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This is a species of dry country, mainly recorded, so far, from Western Australia, but, by the Elder Expedition, found first in South Australia and subsequently in the western State.

Western Australia

“Many-stemmed, 10–15 or 20 feet. Tough wood. Peculiar bark, falling off in narrow, longitudinal pieces, giving a striped appearance. The indurated stems are 3 inches in diameter. Several clumps seen. Very yellow buds, with hemispherical operculum, and absolutely no mucro. Operculum, which is distinctly smaller than the calyx, affording one of the best examples I remember of the “egg-in-egg-cup” bud. Leaves greenish-yellow, dull coloured. The material I have is figured at 11, Plate 74.” The above statement will be found at p. 225, Part XVII of the present work. (66¼ mile post, Pindar, Murchison Line, J.H.M., October, 1909.)

“Bark decorticating from 1 foot from the ground. Mallee, branching from the ground to a height of 15 feet and up to 6 inches in diameter. The bark at base grey, rough, decorticating in rolled up grey strips leaving the stem, which is red in colour, with a peculiar streaked appearance. On rubbing, the loose pieces of bark come off easily, leaving the stem more or less smooth.” Near Government Tank, Westonia. This is 6 miles north of Carrabin, a railway station 195 miles east of Perth. (C. E. Lane-Poole, Nos. 220, 463.)

Shrub 5–8 feet, several stems springing from base, 2–3 inches diameter, bark smooth above, inclined to be rough at base. Open flowers and young fruits. On iron stone gravel on high land. Best specimens always near the summit, Kunnunoppin district. (Dr. F. Stoward, No. 144.)

“Shrubby Mallee, 8–10 feet. Sucker leaves, flowers, mature fruits, and bark. Found on ironstone ridge, Kunnunoppin district.” (Dr. F. Stoward, No. 146). The bark precisely similar to that of the Pindar specimens, but the leaves of this specimen are broader than those of the type.

Eucalyptus Oldfieldii, mountain form.” Mount Cooper, Cavenagh Range, R. Helms, 31st July, 1891. “A dwarf state at 2,500 feet elevation.” This locality is in Western Australia, and the Camp No. 31, long. 128 degrees.

South Australia

Eucalyptus Oldfieldii,” Elder Expl. Exped., R. Helms, 15 feet high, 12th June, 1891. The Expedition was then in the vicinity of Yeelunginna Hill in South Australia, say, in lat. 27° 20? S., long. 131° 70? E.