW, So, SE  Surf increasg.  First part light winds with dark Gloomy Weather, with heavy rain. No work done to day 
Saturday  3rd  SSE  A great Surf  Fresh breezes & Cloudy Weather with some heavy Showers of rain. In ye Intervals the people employed as before 
Sunday  4th  South  Do  Do & hazey Weather with a cold raw air at 11 A.M. performed divine Service 1 Man sick his complaint is a dysentery. Upwards of 50 Rats have been caught this last week. I was this day so unfortunate as to lose one of my sows. I imagine she was poisoned. 
Monday  5th  SSW, Et, NNE  Very little Surf landing good  Moderate & dark cloudy weather with frequent showers of rain ye People distributed as follows. 4 men clearing away on ye N.E. side of the hill. As I have every reason to suppose that the sow which died Yesterday had eaten something poisonous, I therefore have begun a hog pen made of stakes to confine the rest in altho I much fear that they will not be so well fed as before Sawyers & Carpenters ye same 1 Man sick. 
Tuesday  NNE, ESE  Very little Surf landg good  AM Little wind & a thick fog. P.M clear Weather The people all employed as before ye sawyers assist. & one Man sick 
Wednesday  East  Do  Little wind & very serene pleasant weather. The people employed as before one Man sick 
Thursday  NE  Do  Do Wr ye people employed as yesterday — In ye Evening of Yesterday the Sawyer his assistant & ye Carpenter was poisoned by eating some beans which had a very tempting appearance much like ye broad windsor bean, they have been so ill as not to do any work to day — 1 Man sick 
Friday  9th  East  Do  Do Wr The Sawyers & Carpenters unable to do any work, ye rest employed as before. The hog-pen was finished, began making a catamaran, to go off to the boat which I intend mooring to a killock in the middle bay where she will ride securely & in very smooth water, which is the only method we can take to catch fish. In ye Evening ye Catamaran was finished. 3 Men sick 
Saturday  10th  ENE, East, Variable  Do  Do Wr in ye Morning heavy clouds & rain at 11 o'clock came on a deluge of rain which lasted about 10′ minutes launched ye boat & Catamaran moored ye boat to ye Killock — +Punished Charles McLennan Convict with 3 Dozen lashes for uttering some very seditious & threatning words. In ye Evening very pleasant serene weather — 2 Men sick — + If there were more convicts here, they would not submit to having their salt provisions stopped where a quantity of fish were caught by them. 
Week days  Mo days  Landing state of ye weather  Turtle or fish caught Landg & Surf  Seeds sown  Seeds came up  Observations  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c 
Sunday  11th  S.E. East.  Do No Surf  Little wind all day, with dark Gloomy weather, at 11 came on a Torrent of rain which lasted the same time as Yesterday — after which had passing showers of rain at 11 A.M. performed divine service. 2 Men sick — 
Monday  12th  ESE  Do Do  Do Wr with such heavy & incessant rain that no work could be done. the wind was very faint throughout the day — 1 Man sick 
Tuesday  13th  SW, West  Do  Moderate breezes & pleasant weather, till the Evening then very Gloomy Weather & heavy rain but no wind 5 Men Grubbing up & Clearing away on ye NE side of the hill. 1. Man employed in sundry jobs about ye boat &c Sawyers sawing up boards & Carpenter finishg ye Commandants house — 1 Man sick — 
Wednesday  14th  Variable  36 fish  The boat returned without ye Grapnel & rope. ye people not being able to clear it of ye rocks —  Light airs & Cloudy Wr in ye Afternoon sent ye boat with the mate in her to fish without ye reef. at Sunset she returned with 36 very fine large fish 1 Man sick 
Thursday  15th  NW, NE, SW, NE  very good landing no salt meat issued  Do & sometimes Squalls (but not violent) with dark gloomy Weather & incessant torrents of rain, with distant Thunder & lightning. No work done to day 1 Man sick — 
Friday  16  Do  Do  op'ned a Cask of Pease & one of Flour  Moderate breezes & pleasant weather. people employed as before. broke two men off from clearing away on the N.E. side of ye hill to assist Mr Altree in removing his things to the plantane plantation where I have ordered him to reside in order to take care of those trees & cultivate the adjoining grounds which may be cleared away in a short time — 1 Man Sick — 
Week days  Mo days  Winds  Surf & Landg  Fish caught  Seeds sown  Observations  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c 
Saturday  17th  S.W.  28 Fish  Landing good  * As ye rainy Weather is now become incessant, & there is every reason to suppose it will be so for 2 or 3 Months to come which will endanger the peoples health by remaining in the Tents, as the weather is also cold, I have adopted the plan of clearing the Storehouse & lodging the provisions & stores in ye Cellar, & on ye top of my house & letting ye 5 men & three women (who are unhoused) have the Store-house till a house can be conveniently built for them, which will place the whole under Shelter; except ye Surgeon & Mate, a house for whom will be immediately begun —  Do Wr with heavy rain. The Commandants house was this day finished in ye Evening brought a quantity of ye provisions from ye Storehouse & put into ye Cellar sent ye boat outside ye reef to fish — & search for the Grapnel rope — at 3 in ye Afternoon she returned with 28 fish but could not find ye buoy or Grapnel rope 1 Man sick — 
Sunday  18  Do  served ½ allowance of pork  Moderate breezes & Cloudy — at 11 A.M. performed divine service — 1 Man sick — 
Monday  19th  Do, West  Do Wr 4 Men clearing away on the NE side of the hill shifted all the provisions & Stores from ye Storehouse into my house & placed them in the cellar & on the loft Carpenter fixing a loft to the Store house & Sawyers sawing plates for ye Officers house — 2 Men sick 
Tuesday  20th  SW  A great Surf Landing at Low Water.  Strong Gales & Cloudy the People employed as before & one making a Crab to heave the boat up by In felling a Tree it fell accidentally on one of the Turkey hens & killed it — 2 Men sick 
Wednesday  21  SW  A very great Surf all along the Reef  Very Strong Gales of Wind & Cloudy Weather in the morning had some heavy Squalls of Wind & rain. Sowed 2 Quarts of Wheat in ye Garden ground but am fearfull the rats will destroy the seed. People employed as before In ye night had some very heavy Squalls of wind which drove the boat from her mooring & forced her onshore on ye Sandy beach, where she received no damage. I do not intend to launch her till the Crab is ready for heaving her up 1 Man sick 
Thursday  22  South, SSE  A very high Surf  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Weather, the Sawyer was taken ill & could not do any work sent his assistant out to help Mr Altree in clearing away at the Plantation — the rest of ye people employed as before. The weather for these two or three days past has been very cold & bleak 1 Man sick 
Friday  23rd  ESE, East  Less Surf landing better than before  3 Quarts of Wheat  Moderate & Cloudy people employed as before As I shall have a sufficiency of Garden ground clear against the spring, I have this day caused the remaining part of the Garden ground to be turned up & Sown with Wheat. 1 Man ss — 
Saturday  24th  ESE  little Surf landing good  Do Wr In the Morning had some heavy Squalls of rain. The Carpenters & Sawyers assistant employed in making a framed Shed to cover the Saw pit that it may be possible for ye Sawyers to work in Rainy Weather — Sawyer Sick — 
Sunday  25th  East  a great Surf  Fresh breezes & Cloudy Weather. the air very raw & cold at 11.A.M. performed Divine service — 
Monday  26th  Do, ESE  Less surf  Do Wr with Squalls of rain people employed as follows 5 Men clearing away the ground on the NE side of the hill & burning ye rubbish 1 Man making a crab to heave the boat up by Sawyers & Carpenter employed as before 
Tuesday  27th  Very little Surf landing very good  Moderate & pleasant weather all ye people employed in felling a large pine-tree, which over hangs a part of the Hill which we are clearing, but contrary to our intentions it fell down hill, where it must remain which is of no great consequence as ye heart of it is unsound. 1 Man sick opned a Cask of Beef — 
Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Fish caught  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c 
Wednesday  28th  North  Do  Moderate breezes & pleasant weather, people employed burning up the rubbish of ye N.E. side of the hill 2 Men levelling the Ground, to erect the surgeons house on — Carpenter & Sawyers employed as before 
Thursday  29th  NE, NW, West, South  Very little Surf  Fresh breezes & Cloudy with two very heavy Squalls of Wind & rain from ye West. The People employed as Yesterday — during the night strong Gales of Wind 
Friday  30th  ESE, SE  Do  Moderate breezes & pleasant weather, people employed as before — Carpenter Framed ye Surgeon & Mates house — 
Saturday  31st  ESE, SSE  Do  Do Wr finished the Crab brought the boat down from the middle beach & hove her up. the people employed as before. In ye night had hard rain. opned a Cask Pork 

