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A.M.A.  Amalgamated Miners' Assoc. (metalliferous) 
A.M.I.E.U.  Amalgamated Meat Industry Employees' Union. 
A.R.T.S.A.  Amalgamated Railway and Tramway Service Assoc. (N.S.W.) 
A.S.C.&J.  Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners. 
A.W.A.  Amalgamated Workers' Assoc. 
A.L.F.  Australian Labour Federation. 
A.L.P.  Australian Labour Party. 
A.R.U.  Australian Railway Union (formed 1921). 
A.S.L.  Australian Socialist League (1887). 
A.S.P.  Australian Socialist Party. 
A.S.U.  Australian Shearers' Union (later A.W.U.). 
A.S.W.U.  Australian Sugar Workers' Union. 
A.U.F.  Australian Union Federation (1915). 
A.W.U.  Australian Workers' Union. 
B.H.P.  Broken Hill Proprietary Co. 
C.&S.E.F.  Coal and Shale Employees' Fed. (coal miners). 
C.P.E.  Central Political Executive (i.e., the Labour Party Executive of Queensland). 
C.S.R.  Colonial Sugar Refining Co. 
F.M.E.A.  Federated Mining Employees' Assoc. (metalliferous miners). 
F.E.D.F.A.  Federated Engine-Drivers' and Firemen's Assoc. 
I.W.W.  Industrial Workers of the World. 
M.L.A.  Member of the Legislative Assembly (i.e., of the Lower House of a State Parliament). 
M.L.C.  Member of the Legislative Council (i.e., of the Upper House of a State Parliament). 
M.H.R.  Member of the House of Representatives -- the Lower Chamber of the Federal Parliament. 
O.B.U.  One Big Union. 
P.L.L.  Political Labour League (local branch of the Labour Party and the extra-parliamentary organisation of the Party in N.S.W. 
P.L.C.  Political Labour Council (the Executive of the Labour Party in Victoria). 
P.L.P.  Parliamentary Labour Party (i.e., the Labour Members of Parliament). 
Q.R.U.  Queensland Railway Union. 
Q.S.U.  Queensland Shearers' Union. 
R.W.U.  Rural Workers Union (harvesters, etc.). 
R.W.&G.L.U.  Railway Workers' and General Labourers' Union. 
R.S.S.I.L.A.  Returned Soldiers' and Sailors' Imperial League of Australia. 
S.D.L.  Social Democratic League (Socialist). 
S.L.P.  Socialist Labour Party. 
T.U.C.  Trade Union Congress. 
U.L.U.  United Labourers' Union. 
V.R.U.  Victorian Railway Union. 

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V.S.P.  Victorian Socialist Party. 
W.I.U.of A.  Workers' Industrial Union of Australia. 
W.P.O.  Workers' Political Organisation (local branch of the Labour Party of Queensland). 
W.P.A.  War Precautions Act (Australian counterpart of D.O.R.A.). 
W.W.F.  Waterside Workers' Federation (wharf labourers and coal lumpers). 


Premier  means  First Minister of a State. 
Prime Minister  means  First Minister of the Commonwealth. 
Worker   means  Australian Worker, published in Sydney. 
Q.Worker   means  Queensland Worker, published in Brisbane. 
J.  means  The Hon. Mr. Justice. 
N.Q.  means  North Queensland. 
A.A.  means  Australia's Awakening, by W.G.Spence. Worker Press, Sydney. 

Broken Hill and Barrier are interchangeable, the former being a hill and town on the Barrier range.