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Explanation of Plates (45–48).

Plate 45.

Plate 45: E. PIPERITA, Sm. (1-9). E. SIEBERIANA, F.v.M. (10-15).

E. piperita, Sm.

  • 1a, 1b. Juvenile leaves (seedlings). Linden, Blue Mountains, N.S.W. (R. H. Cambage and J.H.M.)
  • 2. Juvenile leaves. Hornsby, near Sydney. (E. H. F. Swain.)
  • 3a. Leaf; 3b, buds (note the sharp operculum and the somewhat falcate twist of each bud in this species); 3c, flowers; 3d, fruits (ovoid).
  • 4. Buds. Corricudgy Mountain, near Rylstone. (R. T. Baker.)
  • 5. Fruits, almost spherical. Lawson, Blue Mountains. (J. H. Camfield.)
  • 6. Fruits, typically urceolate in shape. Wingello, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 7a. Fruits of E. piperita (Port Jackson); 7b, fruits of E. eugenioides (Lane Cove, Port Jackson); 7c, fruits (Hurstville, Sydney) which appear to be intermediate in character between 7a and 7b. See p. 305.
  • 8a. Juvenile leaves; 8b, leaf in the intermediate stage; 8c, mature leaf and buds 8d, 8e, fruits of a “Messmate.” Wingello, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.) This plant is not typical of E. piperita and is discussed at p. 304.
  • 9. Reniform anthers of E. piperita.

E. Sieberiana, F.v.M.

  • 10a, 10b. Juvenile leaves (seedlings). Blackheath, Blue Mountains, N.S.W. (R. H. Cambage and J.H.M.)
  • 11. Leaf, intermediate stage. Cox's River, Blue Mountains. (R. H. Cambage and J.H.M.)
  • 12. Buds. Badgery's Crossing to Nowra, N.S.W. (W. Forsyth and A. A. Hamilton.)
  • 13. Fruits. Twofold Bay, N.S.W. (Oldfield). Seen by Bentham and marked by him E. virgata, Sieb. The error is explained at p. 308.
  • 14a. Mature leaf; 14b, buds; 14c, fruits. Dromedary Range, N.S.W. (C. S. Wilkinson.) This is the specimen formerly labelled E. hœmastoma by Mueller, and the error is explained at p. 308.
  • 15. Reniform anther of E. Sieberiana.

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Plate 46.

Plate 46: E. CONSIDENIANA, Maiden (1-9). E. HÆMASTOMA, Sm. (10-17). Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Consideniana, Maiden.

  • 1a. Mature leaf; 1b, buds; 1c, fruits. Stradbroke, South Gippsland, Victoria. (A. W. Howitt.)
  • 2a. Juvenile leaf; 2b, mature leaf. Boggy Creek, Gippsland. (A. W. Howitt.)
  • 3a, 3b. Juvenile leaves; 3c, fruits of type. Pigeon House, Milton, N.S.W. (R. H. Cambage.)
  • 4. Buds. Top of mountains east of Burragorang. (R. H. Cambage.)
  • 5. Fruit. Top of Barrengarry Mountain, N.S.W. (J.H.M.).
  • 6a. Mature leaf; 6b, buds; 6c, fruits. Wingello, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 7a. Buds; 7b, back and front view of anther; 7c, fruits. Blaxland to Valley Heights, Blue Mountains, N.S.W. (R. H. Cambage and J.H.M.)
  • 8a. Buds (with operculum rather more pointed than in the type); 8b, fruits. Mountain north of Wolgan Shale Mine, N.S.W. (R. H. Cambage.)
  • 9a. Buds; 9b, fruits (more spherical in shape than in the type, and also with sunk rim). Penang, Gosford. (J.H.M. and J. L. Boorman.)