June 1788

Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Fish caught  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c 
Sunday  1st  West, SSW, SW  Do  36 Fish, No Salt Provisions Issued —  Do Wr at day light sent the boat without the reef to fish at ½ past eight she returned with 36 very fine fish at 11. performed divine service at 2 in ye afternoon I went out in the boat & went round Nepeans Isle on ye S.W. side of which is a very fine sandy bay but the surf was too high to land on it, which I imagine may be done in fine weather & a N.E. wind. the Ground appears very fine & free from underwood. there is a very good passage between Nepeans Isle & Point Hunter. I sounded close to the Island & found 10 fathom Returned at sunsett — 
Monday  North, NNW, West  Do  Do Wr people employed as before & as follows. 5 men burning up the rubbish which was collected on the NE side of ye hill. ye rest of the people employed as before sent out 2 Sugar canes & an assortment of every kind of seeds to ye Plantation to be sowed there which was done. Sawyers have sawed since the 17th 1479 feet of boarding. 
Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Seeds sown  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c 
Tuesday  3rd  NNW, North  No Surf at all —  As I am provided with only 5 months bread & flour & having only 3 Cask of each left, which is 2 months provisions at whole allowance & ye rest of the provisions being for 6 months. I this day put every person in the settlement to an allowance of 2/3 of each article; letting ye Women remain at their original allowance of 2/3  Very pleasant serene weather the people all employed as before 12 plantane suckers were transplanted from ye rivulet into the plantation I also sent there the bannana trees, as well as the lime trees, which I brought with me — not doubting but they will thrive — opned a Cask of bread & one of flour 
Wednesday  4th  NW  Do  Fresh Gales & Cloudy, began breaking up part of the Ground on the NE side of the hill to sow wheat. At sunrise hoisted ye Colours, in observance of the Anniversary of His Majesties Birth Day & gave each of the people some liquor to drink His Majesties health & at their request excused them from any work in the Afternoon 
Thursday  5th  WNW Do  Do  Served ½ allowance of Pork; 1 Peck of Wheat —  Strong Gales & Cloudy — Sowed about a rood of ground on ye N.E. side of the hill with wheat & began turning up another patch. In ye Morning sent the boat just without ye Reef to fish — she returned with 30 
Friday  6th  W.S.W.  A great Surf  Do Wr with heavy Squalls of wind & rain. people employed as before sent a part of the stock to the plantation 
Saturday  7th  South, SSE  Do  2 Pecks of Wheat —  Fresh Gales & Cloudy. Employed as before in the Afternoon sowed a rood of ground with 2 pecks of Wheat as I have great reason to suppose that the seed is bad 1 Man lame 
Sunday  8th  SE, East  Do  Do Wr at 11 in the Morning performed divine service In the Afternoon Squally with rain — 
Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Seeds sown  Seeds up  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c 
Monday  9th  East, ENE  A great Surf  one Gallon of Wheat —  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Weather. people employed burning off & sowing ye Cleared Ground on the NE side of the hill — Sawyers sawing boards & the Carpenter building a house for the Mate & Surgeon. 2 Men Sick — 
Tuesday  10th  Do  landing very good  3 Peck of Wheat  Most of the seeds which were sow'd at ye Plann are out of the ground  Strong Gales & dark Cloudy Weather. People employed turning up & sowing the ground on the NE side of the Hill. the Weather is cold & Bleak. 2 Men sick — 
Wednesday  11th  Do  Do  Do Wr people employed as Yesterday one man lame 
Thursday  12  East  Do  1 Peck of Wheat  Do Wr People as before. in the Evening more Moderate 1 Man lame. 
Friday  13th  Do  Do  1 peck of Wheat  Do Wr Squalls as Yesterday. people employed as before in the Afternoon more moderate, with pleasant weather at 4 P.M. sent the boat without the reef to fish at 5 she returned with only 6 — hove the boat up. 1 Man lame Carpenter sick — 
Saturday  14th  Do  ½ a peck of Wheat.  Moderate & Cloudy people employed as before 1 Man lame & the Carpenter sick — 
Sunday  15th  But little Surf; & the landing very good.  Moderate breezes & very pleasant Weather, at daylight sent the boat with the Mate & 4 Men without the reef to fish. at 9 made the signal for them to return. In passing the point of the reef, the fineness of the Weather & there being little or no surf, threw them so much off their guard, that the boat ship'd a sea, which filled her & wash'd Jno Batchelor Mar[ine] overboard, who was drowned, the boat with the rest of the people drove in among the rocks to the Westward of the landg place, where they were with great difficulty saved having received violent contusions. got the boat round to the land & hove her up, found her much damaged, having 5 planks fore & aft on each side stove in lost ye killock & 20 feet of Rope, 3 fishing lines hooks &c. 1 hand line 2 lines & the Rudder 
Monday  16  E.S.E.  But little Surf Landing very good —  Moderate Breezes in the night very hard rain. in the Morning pleasant weather 4 Men Turning the ground up on ye NE side of the hill. Sawyer & one Man who were in the boat unable to work 1 Man lame. 
Tuesday  17th  N.E.  Do  Two Quarts of Wheat  Little wind & pleasant weather. people employed as before. P.M. got a piece of Timber on the pit, to saw into planks to repair the boat with. Sawyers have sawed since ye1st 877 feet of Boards &c — 1 Man lame. 
Wednesday  18th  Do  scarce any Surf  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Weather. People all employed as before 1 Man lame. 
Thursday  19th  Do  Do  Do Wr with very heavy rain. No work done 
Friday  20th  North West WSW  Do  1 Peck of Barley  Fresh breezes & Clear. In ye Afternoon hard rain, people employed as before finishing turning up ye ground on the NE Side of the hill 
Saturday  21st  S.W.  No Landing  ½ a peck of Barley  Excessive Strong Gales of wind, accompanied with very heavy Gusts & torrents of Rain during the whole night. A.M. ye Corpse of Jno Batchelor Marine, who was drowned on the 15th, floated & came onshore put the Corpse into a Shell & interred it near the Flagstaff. Finished turning up the cleared Ground ground on the NE. side of the hill & sowed it with Barley. 1 Man lame. Sawyer sick 
Sunday  22nd  South  A very great surf  Strong Gales & Squalls of rain at 11 A.M. performed divine service Sawyer sick & one Man lame. 
Monday  23rd  SSW  Do  Do Wr 4 Men employed turning up my garden ground on the S.E. side of the hill. 1 Man repairing the boat Sawyer sick & one Man lame. 
Tuesday  24th  NE  A very great Surf  Moderate with frequent showers of very heavy rain. in the intervals people employed as before Sawyer sick & one man lame 
Wednesy  25th  SW.  Do  In the night very heavy gales with torrents of rain during the day fresh Gales & Cloudy Sawyer sick & one man lame — 
Thursday  26th  S.W.  Do  In the night had very heavy Squalls of wind, with hail, Thunder & lightning, during the day had fresh Gales & Squalls of rain 4 Men employed clearing away Garden ground. the rest of the people employed as before Sawyer & 2 Women sick & 1 Man lame 
Friday  27th  S.W., South  Less Surf  The same weather as last night during the day fresh Gales towards Evening more moderate. People all employed as before — & ye Sick as Yestery 
Saturday  28th  South  Do  Moderate Gales & Cloudy Weather. the people employed as before. Sawyer & 2 Women sick & 1 Man lame 
Sunday  29th  SW, S.S.E.  A great Surf  9 grains of Indian corn at the Plantn  Fresh Gales & Cloudy at 11 A.M. performed divine service. the Weather during the last week has been very raw & cold — 
Monday  30th  East  Do  Do Wr 5 Men Employed clearing away garden ground on the side of the Hill, 1 Man repairing ye boat Sawyers & Carpenters as before 2 Women sick 

July 1788

Week days  Mo days  Winds  Land & Surf  Seeds sown  Seeds up  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island, state of the Weather &c. 
Tuesday  1st  Do  Do  Strong Gales & very Gloomy Weather. People as before. 
Wednesday  2nd  ENE, North  Little Surf —  Very heavy Squalls of wind & rain during the night & fore part of the day. In ye Afternoon people empd as before — 
Thursday  3rd  North  Little Surf  Fresh Gales & gloomy rainy weather, but very little work done on account of the great rains — 
Friday  4th  Variable  No surf  Strong Gales & heavy rain no work done to day 
Saturday  5th  Do  Do  The indian corn which was sown on ye 29th is come up. I mean this for a trial only  Wheat which was Transplanted this day was reaped Decr 11th & yielded 3 quarts  Squally weather with constant heavy rain. I this day transplanted all the wheat that is come up. (viz 260 blades) into a piece of Ground by itself to reserve it for seed — The Man who was repairing the boat taken ill — 
Sunday  6th  NW, West  Do  Very heavy rain all night. In ye Morning fresh Gales with heavy Squalls of wind & rain at 11 A.M. performed Divine Service 
Monday  7th  S.W.  Do  4½ Peck of Barley Turnips & Carrots in the Lower Garden —  Barley Reaped Novr 23rd  Squally Weather with passing showers of rain during the night & very fierce distant Lightning from S.E. to So. Sawyers as before 3 Men turning up my Garden Ground & 3 Men sowing barley in the lower Garden & on the N.E. side of the Hill where the Wheat was sown. one Man sick — 
Tuesday  8th  S.S.W.  More Surf  Fresh breezes & pleasant Weather. people all empd as before 
Wednesday  9th  S.W., West  Scarce any Surf.  Moderate with passing Showers of very heavy rain. finished turning up the Garden ground the size of which is [*] Carpenters & Sawyers as before 
Thursday  10th  S.W.  Do  Do Wr with very heavy rain. In the Afternoon fair weather people employed raising a close fence of Timber round the Lower part of my Garden to break the force of the South & S.W. Winds 
Friday  11  S.S.E., SW, South  Scarce any Surf.  Moderate Weather at 8 in the Morning had a very heavy Squall of Wind & Rain, after which had very pleasant Weather. People as before 1 Man sick 
Saturday  12  SE.  Do  Moderate breezes & pleasant Weather. People empd railing in the new Garden Ground. this day the Officers house was finished — 2 Men sick — 
Sunday  13th  East  Do  Do & very pleasant Weather at 11 A.M. performed divine Service 
Monday  14  NE  Do  The Barley & turnips which were sown on the 8th coming up very thick  Moderate breezes & pleasant weather. People employed fencing in the Garden. Carpenter & Sawyer, sawing up Wood to erect another house for the People — 
Tuesday  15th  NE  Do  Fresh Gales & Cloudy. People employed as before Op'ned the last Cask of Beef & the last of the Pork which will last 44 days longer at full allowance Therefore I intend putting myself, Officers, & people to ½ allowance on the 28th of this Month in case no supply of Provisions arrive here before that time. 
Wednesday  16th  Do  A great Surf  Strong Gales with constant heavy rain & thick Weather. the People unemployed on account of the Weather 
Thursday  17th  North.  Less Surf  Carrots English Seed which were sown on the 8th in ye old Garden ground —  Very heavy Gusts of Wind during the night & all the day with constant heavy rain — Several trees were blown down. This Gale of Wind is the most severe which we have felt here, as it blows a perfect hurricane at 4 P.M. the wind veered to North & Moderated 
Friday  18  NW  Do  Strong Gales & constant heavy rain. The people have done very little Work these three days past on account of the very heavy rains — 
Saturday  19th  SW  Good Landing  Turnips in the new Garden Ground.  Fresh Gales & Clear with flying showers. 3 Men fencing in the Garden 3 Turning up Ground to sow Barley in & 1 Man repairing the boat — 
Sunday  20th  W.S.W.  Do  Moderate Gales & very pleasant Weather. at 11 A.M. performed divine Service — 
Monday  21st  South  A very great Surf  Turnips ... gathd in Octr Carrots Lettices's of 3 sorts Do leeks Parsley ...Septr Celery Cabbage 5 sorts ...Octr Corn & Sallad Pruslain. Artechoks Fennel, Bazil  Do Wr with a few Squalls of Rain in the Morning 3 Men Employ'd turning up Ground to sow Barley 3 Men fencing in the New Garden ground 1 Man repairing the Boat & Women burning the rubbish turn'd up & sow'd a part of the Garden with the Seeds as per Column Sa[w] yers & Carpenter as before 
Tuesday  22  NNE  A little Surf  2 Quarts of the Provision Pease 1½ Peck of Barley  Never came up  Do Wr sow'd 1½ Peck of Barley next the old Garden in the afternoon every Person Empd getting the Butt of a Pine on the saw pit ye greatest part of which is to be saw'd into 3 Inch Plank for Port Jackson. turn'd up a part & sow'd a patch of the New Garden ground with Pease. 1 Man repairing the Boat 
Wednesy  23  WNW  Scarce any Surf  Planted 500 Cabbage plants from the Plantation in the New Garden & mountain spinnage  Do Wr at Noon came on a very heavy Squall of Rain 4 Men Empd clearing away the Ground behind my House to sow Barley & two Men making a fence round the new Garden 
Thursdy  24  Do  Do  Planted 200 Cabbage plants & 200 lettice plants. Sowed Beet seed Turnips  Fresh Gales & Clear Wr with two very heavy Squalls of Wind & Rain 4 Men turning up the Ground behind my house to sow Barley & 2 Men making a fence round the New Garden 

