23. XXII. Eucalyptus buprestium, F. v. Mueller.

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E. buprestium, F.v.M.

Fragm. iii, 57.

DESCRIBED in B.Fl. iii, 205, and described and figured in “Eucalyptographia.” See also a note by Diels and Pritzel, Engler's Jahrb. 1904, p. 437.

A Western Australian shrub of 8 or 10 feet, named from specimens originally collected by G. Maxwell, south of Kojoneerup, near Helen's Peak and near Salt River and Pallinup River. It is also Drummond's 3rd Coll. Suppl. No. 12.

It has been collected at Stirling's Range by several collectors.

Mueller gives “near Arrowsmith River,” so that we have for its habitat the coastal belt from, say, Beaufort Inlet on the south, to the Arrowsmith River on the west coast.

As regards buds, the colour (warm brown) and the shape remind one a good deal of those of E. Baileyana, F.v.M.

The leaves are not dissimilar to those of the smaller ones of those of E. Todtiana, F.v.M., while some of the fruits of the two species are not dissimilar in size and shape, although those of E. Todtiana have usually broader rims.

E. buprestium is a species of which but few field-notes are available. When it has been examined more carefully and juvenile leaves are seen, we shall be able to speak more definitely of its affinities.