The Stars above the Cedar Tree.

The stars came forth above the cedar tree,
And, far away, I thought upon my love;
Tracing a memory of her calm, fond eyes
In the pure lustre smiling from above.

Again they rise, but sadly, sadly, now,
For those who aye would meet, may meet no more;
And severed hearts in loneliness must learn
Their brief, bright, dreamy hour of bliss is o'er.

And yet once more they smile, for patient trust
Hath triumphed, and my heart hath claimed its prize;
And gazing silent on the silent heaven,
I read glad greeting in those myriad eyes.

But now in calm, fixed pity, one by one,
They nightly rise above the dusky tree:
They still shine on, but my sweet star has set—
Ne'er more to shed her silvery light on me.

Ne'er more?—Not so: when they shall fall from heaven,
Like dewdrops shaken from a wind-tost spray,
She then shall rise again in purer sheen,
To be my own fond, cherished one for aye!