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DURING the twenty years that have elapsed since the publication of Mueller's “Eucalyptographia,” which added valuable information to Bentham's masterly account of the genus Eucalyptus in the Flora Australiensis, we have obtained a large accession of facts. It seems to me that the time has arrived when these additional facts should be incorporated with the labours of the old workers. I have spared neither time nor expense to obtain access to the types. I have spent many years in field observations on the genus in every State of the Commonwealth (though of course particularly in my own State of New South Wales), and thus have endeavoured to secure what is an essential qualification for the study of this protean genus.

The admirable illustrations contained in the “Eucalyptographia” have the defect that it is not always possible to say precisely what they depict—that is to say, whether a type or co-type, or, if neither, the exact locality whence the originals were obtained. In all cases I shall inform my readers as to the history of the specimens depicted.

A very important departure in a work of this kind is the following:—While expressing my opinions as to affinities, synonyms, &c., I shall in all cases give the original descriptions of the species whether considered to be synonyms or not. In this way my readers will be able to weigh the evidence for themselves, and, if they do not concur in my conclusions, they will at least be placed in possession of the data on which they are based.

The genus Eucalyptus is the most important in Australia. The individuals which comprise it are all pervading, while the number of species and varieties is very large. As the work proceeds I will give my views as to the grouping of the species.

The present part contains much prefatory matter referring to the genus. Then one species is taken in detail, and the other species will be treated in a like manner, the facts being grouped in the same way.

The rapidity with which this work can be issued depends mainly on the plates; I have only the partial services of one artist.


Botanic Gardens, Sydney,

January, 1903.

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