E. hæmastoma, Sm.

  • 10. Twig, showing buds and leaf, being portion of Sieber's No. 497 (Fl. Novæ Holl.), which is the type of E. micrantha, DC.
  • 11. Fac-simile of a portion of Pl. 5, F. micrantha, DC., “Mémoire sur la Famille des Myrtacées,” par Aug. Pyr. De Candolle. Figure of the type.
  • 12. Juvenile leaf of E. hæmastoma, Sm., var. micrantha. Blackheath, Blue Mountains, N.S.W. (J.H.M.)
  • 13. Intermediate leaf of var. micrantha. Port Macquarie, N.S.W. (J.H.M.)
  • 14a, 14b. Flattened hemispherical fruits (aberrant) of var. micrantha. Moruya, N.S.W. (J. S. Allan.)
  • 15. Fruits of var. micrantha, Queanbeyan, N.S.W. (H. Deane.)
  • 16. Mature leaf and fruits of var. micrantha. Bankstown, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 17a, 17b. Buds; 17c, 17d, fruits (note the difference in size). Mt. Wilson, N.S.W. (Jesse Gregson and J.H.M.)

Plate 47.

Plate 47: E. HÆMASTOMA, Sm. and Vars. (1-18). E. SIDEROPHLOIA, Benth. (19-33). Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. hæmastoma, Sm. (concluded.)

  • 1. Fruit of var. micrantha. Failford to Forster. N.S.W. (J.H.M.)
  • 2. Fruits of var. micrantha. Port Macquarie to Kempsey. N.S.W. (J.H.M.)
  • 3a, 3b. Fruits of var. micrantha. Brisbane. (F. M. Bailey.)
  • 4. Fruits of var. micrantha. (? loc.) (Leichhardt.)
  • 5. Fruits of var. micrantha. Maryborough, Queensland. (W. H. Williams.)
  • 6a. Mature leaf; 6b, buds; 6c, fruits of E. signata, F.v.M. Brisbane River. See p. 319.
  • 7a, 7b. Fruits of var. micrantha. Grenfell, N.S.W. (F. R. Postlethwaite.)
  • 8a. Mature leaf; 8b, fruits of var. micrantha. Head of the Castlereagh River, N.S.W. (W. Forsyth.)
  • 9a. Mature leaf; 9b, buds; 9c, flowers; 9d, fruits of E. Rossii. (R. T. Baker.) Camboon, N.S.W. (R. T. Baker.) See p. 320.
  • 10. Pear-shaped fruits of var. micrantha, near Bungendore, south of Lake George, N.S.W. (W. S. Campbell.)
  • 11a. Mature leaf; 11b, fruit (intermediate in size) of E. hæmastoma. Thornleigh, Sydney. (W. W. Froggatt.)

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  • 12. Fruits (intermediate) of E. hæmastoma. Hornsby, Sydney. (E. H. F. Swain.)
  • 13a. Buds; 13b, fruits; 13c, top view of fruit (showing marked rim) of E. hæmastoma. Middle Harbour, Sydney. (J. H. Camfield.)
  • 14a. Leaf; 14b, buds; 14c, fruits; 14d, anthers of typical E. hæmastoma. Middle Harbour, Sydney. (J. H. Camfield.) Note the large size of the fruits, and also the great variation in the sizes of the fruits.
  • 15. Anther of (?) E. Rossii. Adelong, N.S.W. See p. 321, and compare the shape of the anther with 14d, var. capitata, Maiden (var. nov.)
  • 16a. Twig with leaf and fruits; 16b, side view of a fruit. Mt. Victoria, N.S.W. (J.H.M.)
  • 17. Head of fruits. Mt. Victoria. (J.H.M.) Approaching var. capitata. See p. 319.
  • 18a. Leaf; 18b, fruits of a form of E. amygdalina (near var. nitida) also from Mt. Victoria, N.S.W. (J.H.M.) This is a form called E. hæmastoma, Sm., var. montana. (Deane and Maiden.) See Part VI, p. 163 of this work. The leaves are narrower, but note the general resemblance of the fruits to those of E. hæmastoma var. capitata.

