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Appendix. [A.—Vol. i. p. 49.] SYDNEY MARKETS.note

Midsummer 1850.

WHEAT, FLOUR, &c.—The report from Mr. Breillat's mill is as follows:—The new crop comes in slowly, it being too early in the season to expect any great supply. For the few small lots that have been received 5s. 6d. to 5s. 9d. was given. The Government submitted to public sale some of the wheat stored in the siloes, but the limit being high in proportion to the quality, it was mostly withdrawn: a portion (1,000 bushels) was sold at 5s. The period is not yet arrived for the actual necessity of this description of wheat, but it operates as a check to extravagant prices. Flour continues firm at these mills at 15l. for fine and 13l. for seconds. Bran 1s. per bushel; the sale, however, is limited in quantity. At Messrs. Barker and Co.'s mills the price given for wheat during the week has been from 5s. 6d. to 5s. 9d. for colonial; a lot of very superior from Port Fairy was purchased at 6s. As these high prices are entirely attributable to the small stock on hand, it would be well for the settlers to take advantage of this state of things by forwarding at once such wheat as may be ready for market, as the millers will not at the present high price lay in much of a stock. Flour has advanced at these mills to 15l. for fine and 14l. for seconds per ton. Bran 1s. to 1s. 2d. per bushel.

OTHER GRAIN.—Maize 3s. to 3s. 3d., oats 3s., and barley 3s. per bushel.

BISCUIT.—At Barker's mills: cabin 20s., ship 14s. per cwt. At Wilkie's: cabin 22s., pilot 18s., and ship 16s. per cwt.

POTATOES.—Old potatoes are selling at 60s. per ton; new garden potatoes 6s. per cwt.

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BUTCHER MEAT.—The carcass butchers supply beef and mutton at from 1d. to 1¾d., according to quality.

CATTLE, &c. FOR SLAUGHTER.—The market is almost bare of cattle in good condition, but of sheep the supply is very fair. Of the former two lots, 10 in one and 80 in the other were sold at 57s. 6d., 60 were sold at 60s., and 90 at 80s.; 700 sheep were sold at 5s. 6d., 500 at 6s., and a lot of 1,200 at 6s. 3d; lambs 5s. to 6s. 6d.; calves at all prices from 8s. to 30s.; large fat pigs are worth 2d. to 2¾d., and porkers 3¾d. per lb.

HORSES.—Well-bred useful geldings are still scarce; heavy draught horses are also in demand, while the market is overrun with inferior stock. Mr. Stewart's sales during the week number 41 head, at prices varying from 20s. to 19l. each. At Armstrong's Repository the sales have been numerous, but were almost entirely of inferior stock, the result of which has no bearing whatever upon the state of the market for serviceable stock.

HAY MARKET.—Hay has ranged at from 2l. 3s. 6d. to 3l. 10s. for new; old sells at an average of 4l. Straw 2l. to 3l. Green fodder 6d. to 7d. per dozen by the load.

GEORGE STREET MARKET.—Fowls 2s. 9d. to 3s., ducks 3s., geese 5s. to 6s., turkeys 9s. to 10s. (cock birds 12s. to 14s.), wild ducks 2s. 10d., pigeons 10d. per couple. Roasting pigs 3s. each. Butter 5d. to 8d. for fresh, and 4d. to 6d. for salt; cheese 6d. to 6½d., bacon 5d. to 5½d., lard 2d. per lb. Eggs 10d. to 11d. per dozen. Cabbages 1s. 3d. to 3s., lettuces 6d., turnips 1s. 6d., parsley 4s., parsnips 1s. 3d., carrots 1s. 6d. to 1s. 8d., pumpkins 3s. to 4s. per dozen or dozen bundles. Onions 5s. to 8s. per cwt. Oranges 4d. to 10d., Lisbon lemons 3d., apples 5d. to 7d., plums 2d., bananas 1s. 3d. per dozen; apricots 5s. to 6s., and gooseberries 12s. to 15s. per bushel.

April 1851.

WHEAT.—A large supply has been received from the Hunter district at Messrs. Barker's mills during the week, which was purchased at advanced rates—say 7s. 7d. and 7s. 8d. for prime samples. At Mr. Breillat's mills a large supply has been received, principally

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from the Hunter River district, for which advanced prices have been given, the best qualities ranging from 7s. to 7s. 8d. per bushel. At Mr. Smart's mills, though a pretty fair quantity has been received by the coasting vessels, yet the supply from the country roadwise was very short. The arrivals from Launceston, which some time ago it was generally expected would be abundant, have turned out to be but 2,000 or 3,000 bushels. Prices are still on the advance, and the quotations for the past week is 7s. 6d. to 7s. 8d. per bushel, which has been very freely given for superior samples.