Friday  25  Do  A very great Surf  Strong Gales & passing Squalls of very heavy Rain People empd as Yesterday 
Saturday  26th  WSW  A very great Surf  1½ peck of Barley  Cabbage Plants appearing  Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr sow'd the Ground behind my House with Barley at ¼ pt 5 in the afternoon His Majesteys arm'd Tender Supply hove in sight coming round Point Ross. She pass'd between Phillips Ilse & Nepeans. I imagine she is gone to Leeward of the Island to ride the Gale out 
Sunday  27th  SW  less Surf landing not good  Barley coming up which was sowed the 22  Do Wr very Squally at 11 AM perform'd Divine Service at 3 P.M. Messrs Waterhouse & Parker arriv'd here with my Dispatches from His Excellency the Governor they having landed in Balls Bay 
Monday  28th  SSW  Do at Noon very good landing  Do Wr at Day light the Midshipmen returned to Balls Bay to go on bd the Supply & Mr Cunningham with them People empd removing some large stones from the landing place & making a rolling way for the Casks Sawyers Sawing boards for Port Jackson 
Tuesday  29  SSE  But little Surf  Moderate & pleasant Weather People Empd clearing & fixing my Cellar for the Receipt of the Provisions serv'd full Allowance of Bread & Flower. at 8 am Messrs Cunningham & Waterhouse returnd from on bd the Supply with a message from Lieut Ball that, as the Wind remain'd Southly he meant to anchor under the NE part of the Island 
Wednesy  30th  SSE, ESE  Scarce any Surf  Modt Breezes & squally 2 Men turning up ground to sow grain, Sawyers sawing up plank for Port Jackson in the afternoon the Boat was finished. I sent a man over the Island to find out the Supply with a letter 
Thursday  31st  South  Scarce any Surf  The Rats having destroyed all the Peas which were sown the [*] sow'd more putting them much deeper in the ground  Fresh Gales & very squally at ½ past 11 the Supplys boat arriv'd here with a boar & sow & some other light articles, in her came the Carpenter to offer his assistance to build a convenient boat for this place which I accepted he began work immediately at ½ past 12 the Supplys boat return'd to go on board the Supply being at anchor off the Cascade 

August 1788

Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing &  Seeds sown  Seeds up  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island 
Friday  1st  SSE  A great Surf  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Wr the Carpenter of the Supply & his servant with a Man to assist him & Sawyers sawing up plank Empd building a boat of the Coble kind 15 feet in length & 5 in breadth. two Men Empd turning up ground to sow Wheatnote I shall get from the Supply 
Saturday  SW  Bad landing  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Wr Carpenter of the Supply &c empd as before. People empd hedging round a patch of Barley 
Sunday  South, SSE, NNE  very good landing  At noon of this day the Man whom I sent to find the Supply out returned much exhausted & fatigued having lost himself & had nothing to eat for two days.  Little Wind & Cloudy Wr at 8 am saw the Supply under weigh at about 3 miles Distance working to the Sthward but having little wind & a whole tide against her she will loose ground the Supply remain'd shut in with Nepeans Isle the remainder of the Day. 
Monday  4th  NE  Do  Light rain & Cloudy Wr the Carpenters &c & Sawyers Empd about the Coble at Sunsett the Supply came round point Ross and Anchord in the Bay made a large fire on the shore 
Tuesday  NE  landing not prudent, Good landing  Fresh Gales & Cloudy with heavy Rain at 8 A.M. made the Sigl to the Supply that her boats could not land. at 2 P.M. made the Sigl that Boats could land launch'd the Jolly boat & sent her off recd part of the provisions & stores from the Supply The Carpenter return'd on board pr order of Lieut Ball to stock an Anchor hove the boat aft 
Wednesy  WSW  At daylight landing good but the tide flowing at ½ pt 7 made a great Surf till 1. PM after which had very good landing  At Day light Fresh Gales & Squally, hoisted the Coulours being the Sigl that a boat might land at 7AM hoisted the Colours half staff being the Sigl that landing was dangerous the Surf having considerably increas'd with the flowing tide at ½ p 7 the Supply weig'd, & soon after hove too & hoisted her boats out haul'd down the Sigl that landing was dangerous, & on the boats approaching the shore hoisted to Sigl again, that landing was dangerous. Fearing that if that boat persisted in coming in some accident might happen to her (as the Surf ran very high) I launch'd our boat & sent her with the Mate & four Men giving him positive orders not to go without the smooth water under the point of the Reef in order to be afloat & ready to give assistance to the Supplys boat in case of any accident our boat being swept to the W'ward by the tide & in endeavouring to get under the point of the Reef again, she was imprudently left broad side in a heavy surf which gave a very sufficient Warning; Unfortunatly it broke into the boat & oversett her, the Mate & Wm Westbrook Sawyer — Tomlinson Seaman belonging to the Supply & Wm Williams Convict were drown'd & one man sav'd with great difficulty, the boat drove out to sea & was lost — about 10 Minutes after the Supplys Jolly Boat landed safely, with 3 Casks of Flour & one of Rum — another of the Supplys boats were coming on shore observing she did not see the Sigl, fir'd musquets &c on which she return'd on board. Soon after the Supply bore up, & ran to leeward of the Island at 1 P.M. there being much less surf, the Supplys boat went off very safely & ran to leeward of the Island to get on board her 
Thursday  7th  SW, SSW, SE  landing good  punish'd Chas M'lennan with 3 Dozn lashes for stealing Eggs  Fresh Breezes & Cloudy People Empd clearing away the ground behind the store house to sow the wheat in which is on board the Supply 
Friday  8th  SE  Not good landing  The Carpenter of the Supply, return'd on shore, to finish the Coble if possible before the Supplys departure from hence  Moderate Breezes & pleasant Wr at Day light the Supply standing into the Road, made ye Sigl that Anchoring was good ½ past 7 the Supply came too & sent her boats with provision & Stores, after the boats return made ye Sigl that Landing was dangerous with the Flowing tide at 4 P.M. made the Sigl for Landing & reced more provisions. at Sunsett the Supply weighed. 
Saturday  9th  E.S.E., E.N.E., East  In the Morning good landing.  Moderate Breezes with dark cloudy Weather at Day light the Supply standing into the Road. made ye Sigl that landing was good received two turns of Provisions & Stores. at Sunsett the Supply weighed & stood out to the Southward — 
Sunday  10  N.E.  Good landing  Do with very pleasant Weather. at Day light the Supply standing into the Road, made the Signal that Landing was good. Reced the last of our Provisions & Stores. all landed in perfect safety. The Supply stood over towards Phillips Isle & at 2 in the aftn, anchored in Sydney Bay at Sunsett she weighed & stood to the Southward. 
Monday  11th  Do  Do  Beans of difft sorts. 2 kinds of Pease 60 Cotten Seeds. (Strasburg Deptford W Spanish) Onions  C'etait bien singulier que je n'ai été honoré d'une visite de Mons. Ball ni aucun de ses officiers depuis que la corvette est ici. Je crois q'ils ont peur d'attrapper quelque mal epidemique.  Strong Gales during the night, at 9 A.M. saw the Supply a great distance to the S.E. at 9 she came into ye Road, made ye Signal that landing was good, at ½ past the Jolly boat landed, Sent off the Carpr & My good friend Harry Waterhouse. with my dispatches for his Excelly the Governor, the Supply hoisted her boats in, & made sail for Port Jackson. People employed turning up ground to sow Wheat on. 
Tuesday  12th  N.N.E, N.W. W.N.W.  Scarce any Surf  (Deptford Strasburg W. Spanish) onions, Cress & Mustard, 1 Peck of Wheat  Very Strong Gales of Wind during the night with very heavy rain. In the Morning & Course of the day had fresh Gales & Squalley, at Sunrise hoisted the colours in observance of the anniversary of the Birth day of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Sowed 1½ Rood of Ground with Cape Wheat received from Port Jackson by His Majs Armed Tender Supply. 
Wedy  13th  WSW  Do  3 Kind of Beans. Round & prickly Spinach with Salmon Lettuce.  Moderate Gales & very pleasant Weather. Every person employed Clearing away Ground to sow ye remainder of the Wheat in, Reced by the Supply. In the evening the Corpse of Jno Williams floated & came onshore. put it into a Coffin & interred it. 
Thursday  14  Do  good landing till flowing tide then a very high Surf.  Short top Raddish Spinach  Beans.  Fresh Gales with frequent Squalls of very heavy rains. People employed clearing away Ground to sow Wheat on, on the SW. Side of the Hill — I much fear that the other 3 Corpses are gone to sea by which means I shall be deprived of the satisfaction of rendring the last Christian Offices to the Deceased. (see Oct 23, 1789) 
Friday  15th  SW, S.S.W.  Good Landing.  Fresh Gales & Cloudy The air sharp & rather cold. People employed turning up a piece of Ground to sow the remainder of the Wheat in received by the Supply. 
Saturday  16th  West  Not the least Surf.  Moderate Breezes & very pleasant Weather. Sowed 1 & ½ Rood of Ground with Wheat received by the Supply — Opened a Cask of Beef & one of Flour, the latter of which had a large Rats nest in it & several dead young ones. This Cask came by the Supply & wanted 50 lbs of the weight — 
Sunday  17th  WSW.  A very great Surf.  Strong Gales of Wind & very heavy rain during the night, with very fierce Gusts of Wind. which continued all day at 11 A.M. performed divine Service — 

