December 1787

December 1st and 2d. The wind from W.S.W. to S.W. by W. in lat. 40° south, long. 35°10' east; the weather moderate, cold, clear, and pleasant. We saw birds of different kinds.

3d. In the evening, and on the succeeding day, the wind to northward and westward; fresh gales, dark, wet, unpleasant weather, with a high sea. The Sirius, for fear of separation, as the weather did not look kindly, made the signal for the convoy to keep nearer the commanding officer.

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5th. In the morning almost calm, with a heavy swell; in the evening a small breeze sprung up at the N.E. which next day shifted to the westward.

16th. In lat. 41°7' south, long. 74°54' east, clear weather, with a small breeze at N.N.W. we saw some large whales, several birds, mostly of the peteral kind, a seal, and some rock weed.

17th. Dark, cold, and gloomy. Had some gulls and whales round the ship.

20th. Wind variable, inclining to the south. I visited the Prince of Wales, where I found some of the female convicts with evident symptoms of the scurvy, brought on by the damp and cold weather we had lately experienced. The two succeeding days the wind to the westward, though at times variable, with dark, wet, gloomy weather; in lat. 41°18' south, long. 90°7' east. We saw and passed some sea-weed. On those days the scurvy began to show itself in the Charlotte, mostly among those who had the dysentery to a violent degree; but I was pretty well able to keep it under by a liberal use of the essence of malt and some good wine, which ought not to be classed among the

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most indifferent antiscorbutics. For the latter we were indebted to the humanity of Lord Sydney and Mr. Nepean, principal and under secretaries of state.

24th. The weather still dark and gloomy. Had several birds round the ship of the albatross and peteral kind; with what appeared to me to be something of the sea-hawk species.

27th. Dark hazy weather, with some light squalls. We passed more sea-weed; some gulls, and many of the before-mentioned birds, about the ship.

30th and 31st. Strong breezes, with unsettled-looking weather; birds still about us, and likewise some whales.