E. siderophloia, Benth.

  • 19. Large, broadly ovate juvenile leaf. Smithfield, Sydney. (J.H.M.)
  • 20a. Buds; 20b, anthers (3 drawings). Cabramatta, N.S.W. (W. Woolls.)
  • 21. Fruits. Bankstown, Sydney. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 22. Fruits. Paterson, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 23. Fruits. Bullahdelah, N.S.W. (A. Rudder.)
  • 24. Mature leaf. Flemington, Sydney. (J.H.M.)
  • 25. Fruits. Jones' Flat, Stroud, N.S.W. (J.H.M.)
  • 26a. Buds; 26b, anther, “Yellow Ironbark.” Brisbane, Queensland. (P. MacMahon.)
  • 27. Buds. Taylor's Range, Q. (F. M. Bailey.) These belong to E. resinifera, Sm., and are placed here for comparison between 20a and 26a. It will be seen that examination of buds alone of E. siderophloia and E. resinifera must be conducted with caution.
  • 28. Fruits. Rockhampton, Q. (A. Murphy).

E. siderophloia, Benth., var. glauca.

  • 29. Juvenile leaf. Dubbo-Coonamble Road, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 30. Fruits. Dubbo. (H. Deane.)
  • 31. Fruits. Dubbo, with valves less exsert. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 32. Mature leaf. Minore, Dubbo. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 33a. Buds (note the comparatively short-pointed operculum); 33b, buds (note the “egg in egg-cup” shape which is common enough in the normal form also, although a separate figure has not been given); 33c, fruits. All from Gungal, near Merriwa, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.) See p. 325.

Plate 48.

Plate 48: E. BOWMANI, F.v.M. (1). E. BOORMANI, D & M. (2). E. LEPTOPHLEBA, F.v.M. (3-5). E. BEHRIANA, F.v.M. (6-10). E. POPULIFOLIA, Hook. (11-18). Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Bowmani, F.v.M.

  • 1a. Leaf with immature fruit; 1b, front and back view of anther, from fragment of type. “Queensland.” (Bowman.)

E. Boormani, Deane and Maiden.

  • 2a. Juvenile leaf; 2b, mature leaf; 2c, buds; 2d, anthers; 2e, fruits from type. Bankstown and Cabramatta. (J. L. Boorman.)

  ― 348 ―

E. leptophleba, F.v.M.

  • 3 Mature leaf. South Coen River, Q. (Stephen Johnson.)
  • 4a. Buds; 4b, anthers. Port Denison, Q. (J. Dallachy.)
  • 5. Fruits. Endeavour River, Q. (Lieut. King, in Herb. Cambridge, ex Herb. Aylmer Lambert.)

E. Behriana, F.v.M.

  • 6a. Juvenile leaf (in opposite stage); 6b, leaf (in intermediate stage); 6c, fruits (note their unusual conoid shape); 6d, fruits (note their defined rim). All from Wyalong, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 7. Fruits. Swan Hill, Victoria. Note their small size. (J. G. Luehmann.)
  • 8. Buds. Yarram Biack, V. (C. Walter.) (Note the marked paniculate inflorescence.)
  • 9. Very young buds. Inglewood, V (J. Blackburne.) Note their angularity.
  • 10. Anthers. Barmedman, N.S.W. (J. Duff.)

E. populifolia, Hook.

  • 11a. Juvenile leaf (in opposite stage); 11b, fruits. Coolabah, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 12a. Broadest mature leaf; 12b, average leaf of a tree at Bogan Gate, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 13. Mature leaf. Gungal, near Merriwa, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 14. Mature leaf. North Bourke, N.S.W. (A. Murphy.) (Note its lanceolate shape.)
  • 15. Buds. Tinapagee, Wanaaring, N.S.W. (R. J. Dalton.) (Note the conical opercula.)
  • 16. Fruits. Cobar, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman.) (Note their well-defined rims.)
  • 17. Anther. Bulgandramine, Narromine, N.S.W. (A. R. Samuels.)
  • 18a. Leaf with flowers and immature fruits; 18b, anthers. Fragment of the type of “E. bicolor, A. Cunn. var. parviflora, Muell.” Burdekin River, Q. (From Kew.) Compare the leaf of 14, and see pp. 339 and 340.

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