Transactions on Norfolk Island State of the Weather &c. 
August 1788 Monday 18 Winds SSE Moderate Breezes & pleasant Weather the people employed Clearing away ¾ of an acre of ground at the Plantation to sow Indian Corn in. At daylight I sett of with Mr Morley & 2 Men to examine Balls Bay, & the Rock to the Westward of the Cascade, (recommended as a good landing place by Lieutt Ball) I left orders with the Surgeon to keep the people employed clearing away the Ground &c. After climbing & descending a number of Steep hills & some extensive flatts, we arrived at a Gully to the Wtward of Balls Bay, at 11 o'clock from thence we walked round to it by the Sea Shore The Bay is large & Deep & the beach is covered with a large loose Stone which runs out (as near as my situation on shore would permit me to judge of it) about one hundred Yards below low water mark & nearly on a flatt when it goes off very steep, There is very little surf at present as the Wind is right off the land, & what little there is, breaks on the beach or Stones, The only practicability of making a good landing place here is, running a pier out, which is a work that will demand a number of hands & some person conversant in an undertaking of that kind, Stones are ready & of an excellent kind, I should suppose forty Men might make a very lasting pier in six Months; where boats might land with the greatest ease, & from Whence Masts &c might be sent off & Ships of the Line launched from it if ye pier is made of a sufficient breadth. Within the Stony beach is a flatt of about 20 Yards to the ascent of the hills which are very Steep a very fine run of Water empties itself on the beach which is supplied by a small Cascade, which cascade is also supplied by a very fine Rivulet of Water which is deep & runs over a pleasant level ground on the top of the Hill, which is very difficult of access, but a good winding road may be made to it. I dined pitched our tent & lay there, this night. There has been scarce any Surf, but a boat would be much injured in landing on those Stones. 
Tuesday August 19 Very pleasant & fine Weather. at 5 in the Morning there was but just a rippling break on the Shore. at ½ past 6, We sett off to go round to the Rock to the Westward (the Cascade). Having mistaken our south & got close to the side of the Clifts we found getting into the interior parts of the Island difficult we therefore kept along ye sides of the Clifts nearest the Sea, where we found our way extreemly difficult & perplexing from the entangled state of the Woods which are of an almost impenetrable thickness, which joined to the very Steep hills or rather Mountains which we had to ascend & decend rendered our journey very fatiguing, it was not till 4 oclock in the Afternoon that we arrived at the rock, I cannot see that it would answer any other purpose than that of clearing a Vessell of any thing she might have to get onshore, With every possible exertion or contrivance I think they must remain there; as the Shore from the inner part of the rock to a Stony beach to the Eastd of it (& which is at the End of the Valley) is craggy & inaccessable. The Stony beach is quite open & of course a very heavy Surf rolls on it. The Valley is low & ye hills on both sides are almost perpendicular getting any thing of the Timber Kind off from hence is quite out of the Question. I went up to the Cascade which is beautifull but at the same time tremenduous we had to ascend some perpendicular rocks by going from the branches of one tree to another, when arrived at the Summit, we found a very pleasant levell piece of Ground watered by the Rivulet, which supplies the Cascade & which is large & deep — 
Wednesday 20th Winds West At day light sett off on our return to Sydney Bay where we arrived in four hours. I returned thro' the Center of the Island, which we in general found level. The Three first hills which we passed after leaving the Cascade are all surrounded by the same rivulet which waters the Cascade & would be a very Good situation for Cultivation. The Island is every where wooded the same & the Soil rich & fertile I do not think that there is 3 acres of unprofitable ground on the whole Island, When the Ground is turned up for sowing a part of the India Corn in, I intend sending every person to clear a way thro' the Stones on the beach in Balls Bay which I have marked out it is to be 10 Yards broad & to be cleared away as far as possible below the low Water mark, which is the only effort I can make towards rendring landing practicable in this Bay, which is very much to be desired. 

Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island state of the Weather &c — 
Thursday  21st  NNW, g.l.  The Wheat which I received by the Supply is coming up I have sown a great number of the different English seeds received by the Supply, but none of them are stirring.  Moderate Breezes & Cloudy The people employed Turning up Ground for sowing Indian Corn on & Rice. Carpr & Sawyers Sawing Plank for roofing their house with 
Friday  22nd  North, g.l.  Do Wr People all employed as Yestery 
Saturday  23rd  NW  Fresh Gales & very heavy Weather afternoon had heavy rains People as before. 
Sunday  24th  WSW, S.S.E.  very good landing till noon then a very heavy Surf —  Modt & Cloudy at 11 AM performed divine Service — 
Monday  25th  SSW, SE  A very heavy Surf without & a great Surf along the Reef.  Strong Gales of Wind but clear Weather. with some showers of rain at day light sent away the Surgeon Mr Morley & 6 People to Balls Bay, to endeavour to make a landing place, which I have marked out they arrived there at ½ past eight & soon after began work — They carried four Tents. & a Weeks provisions for each man. 
Tuesday  26th  Do, East  An Exceeding high Surf and A very great Sea without  Do Wr The Carpenter employed building a house for himself, & one Man with the Women & Boy burning up some rubbish at the Plantation, sowed a number of Grains of Indian corn there, as also some pease & transplanted a number of Cabbages &c. 
Wednesday  27th  East  Do  Do Wr the People here employed as before, I this day at day light went to Balls Bay, where a very good commencement had been made, but they have been much retarded on account of the Neap tides, & the Wind being Easterly which throws a great Surf into the Bay which has made landing here impossible. I find the present undertaking will be too laborious for the few hands I have here I therefore mean to clear away as far as possible till the Spring tides when I shall be the better able to judge of the practicability of its succeeding. 
Thursday  28th  ENE.  Scarce any Surf  Moderate breezes & pleasant Weather, Sowed some Indian Corn, Pease, & one Peck of oats with a quantity of beans. 
Friday  29th  N.E.  Do  Do Wr there has been less Surf here to day than I have ever observed here. 
Saturday  30th  N.N.W.  Do  Do & very Serene pleasant Weather At 4 P.M. the People returned from Balls Bay. Scarce any Surf at all, along the Reef, Spars or any other thing might be sent off with the greatest ease, which has been the case these three days past. 2 Men lamed. 
Sunday  31st  NW  Do  Very Serene & pleasant Weather. at 11 A.M. performed divine Service. 

September 1788

Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island state of the Weather &c — 
Monday  1st  SSE  Very bad landing in Sydney Bay  Fresh breezes & rainy Weather during the night, at Day light sett off with Mr Morley & four men to see what further could be done in Balls Bay arrived there at ½ past eight. found the tides of Yesterday had thrown in a great quantity of middling Sized Stones into the Cut which had been made. As the tide ebbed, I employed the people in clearing away a number of large Stones which lay in the Cut, & at low water removed all the Stones as far out as possible this I finished at 5 in the evening. The Cut is about 3 feet deep & at half tide 
Monday  1st  South  Very little Surf in Balls Bay.  there is upward of six feet water at the Entrance, With any other Wind than between SW & NW There is a Surf on the beach which sometimes breaks with so much violence as to render landing dangerous independant of the damage a boat would receive by beaching. Spars might be sent off from hence with great ease I think (with some trouble) a convenient Situation might be made here for launching Vessells of any Burthen, but it will be necessary to clear away a rolling place on the Side of one of the amazing steep hills with which this Bay is Surrounded. As I find nothing more can be done here with the few men that I have, I intend returning to Morrow. 
Tuesday  2nd  N.W.  Good landing some part of the day.  A Turtle came on the beach — but it soon went off again without being disturbed  Fresh breezes & Cloudy Weather at ½ past 10 returned to Sydney Bay with the People leaving four Tents pitched in Balls Bay. 
Wednesday  3rd  NE.  An increasing Surf  The Turtle staid 2 or 3 hours on the beach to day  Moderate Breezes & very pleasant Weather, People employed assisting each other in getting their gardens cleared & Turned up Carpenter employed building his house. 2 Men lame 
Thursday  4th  East  A very great Surf  The Turtle which we turned to day had his back pierced thro' as if done by a peg.  Moderate & Clear with very pleasant Weather, People employed as before — one Man Sick & one Lame. As I have only observed one Turtle on the Beach & not imagining there are more in the Bay, I sent hands & turned it, brought it to the Settlement — 
Friday  5th  E.N.E.  good Landing.  Moderate & Clear with very pleasant Weather. The People employed turning up, & Clearing away each others Garden Ground. Carpenter building his house. 
Saturday  6th  North  Scarce any Surf.  Killed the Turtle & served a part of it, in lieu of Beef  Do Wr The people all employed as before. one Man sick, & one Man lame. 
Sunday  7th  N.E.  Do  No Salt Provisions issued Served Turtle.  Fresh Breezes & dark Gloomy Weather at 11 A.M. performed Divine Service, during the night strong Gales & hard rain. 1 Man lame. 
Monday  8th  Do  Do  The Indian Corn sown on the 26th is all come up  Fresh Gales & heavy Gloomy Weather with constant rain — No work done to day. 1 Man lame. 
Tuesday  9th  Do, SW.  Do  Transplanted a Number of Cabbages &c Served half allce of Beef.  Do & very hazey. The People employed as before Carpenter Sick. 
Wednesday  10th  Do  A very heavy Surf  Fresh breezes & Cloudy Weather. People employed Clearing away & Turning up the Ground for the Surgeons Garden — 1 Man Lame. 
Thursday  11th  SSW  No Landing.  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Weather, in the Evening the People finished turning up the Surgeons Garden Ground Carpenter Sick. 
Friday  12th  South  Very good Landing  Sent Mr Morley to Balls Bay to look at the landing there who reports it to be very good, & ye place cleard away, in much the same Situation as when left. I find a Number of plantanes damaged in my Garden by ye East Sea Winds Notwithstandg it is so well sheltred by a plaine  Do Wr People employed turning up & making Gardens for each other. Carpenter & one Man sawing up boarding for their house &c. 
Saturday  13th  East  Do  Moderate Weather with flying Showers of rain People all employed as before. 


Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c. 
Sunday  14th  Do  Do  Fresh Breezes & Cloudy, with Showers of Rain, at 11 AM. performed divine Service — 
Monday  15th  East  Do  I this day at 6 o'clock in ye Morning went with Mr Morley along ye sea coast to ye Western point of ye Island, found ye coast all along inaccessible & the woods in much more entangled state than in any other part of ye Island Return'd at sun sett — 3 Turtle on the beach —  Moderate Breezes & very pleasant weather, People employ'd turning up ground for sowing Indian Corn on — 
Tuesdy  16th  NE  Do  Opened a Cask of flower One turtle on the beach  Do Wr People turning up Ground for sowing Indian Corn which was finished & sowed in the Evening 
Wednesdy  17th  NNW  Do  During those last six days there has been scarce any Surf at all  Do Wr People employ'd turning up another piece of ground to sow the remaining Oats on in the Evening, sowed a peck of oats very thick as few of them will grow, In the Evening hard rain — Carpenter finish'd his house. 
Thursdy  18th  SE  Surf increasing but very good Landing  Sowed one peck of English barley receiv'd by the Supply, at the plantation Transplanted the few Blades of oats which came from that sown ye 28th Augt Very heavy during the night, every person employ'd clearing away the timber & making an opening to the Water side — sowed the remaining part of the oats at the plantation in order to save as much of the seed as possible — 
Friday  19th  SSE, South  Scarce any Surf  Moderate breezes, & very pleasant Wr The People employ'd clearing away the Timber & makeing a larger opening to the Water side — 
Saturdy  20th  SSW, South  Do  Do Wr People all employ'd as before & Carpenter making a Trough for the Grindstone 
Sunday  21st  SW, West  Do Surf increases as ye Wind becomes Westerly.  Little Wind & very pleasant Weather, at 11 AM perform'd Divine Service. In the Evening Moderate Breezes & Cloudy Wr 1 Man ss 
Monday  22nd  SW  Scarce any Surf  A Wale & Thresher were Close into ye back of ye reef for upwards of an hour fighting —  Moderate Breezes & very pleasant Weather People employ'd making a larger opening to the sea side. In the Evening had very quick distant lightening to the SE — 1 Man ss 
Tuesdy  23rd  SE  A very heavy Surf less towards Evening  During the night had very heavy Gusts of wind & severe hard rain — all the day Strong Gales. In the Evening much more Moderate. People Employ'd as before, 1 Man Sick 
Wednesdy  24th  East  good Landing  Moderate Gales & very pleasant Weather Finish'd clearing away to the Water Side — 
Thursdy  25th  East  A very heavy Surf & a great Sea without  Do Wr Four Men employ'd Digging a Cellar under ye Surgeon House for the Reception of the Provisions, Expected by the Sirius, Carpenters have than Soling Plates &c for a granary & Mr Morley & co are then Making Shingles — 
Fridy  26th  East  The Surf continues very high & a great Sea without  The Barley is in most of the patches, shooting out the ear the difference Observe between that sow'd in April & that sowed in June & July, is very triffling except that the first is stronger & has more Stalks —  Moderate Gales & Clear Weather. 6 Hands employ'd digging out a Cellar under ye Surgeon House, Sawyers sawing plates for a Granary 2 Men making Shingles to Cover it with — 
Saturdy  27th  ENE, NE, NW  Surf decreases but not good Landing  In the Morning Fresh Breezes & Clear at Noon & the latter part of the day, little Wind. In the afternoon the people finish'd the Cellar & Carpenters finished sawing the plates for the Granary — no Shingles 
Sundy  28th  Do, Calm  Scarce any Surf  Little Wind with very pleasant Wr at 11 AM performed Divine Service In the Evening Gloomy Weather and very dark towards the S.W. — 
Mondy  29th  South, SSE, ESE  Do  A very sensible attractn is found in the Weather as ye Days are more very hot tho' not Sultry The Evening and Morning are rather Cold —  Do Wr & very pleasant Wr Carpentr & 4 Hands sawg flooring for ye Granary 4 Men employ'd Cutting posts & carring them to ye Ground where ye Granary is to be built 1 Man Makg Shingles — 400 — In ye Evening dark Gloomy Weather to the SE — 
Tuesdy  30th  East, ESE  good Landing  Fresh Breezes & Clear Wr Carpenter as before 3 Men & the Women clearing away the Ground on the Side of the Hill to sow Grain on for next Year. 2 Men making Shingles. 

