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[December 13 1791]

Dated, Cape of Good Hope, African-Coast, Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 1791. MY DEAREST AUNT,

YOUR loved Watling is at liberty! to say ought else is almost unnecessary, as I am conscious your amiable, tender heart, will now hope every thing. Indeed I am very incapable to write more at present; nor will I ever be master of sufficient language to give any semblance to these sensations I just now experience. True, I am in a remote clime, where Slavery wields her iron sceptre, and where slaves are at this moment attending me — yet blessed be Divine Mercy, I enjoy freedom! — I that but yesterday had the ignominious epithet convict adhibited to my name, am again myself! to-day all nature seems renovated. The sun that has ben clouded for three years has regained his splendour, and the meads their verdure. 'Tis the jubilee of creation; at least I will believe so. — I tread in air; my spirits are electrified; and my poor heart beats quick with redoubled fervor and emotion towards that peaceful little fire side which it has long sighed after and bled for.

I hold it imprudent to commit to paper how I have obtained emancipation. I will only say, that the ship Pitt lyes opposite my window, and means to sail by Sunday

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next; after when, should any other vessel here tend to Europe, if possible, I will procure a passage — and be happy.

O my poor, dear, dear aunt, rejoice with me! my senses are all absorbed in the most pleasing delirium that ever was poured upon mortal. Most merciful good God, design to pardon all that cavil and innate murmuring I have so frequently emited against thy wise and just dispensations. Here upon my bended knee, permit me to adore and render Thee the warmest gratulations for those numberless blessings conferred upon an unworthy sinner — particularly this last, most exquisitely felt — this sum-total of terrene felicity.

Come then my long drooping and forlorn Hope, and once more extend thy fairy landscapes, and display thy tinselled forms. My glowing bosom can cheerfully heighten even thy most vivid colouring, and indulge thy most flattering phantoms. Best boon of indulgent heaven, never, never, never again fly thy suppliant votary, but henceforth dwell unmolested in this unambitious, thrice happy breast.

So soon as I have discharged this letter, I shall fabricate schemes for a continuation of humble happiness. It is my wish, that we would together, with my dear and faithful C——, lead the residue of our days in obscurity, from the vices and follies of this transitory faithless world;— and every dawning day, and setting sun, offer up to the Father of Mercies, a sincere prayer for the

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most distinguished of benefactions toward us his most favoured of creatures.

May that gracious Almighty, and every good angel protect you, and haste that happy moment that restores us together — when the returning prodigal shall throw himself at your feet — recount all his sorrows — and ever remain under the influence of your indulgent eye, and tender monition.

      I am

        Dear Aunt, &c.

It is needless to tell how soon the preceding became a most bitter contrast; but the nauseous cup was poured out for me, and I was born to drink it to the very dregs. — O dread Jehovah! wherefore didst thou so tenderly affix the giddy height of fragile human felicity so directly over the tremendous abyss of blackest and deepest of misery? — surely but to render me the most wretched and unhappy of all mankind!

Drop but one single tear over this rueful feature of my existence, and if possible, — forget it.

I may now say, that my constitution has after all this, had sufficient strength to combat the repeated attacks of a smart fever; and I could also say much more, but it being only of the same melancholy tenor, I shall for the time wave egotism, and commence a slight, contour of this novel country:— not however expecting connection,

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you must just accept of each wild idea as it presents itself.