― 144 ―

A LIST of the Civil and Military Establishments in NEW SOUTH WALES

Governor and Commander in Chief, His Excellency ARTHUR PHILLIP, Esq.

Lieutenant Governor, Robert Ross, Esq.

Judge of the Admiralty Court, Robert Ross, Esq.

Chaplain of the Settlement, the Rev. Richard Johnson.

Judge Advocate of the Settlement, David Collins, Esq.

Secretary to the Governor, David Collins, Esq.

Surveyor General, Augustus Alt, Esq.

Commissary of Stores and Provisions, Andrew Miller, Esq.

Assistant Commissary, Mr. Zechariah Clarke.

Provost Martial, who acts as Sheriff of Cumberland County, Mr. Henry Brewer.

Peace Officer, Mr. James Smith.

  ― 145 ―

His Majesty's Ship Sirius, John Hunter, Esq. Commander.

Lieutenants, — Bradley, King, Maxwell.

His Majesty's armed Brig, Supply, Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball, Commander.

Four Companies of Marines.

Major ROBERT ROSS, Commandant.

Captains commanding Companies.

James Campbell, John Shea, Captain Lieutenants, James Meredith, Watkin Tench.

First Lieutenants.

George Johnson, John Johnson, 
John Creswell, James Maitland Shairp, 
Robert Nellow, Thomas Davey, 
James Furzer, Thomas Timins. 
John Poulden, 

Second Lieutenants.

Ralph Clarke, John Long, 
William Dawes, William Feddy. 

  ― 146 ―
Adjutant, John Long.

Quarter Master, James Furzer.

Aide de Camp to the Governor, George Johnson.

Officer of Engineers and Artillery, William Dawes.


Surgeon General of the Settlement, John White, Esq.

First Assistant, Mr. Dennis Considen.

Second Assistant, Mr. Thomas Arndell.

Third Assistant, Mr. William Balmain.