October 1788

Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c. 
Wednesdy  1st  Do  Do  Light winds People all employ'd as before & one Man making an inclosure to keep the poultry in 
Thursdy  2nd  NNW, NW, WNW  Good Landing on the ebb tide  Fresh Gales & dark Gloomy Wr Carpenter began framing the Granary, the rest of ye people employ'd as before — Very strong Gales & hard rain during the night 
Fridy  3rd  WSW, SW  Do  During the heavy rain which we had last night the Barley is much lodged —  Fresh Gales & Cloudy, Towards the Evening Moderate Weather. People employ'd as before — 
Saturdy  4th  Do, SW, S  Very good Landing  Do Wr at 6 AM had a very heavy Squall of Wind & rain, people employ'd as before — at 6 P.M. & the remainder of the Evening very Squally Wr with rain — 
Sundy  5th  SSW  A great Surf  Strong Gales & Cloudy Weather with some Squalls of Wind at 11 AM Performed Divine Service 
Mondy  6th  ESE, SE, East Variable  Do  In the night wind Shifted to S.East & Moderate Breezes & Cloudy Wr The people Employ'd sinking the posts for the Granary to be directed on. In the Evening dark Gloomy Weather — 
Tuesdy  7th  Variable, North  Do  The Weather as been Colder to day then I have yet felt it here — I this day discover'd the Grubs had distroy'd a great Quantity of ye Indian (Corn at the Plantation) which is now near 8 Miles high, Employ'd ye spare Lands in picking the Grubs out of ye holes & in the Evening water'd every Shoot & Sprinkled them with Wood Asshes, which is the only means with picking them off daily, that we know of rid ourselves of this distinctions. I saw a great Quantity of the Barley has been blown down by this Gale —  Variable Wr with thick Gloomy Clouds, In the Evening light rains — 3 Men Cropping the Wheat & Clearing away on the SE side of the Hill & 2 Men assisting the Carpenter in erecting the Granary, one Man sick — 
Wednesy  8th  North  Not the least Surf  Very strong Gales of Wind with dark Cloudy Wr Sawyer erected the Granary, its dimensions are 17 Feet, by 12, & 7 Feet high began closing it, in with Cabbage Trees — 3 Men Clearing away the SE side of the Hill Women burning up the Tops of the Trees, 2 Cropping the Wheat & three Assisting the Carpenter. 1 Man so employ'd picking off Grubs from about the Indian Corn at the Plantation 
Thursdy  9th  NNW  Do  There has been as good Landing here as Possible —  Very strong Gales of winds with heavy rain all the day long — One Man drawing down the Shingles for roofing the Granary, & the rest picking the Grubs from about the Indian Corn. In the Evening Moderate Weather — 
Friday  10th  Variable, Calm, NW  Do  Light Winds. 2 Men bringing a Cabbage Trees to erect the Granary with 4 Clearing away a peice of Swampy Ground to sow Rice on & the rest employ'd picking the Grubs, worms from amongst the India Corn — Carpenter Sick — 
Saturdy  11th  Calm, Variable  A very high Surf  The Surf has rose during the last night remark'd high altho' there is much less wind which I think must be owing to the great Sea Occasion'd by the late NW wind —  Light winds & very close Wr the air very heavy & much obscured with thick Mist. People all employ'd as Yesterday. Carpenter return'd to work building the Granary. 
Sundy  12th  West  Scarce any Surf —  Moderate Breezes & Clear Serene pleasant Weather at 11 AM Performed Divine Service — 
Mondy  13th  SW, Variable, E.NE  Very good Landing  The Grub Worm has eat away upwards of 50 heads of the Indian Corn & where the Mischief will end I cannot tell. Notwithstanding I use every means to prevent their bad effects. The rats have also begun distroying the Barley half of which is lodged by the heavy rain, & late gale of Wind — Sent off by every boat a quantity of planks Spars &c on Governments Accounts The Coble with 3 of the Convicts Empd discharging the Golden Grove —  Light Winds & very pleasant Weather at Daylight perceived the Golden Grove at Anchor in the Roads, hoisted the Colours. In the Course of the day receiv'd on Shore The party of Marines all the Convicts, (Except four left onboard to help discharge the Ship) and almost all the Stores, with some Provisions The Carpenter of the Golden Grove caulked our Cobles — one Man ss — 
Tuesdy  14th  Do  Do  Do Wr Receiv'd on shore 56 Casks of Flower and 18 Casks of Provisions beside a Quantity of other stores. one Man ss — Turned a turtle of near 200 lb The Golden Grove's long boat Anchor'd close in to the back of the Reefs loaded with Provisions cleared her by the other boats — 
Wednesy  15th  NW, West, SW, Variable, SE  Not the least Surf The Whole Day  No Boat could reach the shore after the Flood began to make at 2 O'Clock The wind Blowing strong & the tide running very rapid it being full Moon Yesty. During the last 3 days a boat might have Landed in great Safety loaded to the Gunwale —  Till Noon had very pleasant serene Wr after which had flying Squalls with rain at 2 The Wind came to SE & had a dirty appearence. During the Morning Receiv'd on shore [*] Casks of Provisions at ½ past 2 the Coble returned with 4 more Casks, soon after which the Golden Grove losed her fore Topsail Sigl that she was going to lye on & off all night, Sawyers sawing Boards for Port Jackson — 8 Men cutting spars for Do & 6 Men Clearing away & Grubbing up Ground for sowing Seeds on — 
Thursdy  16th  ESE  Very good Landing  Fresh Gales & Cloudy, people Employ'd Cutting spars Sawing Boards & Clearing away ground for Port Jackson, Landing has been very good all day but the Flood tide running all the Morning & the Wind to the Estd has prevented ye Golden Grove from working up in ye Afternoon she fetched point Ross but the Eastwd Tide Making she was sweep to Leeward 
Friday  17th  ESE  Landing possible but not adviable  Moderate Gales & Cloudy. At Daylight the Golden Grove Standing into the Roads, at 7 she Anchored, The Surf was not so very bad as to apprehend any Accidents, but did not make the Signl for Landing, at 3 in the Afternoon I sent off the Coble & the Surf encreasing made the Sigl for her to be hoisted in the Golden Grove weighed & stood off & on, The people employ'd Variously & Sawyers sawing up Plank for port Jackson — 
Saturdy  18th  SE, Variable ESE, SSE  Scarce any Surf  Killed the Turtle & issued it to the People in lieu of to day, & a part of to morrows Salt provisions. 3 lb of Turtle for 1 lb of Beef  Light Winds & very Sincere pleasant Weather The Tide of Flood running strong & ye Golden Grove not being in sight — Suppose she cannot work up, the wind being variable at 11 our Coble came on shore, & at 2 The Golden Grove came into the road & Anchor'd sent ye Coble off & receiv'd on shore 18 Cask of Flower & 5 officers The other people Employ'd as before — 
Sunday  19th  NW  but little Surf  Moderate Breezes & clear Sincere Wr. Receiv'd on shore 63 Casks of flower & pease 2 Cask of seed Wheat &c. at 11 AM performed Divine Service — 2 Men Sick 
Mondy  20th  Do, West  Do  Strong Gales of Wind & Squally Wr with rain Empd Turning up Ground at the plantation in Arthurs Vale Receiving the Remainder of the provisions & stores from ye Golden grove & in good order & very safe, & the Boats unhurt — NB 3 hogsheads of Rum not yet come, being oblidged to have it brought onshore in small casks — 
Tuesdy  21st  Wt  Do  Fresh Gales & Squally Wr. Made ye Signl twice during ye day that Landing was good, but there being a short sea, without & ye Golden grove sighting her Anchor as the occasion no boats came before 6 in ye Evening at 4 sent the Coble off with 3 Empty Cask ye Rum came in made ye Signl to ye Golden grove to hoist her in & haul'd up ye Jolly boat as neither of them could get on shore or onbd before night reced one Quarter Cask of rum by the Jolly boat people Employ'd as Yesterday 
Wedny  22nd  SW, South, SSE  Bad Landing till Evening then good Landing  The Golden grove [sailed] at 10 P.M. & was not her own length to Windd of ye Rocks of ye SE part [of] Nepean Island in passing it —  During the Night had very strong Gales of wind with some very heavy Gusts at day light perceiv'd the G.. Grove had left the road, Imagine she is gone into Cascade Bay, Sawyers sawing for Port Jackson, 10 Men Clearing & turning up Ground in Arthurs Vale & the rest variously — Hard Gales all the Day — sent round to Balls Bay, where the Landing is as safe as possible — 3 Men sick — 
Thursdy  23rd  SSE, ESE  Landing good on ye Ebb —  Fresh Gales & pleasant Wr people employ'd bringing Timber to ye pitt & others Grubbing up Trees & Clearing away Ground for sowing Indian Corn on sowed 1 rood of Indian Corn 
Friday  24th  NE, NW, WNW  Not the least break without the Reefs —  Reced by the Golden Grove Mr H. Donovan — Mid — a Serjt Corporal & 6 privates 21 Male Convicts 11 Female Do 2 Years provisions & a quantity of Stores  Do Wr with some showers of rain — at Noon the Golden Grove anchor'd in the road, sent the Jolly boat off with a Logg of pine, the Coble came on shore The Carpenter of the Golden Grove employed repairing her & fitting some Timbers & knees into her, sent off another Logg of Timber & the G: Groves Fore Yard — 
Saturdy  25th  WNW  Not the Least Surf —  Moderate Breezs & Cloudy after sunrise very pleasant sincere Wr The G. Grove at day light standing into the roads. Made ye Signl that Landg was good she soon after came to Anchor Employ'd all day in sending off Balks-planks-spars &c 6 Men clearing away at the plantation ye Carptr of ye G. Grove repairing our Coble. punished Leonard Dyer Convict with 4 dozen lashes for Mutinous Expressions & daring Language to Mr Donovan [?] 
Sunday  26th  WNW  Not any Surf.  Strong Gales & some very heavy rain during the Night at Daylight made the Sigl that Landing was good. Sent off Plank Spars &c inbd ye G.G. at 11 A.M. performed Divine Service 
Monday  27th  West, WNW  Do  At 9 in the Morning had a very heavy Squall accompanied with heavy distant Thunder. Sent off Spars, Plank, &c. People employed falling pines &c. 
Tuesday  28  Do  An Increasg Surf.  As there is not much Wind here, I imagine the alteration in the Surf is owing to [blowing] Weather to ye South.  Moderate Breezes & Cloudy thick Weather. at Daylight made ye Signal that landing was good, at 7 the Golden Grove Cutter came on shore, perceiving an increasing Surf did not send her off. The Surf continuing suspicious hauled the Boat up people Employed clearing away Ground & digging a New Sawpit &c — 
Wednesy  29  NW, SW  Landing possible often easy  Moderate Gales & thick Wr with almost constant rain at 7 AM. the Golden Groves boat retd onboard & at 8 She weighed & made sail for Port Jackson. Empd digging a new Sawpit & repg the old one. 6 Men clearing away at ye Plantn 
Thursday  30th  SW.  Good Landing on the Ebbg tide —  Turned a Turtle of about 160 lbs weight  Fresh Gales & Clear Weather. 8 Men digging another saw pit, & repairing the old one. 3 Men building a Roof over the Coble. 4 Men Making & Drawing Shingles, 8 Men Clearing away Ground. 
Friday  31st  South, East  Scarce any Surf  Fresh Breezes & Cloudy — Lower Sawpit at Work on a piece of pine for under cover for the Roof of the Granary. 3 Men digging & fixing the other Sawpit. The rest of the People employed as before — 

