Explanation of Plates.

Plate 25.

Eucalyptus stellulata, Sieb.

Plate 25: EUCALYPTUS STELLULATA, Sieb. Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

  • 1a. Leaves; 1b, buds of the type (Sieber's No. 478).
  • 2a. Immature fruits, conoid in shape, but quite normal; 2b ripe fruits from Nimitybelle, N.S.W. (J.H.M.).
  • 3a. Juvenile leaves; 3b, mature leaf, Jindabyne, N.S.W. (J.H.M.).
  • 4. Juvenile leaves, Yarrowitch, New South Wales, New England, N.S.W. (J.H.M.).
  • 5a. Twig in flower; 5b, front and back view of anther, of var. angustifolia, Benth., Mount Victoria, N.S.W., February 10, 1901 (J.H.M.).
  • 6. Fruits of var. angustifolia in dense heads. Blackheath, N.S.W. (J. H. Camfield).
  • 7. Buds deformed by insect galls, Jindabyne (J.H.M.).

Plate 26.

E. coriacea, A. Cunn.

Plate 26: EUCALYPTUS CORIACEA, A. Cunn. Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

  • 1. Sieber's No. 470 (E. pauciflora, Sieb.) type.
  • 2a. Twig with flowers; 2b, buds; 2c, front and back view of anther of No. 165, E. silvicultrix, F. Mueller, the E. submultiplinervis, forma minor, of Miquel. (Charles Stuart, near Woodhall, Tasmania.)
  • 3a. Leaf; 3b, fruits of No. 40 “Eucalyptus (6) E. phlebophylla, M. (Miquel), affinis submultiplinervis.” Van Diemen's Land, C. Stuart.
  • 4. Leaf and fruits of “E. phlebophylla, Ferd. Mueller, Mount Aberdeen (Vict.), 4,000 feet, Mueller, February, 1853.” Drawn by Miss M. Smith from a specimen in the Herbarium, Royal Gardens, Kew.
  • 5. Leaf and buds from a second sheet of specimens from Mount Aberdeen; also in the Herbarium, Royal Gardens, Kew, and drawn by Miss M. Smith. Originally also labelled E. phlebophylla.
  • 6. E. coriacea, A. Cunn., var. alpina, F.v.M., Mount Kosciusko, N.S.W. (J.H.M.).

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Plate 27.

E. coriacea, A. Cunn.

Plate 27: EUCALYPTUS CORIACEA, A. Cunn. Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

  • 1a. Twig with fruits; 1b, buds, of E. coriacea, var. alpina, from top of the Canoblas, Orange, N.S.W. (R. H. Cambage). Note the domed rim of the fruit and the hemispherical opercula.
  • 2. Var. alpina, Mount Tabletop, Kiandra, N.S.W. (E. Betche). Note the broad rim and the tendency to angularity in the fruits.
  • 3. Juvenile foliage, Pretty Point, Mount Kosciusko, N.S.W. (J.H.M.). The stem of this specimen was flat and ribbon-like.
  • 4. Richmond Road, near Risdon, Tasmania (No. 266, Rodway). Note the hooked leaves (by no means rare) and the small fruit.
  • 5a. Leaves and buds; 5b, fruits; Berrima, N.S.W., September, 1901 (J.H.M.). See p. 140. This form probably exhibits hybridism, and will be dealt with under E. vitrea.

Plate 28.

Eucalyptus coriacea, A. Cunn.

Plate 28: 1 and 2. EUCALYPTUS CORIACEA, A. Cunn. 3 to 5, E. COCCIFERA, Hook., f. Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

  • 1a and 1b. Juvenile foliage; 1a, nearly orbicular; from the Canoblas, near Orange (Messrs. Elliott Bros., Sydney); and
  • 1b. Broadly lanceolate, from between Tenterfield and Sandy Flat, New England, N.S.W. (J.H.M.).
  • 2. Markedly domed-rimmed fruits, from Delegate River, N.S.W. (W. Baeuerlen).

Eucalyptus coccifera, Hook. f.

  • 2a, 2b. Two pairs of seedling leaves from Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania (J.H.M.). Stem markedly tuberculate.
  • 3a, 3b, 3c. Leaf, front and back view of anther and fruits, from Mount Wellington (J.H.M.).
  • 4a. Leaf; 4b, buds; 4c, fruits; of the type, viz., 1,076, R. Gunn, Mount Wellington, 1844.
  • 5a. Leaf and flower buds; 5b, flowers of the type of E. daphnoides, Miq., from Mount Laperouse, Tasmania (C. Stuart).

There is a good figure in Hooker's Fl. Tas. That in Bot. Mag. 78, 4,967, has expanded flowers only and is less good. There is a poor figure in Journ. Hort. Soc. vi, 222, and one in Gard. Chron., 27th March, 1880, page 395 (young buds and expanded flowers). I believe there are figures in Fl. des Serres, vi, 736, and Lem. Jard. Fl., 242, but I have not seen them. Mueller does not figure this species in his Eucalyptographia. I intend the drawings in the present work to supplement those of Fl. Tas.