FLOUR AND BRAN.—Fine flour is quoted by Messrs. Barker and Co. at 18l., second quality 16l. per ton of 2,000 lbs. Bran 11d. per bushel. Mr. Breillat:—A further advance has taken place in flour, which is now quoted at 20l. per ton for fine, and 18l. for second quality. Bran 5l. per ton of 2,000 lbs. Mr. Smart:—Fine flour of superior quality has advanced to 20l. per ton, at which price it is firm and very much in demand; seconds 19l. Bran 5l. per ton.

BREAD.—The bakers generally are charging 4½d. for the 2lb. loaf. Messrs. Barker and Co. quote cabin biscuit at 27s., ship 20s. per cwt. Mr. Wilkie's prices are—for cabin 28s., pilot 24s., and ship 20s. per cwt.

FORAGE.—Hay 3l. to 3l. 10s., and straw 2l. to 2l. 10s. per ton.

BUTCHER'S MEAT.—Beef and mutton are supplied by the wholesale butchers at 1d. per pound for the best quality.

CATTLE AND SHEEP.—The carcass butchers have been better supplied this week than for some time previously. For cattle the price has ranged from 2l. 5s. to 2l. 10s. per head; and for sheep from 4s. to 6s.; but a higher price would be readily given for sheep in really good condition.

HORSES.—Mr. Stewart's Horse Sales during the past month of March number 252 head, at the following prices:—39 head at 2l. and under; 45 at 3l.; 55 at 4l.; 31 at 5l.; 12 at 6l.; 24 at 7l.; 11 at 8l.; 4 at 9l.; 16 at 10l.; 5 at 11l.; 7 at 12l.; 1 at 20l.; and a pair at 38l. 10s.

GEORGE STREET MARKET.—Fowls 2s. to 2s. 6d.; ducks 2s. to 2s. 9d.; geese 4s. to 5s; turkeys 8s. to 8s. 6d.; pigeons 8d. per

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couple; roasting pigs 3s. each. Fresh butter 1s. 6d.; salt butter 8d. to 1s.; cheese 4d. to 5½d.; bacon 6d. to 7d. per lb. Eggs 10d. per dozen. Potatoes 4s. to 5s., onions 9s. to 12s. 6d. per cwt. Cabbages 1s. 6d., parsley 2s., celery 1s. to 1s. 6d., parsnips 1s. 6d., carrots 1s. 8d., pumpkins 3s. to 4s. per dozen or dozen bunches, as the case may be. Green peas 6s. to 8s. per bushel. Lemons 4d., quinces 4d. to 9d., apples 6d. to 9d., bananas 1s. per dozen. Grapes 3d. per lb.

[B.—Vol. iii. p. 35.]


1847. MONTHS.  Highest.  Lowest.  1849. MONTHS.  Highest.  Lowest. 
January  102  64  January  86  59 
February  85  64  February  80  56 
March  88  59  March  97  56 
April  79  54  April  75  47 
May  76  45  May  69  42 
June  65  39  June  65  40 
July  65  38  July  70  39 
August  70  38  August  74  38 
September  78  40  September  74  43 
October  78  43  October  90  46 
November  99  50  November  85  50 
December  78  50  December  85  48 

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Meteorological Report, South Head, from 11th to 17th February, 1851
Barometer.  Attached Thermometer.  Detached Thermometer.  Register Thermometer. 
Date  Moon's Age.  8½ A.M.  2½ P.M.  Sunset.  9 P.M.  8½ A.M.  2½ P.M.  Sunset.  9 P.M.  8½ A.M.  2½ P.M.  Sunset.  9 P.M.  2½ Wet.  Maxim.  Minim.  Rain Fallen. 
11, Tuesday  30.034  30.020  30.003  30.033  73  75  73  73  74  78  71  70  71  78  70  — 
12, Wednes.  10  30.051  30.007  29.076  29.990  73  75  73  73  72  78  73  71  71  78  69  0.02 
13, Thurs.  11  29.933  29.873  29.844  29.840  77  76  73  75  75  78  72  71  73  78  70  — 
14, Friday  12  29.851  29.844  29.840  29.840  72  74  74  74  72  76  73  71  71  76  70  — 
15, Sat.  13  29.813  29.800  29.722  29.710  76  77  76  76  76  78  73  72  74  78  70  — 
16, Sunday  ○1.33 P.M.  29.655  29.611  29.610  29.702  75  75  74  73  76  79  73  68  73  79  68  0.02 
17, Monday  15  29.914  29.943  29.973  29.966  68  70  69  68  68  69  67  66  69  69  66  0.01