November 1788

Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c. 
Saturday  1st  East.  Do  Killed the Turtle & issued it in Lieu of to day's Salt provisions 2 lbs of Turtle for 1 lb of Beef  Moderate Breezes & very pleasant Serene weather. People all employed as before 
Sunday  2nd  ENE  Do  Do Wr at 11 AM. performed Divine Service — 1 Man ss 
Monday  3rd  North  Not the least Surf.  Fresh Gales & Clear serene Weather, The People who arrived by the Golden Grove employed in clearing away Ground for their Gardens & Houses except the 2 Sawyers & Blacksmith. Sawyers sawing boards for the roof of the Granary & Carpenters fixing the rafters Purlines &c 4 Men Clearing away at the Plantation — 2 Men ss — One of the Sawyers sick 
Tuesday  4th  NNW  Not the least break of a Surf on ye Reef.  Strong Gales & very Cloudy Close Weather after 3 PM. had constant Heavy rain. The People all employed as Yesterday one Man sick — at 2 P.M. sent the Coble out to fish at 5 she returned without having caught any. 
Wednesday  5th  West, South, SE  A great Surf.  Moderate Gales & Clear Weather. People all employed as before. One of the Sawyers sick — & 2 of the Coble Men. 
Thursday  6th  SE, ESE  Landing possible  Strong Gales & Cloudy. People employed as before. One side of the Granary finished ready for Shingling — 1 Man sick & one lame. 
Friday  7th  SE  Very good Landing.  Fresh Gales & Clear, People All employed as before. One Man Shingling the Granary. at 9 A.M. sent the Coble without the Reef to fish at one made the Sigl for her to return, found they had caught 26 fish distributed them among the People. 1 Man sick — 
Saturday  SSE  A very heavy Surf.  Very Strong Gales of Wind. People all employed as before. 1 of the Sawyers Sick — The Weather is as cold, as in the Month of June. 
Sunday  9th  SE  Do  The Weather more moderate but still Fresh Gales & Cloudy. At 11 A.M. performed divine Service. 1 of the Sawyers Sick. Boards &c sawed this Week 791 feet. 
Monday  10th  SW  good landing  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Wr 13 Men employed. Clearing away Ground, burning up refuse wood & making Shingles 2 Men Covering the Granary with Shingles, Carpenter fitting Lockers &c to the Coble. & Sawyers Sawing up roofing. The Marines Clearing away ground for themselves One of the Sawyers Sick & one of the Labourers 
Tuesday  11th  South  Landing possible but not advisable  Do Wr with distant Thunder & Lightning, In the fore part of the day very heavy rain, at 4 P.M. Had a very heavy Squall of Wind. The Weather is very raw & cold. 2 of the Sawyers & another man Sick The people employed as before. 
Wednesday  12th  South  A very heavy Surf —  Strong Gales & very heavy Squalls of Wind & Rain. People all employed as before 2 of the Sawyers & 2 Laboures sick — 
Thursday  13  SSE, SE  Do  Fresh Gales & Squally. People all employed as before; 2 of the Sawyers & 1 Labourer ss. Roof Began — Shingling the other side of the Granary 
Friday  14th  SSW  Less Surf but landing dangerous  Landing these 4 days past has been very bad & the Wr almost as Cold as in the depth of Winter  More Moderate & pleasant Weather. People all Employed as before, in the Evening finished Turning up a part of the Ground which is clearing & sowed it with Indian Corn. 
Saturday  15th  SW  Very good Landing.  Strong Gales & Clear Pleasant Wr. The People all employed about their own Grounds &c. One of the Sawyers & one of the Labourers Sick. 
Sunday  16th  WNW  Do  Moderate Gales & pleasant Weather. At day light sent the Coble without the Reef to fish, at 11 She returned with 52; issued them out to Officers & People at the rate of 4 lb per man for which one pound of Meat is Stopped from each Person. at 10 A.M. Performed Divine Service. 1 of the Sawyers & one Man ss. 
Monday  17th  West, SW, SE  Do  Fresh Gales & thick Cloudy Wr with a few showers of rain. 12 Men Employed Clearing away at the Plantation, both Sawpits at Work, Blacksmith making Nails out of Iron Hoops for Shingling 2 Men Drawing & Shingling the Granary & 2 building a House for Mr Dunavan Sett off for the Cascade Bay at 6 AM. & returned from thence at 3 PM. after having staid 2 Hours there. Thick Wr with rain all night — 
Tuesday  18th  SE  A Very heavy Surf  Moderate Breezes & Cloudy Wr People all employed as before women making pegs for Shingling one Man ss. 
Wednesday  19th  ESE  A very Great Surf.  Moderate Gales & very Cloudy Wr People all employed as before 2 Men sick — 
Thursday  20th  East  Surf decreasing  Little Wind & Cloudy Wr The People all employed as before, broke off 4 Men from Clearing away, to reap the barley which was sown on the 7th July. 1 Man ss. 
Friday  21st  NE, West  Scarce any Surf  Light Winds & very serene pleasant Weather. People all employed as before. Sent the Coble without the Reef to fish at 12 She returned with 26 Fish issued them out to the Officers & people, for which ½ a pint of pease was stopped from each man, for 3 lb of Fish. 1 Man ss. & one Man Lame. Finished Shingling the Granary. 
Saturday  22nd  Do  Very good Landing.  Moderate Breezes & Clear Serene Weather. The People all employed clearing away their Garden Grounds &c. I went out in the Coble & sounded between Point Hunter & ye North Side of Nepeans Island found a very good channel of 4 fathoms water, close to the Point & to ye Island & 8 Fathoms in the mid-channel. The shore of the Island is Steep all round, 1 Man Lame & one Man ss — 
Sunday  23rd  SW  Do  At 11 AM. performed divine Service —  Moderate breezes & dark cloudy Wr with drizling rain at daylight sent the Coble out to fish at 9 she returned with 20 fish & one Shark issued them in lieu of ½ a pint of pease, 1 Man lame & 1 ss. 
Monday  24th  SSE  Very Bad Landing.  Moderate Breezes & very pleasant Weather. 9 Men clearing away Ground in the Vale. Both Sawpits at Work & Carpenters Employed about the Granary. 2 Men reaping & Threshing Barley The Coble Men, Gardners & another man Clearing away ground for themselves to build their houses on one Man sick & one Lame. 
Tuesday  25th  South  Do  Fresh Breezes with a thick clouded air. The People all employed as Yesterday. 4 Men sick. 
Wednesday  26th  Do  Do  Moderate Breezes & Clear Weather. The people all employed as Yesterday. 4 Men ss — 
Thursday  27th  SW.  Good Landing.  Moderate breezes & very Sultry Warm Wr People All employed as before at Daylight sent the Coble without the Reef at noon she returned with 46 Fish issued them to the Settlement at 6 lb of fish for one lb of Meat — 4 Men ss — 
Friday  28th  SSW.  Do  Do Wr People all employed as before. At day light she returned with 26 Fish distributed them among the People. 7 Men Sick — 
Saturday  29th  NE  Not the least Surf  The Indian Corn planted in ye 27th August is just Tasselling & has a very promising appearance.  Do Wr The people all excused from Work to cultivate their Gardens &c at 9 AM I went out in the Coble & landed on Nepeans Isle which I found a lump of entire Sand which is kept together by a border of rocks Notwithstanding the deep sand, this Island produces near two hundred very fine Pines. There is no fresh water at all on the Island — 4 Men ss. 
Sunday  30  NE  Not the least Surf.  I this day changed the Working hours on account of the great heat of the Weather. viz. To go to Work at Day light ½ past 7 to breakfast, eight to work till eleven, at ½ past 2 to Work again till sunsett by which means the people are off Work three hours & half in the heat of the day.  Light Winds & very pleasant serene Weather at 10 A.M. performed Divine Service 1 Man ss. 

