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11. No. II. Localities Of the different Geological Specimens, Collected by the Central Australian Expedition.


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From the cliffs of the Murray River, both above and below the great north-west bend, bounding the valley of that river, with an average height of 150 or 200 feet. 
From the sandstone hills on the Murray. 
From Carnapaga, on the first creek to the N.W. of the Darling River. 
From station No. 3, on the Barrier or Stanley's Range, Mount Darling. 
From the Glen of Yancowinna. 
From the Iron Ridge, south of the Glen of Yancowinna. 
10  From Mount Bourke, on Stanley's Range, No. 1 station. 
11  From the Iron Stone Hill on the Range (Piesse's Knob). 
12  From a central hill on the Range. 
13  From a central hill. 
14  From Lewis's hill. 
15  From the Black Hill Mount Robe. 
16  From a valley in the Range. 
17  From the bed of the Creek. 
18  From the Rocky Glen. 
19  From the outer Range to the westward of the Barrier, Station No. 1. 

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20  From the same, Station No. 2. 
21  From the Stony Creek. 
22  Gathered from the plains between the creeks to the west of the Ranges. 
23  From a distant hill in Stanley's Range—the base. 
24  From the summit of the same. 
25  From a rugged detached hill. 
26  From a small hill near the Range. 
27  From the nearer plains. 
28  Ditto ditto. 
29  From a water-worn hill near Flood's Creek. 
30  From Station No. 38, Mount Wood. 
31  From the summit of the Range, Station No. 39. 
32  From Station No. 40. Mount Lyell, fifty miles east. 
33  From some low hills, near Flood's Creek. 
34  From the last hill on Stanley's Barrier Range. 
35  From the Magnetic Hill, Mount Arrowsmith. 
36  From the Table Hill, Mount Browne. 
37  From the White Hill. 
38  From the Depôt Glen. 
39  From the Black Hill, Mount Robe. 
40  Ditto ditto ditto 
41  From the summit of Grey's Range. 
42  From the last hill to the north, lat. 28° 26'. 
43  From the most distant hill to the north-east. 
45  From the Depôt Glen. 
47  From the Plains to the north of the Red Hill, Mount Poole. 
49  From various parts of the Depôt Glen, and the Range with which it is connected. This Range is separated from the main ranges, but still occupies the eastern side of the high land, running between the eastern and western waters. 

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55  From the summit of the Red Hill, Mount Poole. 
56  From the base of the same hill. 
58  From the summit (2nd specimen). 
59  From the plains north of the Depôt. 
60  From the plains.