December 1788

Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c. 
Monday  1st  SW  Do, SW, Variable  Do Wr At day light sent the Coble to fishing, at Noon she returned with 39 fish issued them in lieu of beef at the rate of 3 lb of fish for ½ a pound of beef. Sawyers sawing Plank &c for the Commandants house & the rest of the People all employed clearing away Ground. In the afternoon I sounded round Nepeans Island & the Channel between it & Point Hunter — 
Tuesday  2nd  North  Do  Do Wr People all employed as before. At 6 AM I went in the Coble to Phillips Isle where I landed on a rock in Collins's Bay at ½ past 7 & Climbed up the Hills which I found a fine rich red Clay. A Valley in the form of a half Moon runs round the Hills over Collins's bay & is as well as the Hills Wooded but not thick I do not suppose that there is above 150 pine trees on the whole Island most of the Hills are covered with a thick entangled Kind of Reed which only wants burning to clear away 100 acres of Ground which would make a fine Wheat land if not too dry, As I saw a number of Pidgeons & Parrots &c I imagine there must be some fresh water on some part of the Island, having satisfied my self with respect to the Soil & the face of the Island I returned to the boat & left Collins's Bay at 10 clock & landed in Sydney Bay at 1 PM At 2 sent the Coble fishing, in the Eveng she returned with 30 fish Issued them 3 lb for ½ a lb of Beef. 
Wednesday  3rd  NW  Not the least Surf  On the 8th I housed all the Barley which has been raised off an acre of Ground sowed in June & July During its growth it had a most promising appearance; but when the ear was shot out & nearly filled in September, some very heavy rains laid a great part of it down which drew the rats & quails, to it, & the devastation they made in a fortnight was very great indeed, having destroyed upwards of 2/3rd of what had every appearance of Yielding us 50 bushels at least, the whole quantity gathered in is, 10 Bushells. The grain is plump & fine a Bushell weighing [*] lbs. grains? 116 Ears were produced from one grain of Barley. There is a small patch of barley growing in the Garden at ye Vale which is quite covered with caterpillars they are picked off dayly but come on in the night, as thick again. This patch is entirely destroyed by them. Sowed Marrow put pease & dwarf speckled French beans & a few long pods raised here.  Fresh Gales & Close Sultry Wr People all empd as before at day light sent the Coble without the Reef at Noon she returned with 60 small fish issued them at the rate of 4 lb of fish for ½ a pint of pease — 2 Men ss — 
Thursday  4th  Varble  Do  Little Wind & very Close Sultry Wr People all employed as Yesterday — Coble Men clearing away the Rocks for running the Skids lower down at the upper Landing place 3 Men ss. 
Friday  5th  East  Do  Do Wr People all employed as Yesterday 3 Men ss — 
Saturday  6th  ENE  Do  Do Wr The air very close & Sultry. People working for themselves. at day light sent the Coble outside the Reef to fish at Noon she returned with 30 fish issued them 4lb of fish for ½ a lb of Pork. 14 Men unserved — 2 Men ss. 
Sunday  7th  East.  Do  Do Wr Clear Serene Weather. at Daylight sent the Coble to fish at 8 she returned with 10 Fish & one Stingray weighing upwards of 100 lb at 11 A.M. performed divine service 2 Men ss. 
Monday  8th  SE  Do  Fresh Breezes & Clear Wr 12 Men Employed Clearing away in the Vale, Upper & lower Sawpits working 2 Carpenters employed about the Commandants house in raising it higher. 1 Man thrashing out Barley. Coble men variously employed & Marines creating a temporary Guard house. 3 Men ss & 1 Man lame — 1 Marine & blacksmith cutting wood for making charcoal — 
Tuesday  9th  SE  Very good landing  Near the Sea side the air is as Sharp as it was with this Wind 4 Months ago In the Vale it is very warm & sultry. during the last 12 days landing has been as safe as at a Wharf in the Thames. A Vessell might have been launched from hence with great ease & safety & lain these 12 days in the Road in perfect smooth Water —  Fresh Breezes & Cloudy Weather. People all employed as before. at day light sent the Coble without the Reef to fish As I was apprehensive the surf might increase with the flowing tide I made ye Signal for her to return at 10 oclock having caught but 7 fish there being a Sea running in the Bay 2 Men ss & 1 lame 
Wednesday  10th  Do  Do  Do Wr People all employed as before 1 Man ss. & 2 Lame 
Thursday  11th  Variable  The surf bad Landing good.  Little Wind & very warm Weather People all employed as before 1 Man Lame 
Friday  12th  Do  Landg very good —  Do Wr People all employed as before. Sent the Coble out at Noon she returned with 29 fish issued them at the rate of 4 lb of Fish for one lb of Beef. 1 Man lame 2 Men sick. 
Saturday  13th  Do, SE  Do  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Gloomy Weather. The people all employed Working for themselves. 
Sunday  14th  East  Do  Do Wr & very cool. at 10 In the Morning performed Divine Service. One of the Sawyers lamed dangerously. 
Monday  15th  SE, South, Variable  Do  The 260 Ears of Wheat has yielded 3 full Quarts of a very fine full grain —  Moderate Breezes, & very pleasant Serene Weather 2 Carpenters & 4 Sawyers Empd for the Commandants house — 12 Men Clearing away — 4 Making & drawing Shingles. 1 Man assisting the Surgeon Clearing away Ground for a Garden. 1 Man lame. — 
Tuesday  16th  South, SW  Do, A heavy Surf —  Light winds in the Morning. at 7 sent the Coble out fishing at 10 Came on Fresh Gales from the SW & a rising Surf made ye Signal for the Coble to return which she did not observe till too late for them to pull up agt the ebb tide made the Sigl for them to go to Balls Bay Went round there with some people & hauled her up. at Sunsett returned with all the people — 
Wednesday  17th  SW, South  A Very heavy Surf.  As I find it very necessary to have two or three trusty people settled there I sent three people there with orders to Mr Altree who has the direction of them to employ them building houses for themselves & clearing away Garden Ground. & if possible to get an acre of ground cleared away by the end of May for sowing Wheat  From Midnight till 3 AM had a very heavy Storm of Wind, Rain, Thunder & Lightning after which had very heavy Gales of Wind & Cloudy Weather. People all employed as before. 
Thursday  18th  SW, South, WSW  A Very heavy Surf  I intend sending every person on the 26th when it will be high tides to make the Channel on the beach deeper & to clear away if possible more stones from without I also intend erecting a Crab there as soon as Convenient, for the better heaving the boat up whenever She may be obliged to go round there or when it may happen that it would be necessary to heave any Ships boat up.  Very heavy Gales of Wind in fierce Gusts & very heavy Sea running. At Daylight Sent Mr Altree Thos Webb & Jno Anderson Convict, to Ball Bay to Settle there sent eight Men with them to carry their Cloaths, Beds, &c. at 4 PM. The People returned, the Landing in Balls Bay is very good & here the Surf rolls very high indeed 1 Man ss & 1 Man lame. Began unroofing the Commandants house to put a new Roof on as the old one leaked all over much to the endamaging the provisions &c stored in the Cellar. 
Friday  19th  WNW  Less Surf but still very high  Strong Gales & dark Gloomy Wr with heavy Squalls of Wind & Rain. Carpenters & people all employed as before — 1 Man ss & 1 Lame. 
Saturday  20th  South, ESE  Less Surf  Fresh Gales & Cloudy Wr People all employed working for themselves. 1 Man ss. & 1 Man lame 
Sunday  21st  Variable North  Surf Decreasing  Little Wind & very pleasant Weather. at 10 AM performed Divine Service. 
Monday  22nd  East, NE  Very good Landing  Moderate breezes & Clear Sultry Weather. Sawyers Sawing up Boards &c. Carpenters at Work on the Commandants house. 9 Men clearing away Ground for sowing Wheat &c on. 5 Men clearing a Road from hence to Ball Bay & 4 Men Making Shingles. The Coble returned from Ball Bay at 2 P.M. sent her back again with a part of the Baggage belonging to those who are settled there. 
Tuesday  23rd  ENE  Scarce any Surf.  Do Wr People all employed as before. The Coble did not return from Ball Bay before eleven They did not land there last night till dark. In the evening hauled the Seine in the middle bay, but caught no fish. Cut the Wheat which was sowed August 11th — 
Wednesday  24th  North  An increasing Surf.  Fresh Gales & dark Cloudy Weather with frequent Showers of rain. People all employed as before at 2 P.M. sent the Coble out, but there being a Great Swell she was obliged to return not having Caught any fish — 
Thursday  25th  East  Very good Landing.  Moderate Gales & dark Cloudy Weather at Sunrise hoisted the Colours in observance of Christmas day. & gave the Convicts double allowance of Pork & half a pint of Rum. at 11 A.M. Performed Divine Service. 
Friday  26th  East  good Landing A great Swell in the Road.  The Weather since the 16th has been changeable & very violent, & the air as sharp & Cold as in the Winter months. I really think the Wind has blown a perfect Hurricane —  Strong Gales & Cloudy with heavy Squalls. at 7 A.M. Sent the People to Balls Bay to enlarge & deepen the Channell for the Boats landing this being Spring tides. Sawyers & Carpenters employed as before — 
Saturday  27th  SE, SSW, South, SE  Landing very dangerous.  Very Strong Gales of Wind & heavy Squalls of Wind & Rains. The Air is as Sharp & cold as in the Winter Months, Near the Sea, but in the Valleys it is very pleasant Warm Weather. The People employed working for themselves in their Gardens &c. 
Sunday  28  South  Do & a very great Sea running  At 5 PM of this day the bad Weather began to moderate  Do Wr & Squalls very violent, at 10 A.M. performed Divine Service. 1 Man ss — 
Monday  29th  SE, Calm  The great Sea going down & the Surf much decreased  Master Carpenter & 2 Men employ'd about ye Commandants House.  Moderate breezes & very hazey with hot sultry Weather. Sawyers sawing boards Scantling &c for their own houses. 12 Men Clearing away Ground for sowing Wheat on next Year, 3 Men Making an inclosure for the Stock in the Vale, & one Man & Woman reaping the Wheat that was sowed 18th August Carpr sick 
Tuesday  30th  Variable  Landing very good —  Light winds & very hazey Sultry Weather. at 6 A.M. sent the Coble out to fish at 1 P.M. she returned per Signal with only 6 fish. Sent the Coble with the rest of the Baggage round to Ball Bay where she was hauled up, as they would not be able to reach this before dark People employed as before. 
Wednesday  31st  East.  A great Surf  Having Six Musquets, besides the Marines Arms, I judge it proper to instruct all the Free people on the Island (being Six) In the use of Fire arms In case of the Marines being sick or any other exigency wherefore I gave orders to the Serjeant & Corporal of Marines to exercise them regularly every Saty Morning As well as the Marines — when the former are tolerable expert, I mean that they shall fire half a dozen rounds once a Month — which is putting the Island In the best state of defence in my power —  Strong Gales of Wind & sharp cold Weather Cut the Wheat which was sown 16th Augt People all employed as before. 1 Man ss. 

January 1789

Week days  Mo days  Winds  Landing & Surf  Observations &c  Transactions on Norfolk Island State of ye Weather &c. 
Thursday  1st  East  Do  Fresh Gales & a great Sea running. AM the people all employed as before. at Noon hoisted ye Colours in observance of New Years day. & excused them from Work in the Aftn gave each of the Convicts a ¼ of a pint of Rum. 1 Man ss. 
Friday  2nd  East, ENE  Not the least Surf.  Fresh breezes & Cloudy. People all employed as before 1 Man Thrashing out Wheat at 7 AM sent the Coble Men to Ball Bay to bring off the Coble at 2 She landed here not having been able to catch a fish on account of the Swell. 
Saturday  3rd  East  Do  Do Wr People employed Working for themselves one Man Thrashing out Wheat. 2 Men ss. 
Sunday  4th  Do  Do  Moderate Breezes & Clear Wr at 10 A.M. performed Divine Service at daylight sent the Coble out to fish at Noon she retd with 21 Fish issued them out to the people 3lb of Fish in Lieu of ½ a lb of Pork each man 21 Men not served — 
Monday  5th  Do  Do  Do Wr B[oth] the Sawpits at Work — 12 Men clearing away ground in the Vale Carpenters about ye Commandts house at day light sent the Coble out & compleated Yesty serving. at 1 P.M. I went afloat & examined the Wt & North sides of the Island. landed in Anson Bay & returned at Sunsett. 
Tuesday  6th  East  Not the least Surf  It appears to me hitherto, that the Westerly Winds are the reigning Winds during the Winter Months & Easterly during the Summer But I do not mean its being uniformly so on the contrary I think the Winds here are equally as variable as they are ten degrees further beyond the Tropics —  Little Wind & Clear Sultry Weather People employed as before. at 7 AM sent the Coble out to fish at noon she returned with 86 issued them in Lieu of 1lb of Salt beef at 10lb of Fish each man. at 2 P.M. sent the Coble to Ball Bay with some things where she was hauled up. 
Wednesday  7th  Variable  An increasing Surf  In the Morning Modt breezes & dark gloomy Weather. with a few heavy Showers of rain Housed the remr of ye unthrashed wheat before the rain came on P.M. People all employed as before one man Thrashing out Wheat 1 Carpenter ss — 
Thursday  8th  Do  Good Landing.  Light winds with a Swell, people all employed as before. 1 Male Child born. Norfolk. 
Friday  9th  East  An increasing Surf.  Do Wr People all employed as before. 
Saturday  10th  Do  good Landing.  Strong Breezes & Cloudy Wr People all employed working on their Gardens &c. 
Sunday  11th  Do  A great Swell has rolled in these Bay these some days past notwithg the Wind has been moderate —  Moderate breezes & Clear Warm Weather at 10 A.M. performed Divine Service 
Monday  12th  Do  A very heavy Surf  Do Wr people all employed as last Week a very heavy Surf rolls in which is rather extraordinary as there has been very little wind & that blows right in to Ball Bay where there is smooth water. 

Written inside back cover of Volume 1: gave ye Carpenters orders to obey J. Livingstone — Novr 22nd 1788. Livingstone Employed about the Granary from that time to ye 30 Novr then began about my house which was finished

160 Cobbs of Indian Corn sowed four Acres of Ground in Augt 1789 —

Landg rock point) Lieut Ball) Cook discovered N. I. 10 Oct. 1774 Nepean Id visit'd Nov 29/88 Cascade Aug 19 & 20/88 Ball Bay Wendy Aug 27/88 Phillip Id Dec 2/88 Bananas & Limes planted 3d June/88 Winds &[ca] Jan 6/89